If you'd like to customise your hideout even further, check out the Fairgraves Stash Bundle that replaces the standard appearance of your Stash and Guild Stash with pirate-themed ones. These Stash skins are considered Hideout Decorations, so you'll be able to find them in your Hideout Cosmetics UI under 'Fairgraves' theme. Please note that both microtransactions work only in hideouts, so they won't change the appearance of Stashes in towns.

Watch the video below or click here to get yours.

If you're into the ghostly pirate theme, you may also like the Mystic Glowworms, Pooled Water, Mysterious Treasure, Corsair Building Supplies and Wrangler Gold Rain for your hideout. For a matching outfit, use the Ghostflame Armour Pack or Corsair Armour Pack mixed with Ghostflame Wings, Ghostflame Character Effect and Ghostflame Weapon Effect.

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