New Skill Effects - Darkwood Raise Spectre, Darkwood Carrion Golem, Darkwood Volatile Dead and Divine Void Sphere

Wait, these look good, but did volatile dead explode red??? Why not green?
Lykkoith wrote:
The divine void sphere doesn't look bar. But the "darkwood" MTX? Really, I don't get what where you thinking, maybe in NZ woods look like a cyberpunk city full of green neons. I don't see the "dark" or the "wood" in any of these MTX.

My favorite was when they released the Trident weapon MTX which they later stealth-renamed to Siren after pages of WTF feedback. They just released that hand "portal" that looks nothing like a portal at all. There was also the "dragon" people lost their shit over, heh.
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As much of a rush job as this launch has been, I don't think asking art designers to pitch in to make bugfixes is the solution here, guys... would be like asking decorations people to help repair a building's shaky foundation.

Please make:

Darkwood Raise Zombie and Summon Raging Spirit.

Stygian Raise Zombie and Summon Raging Spirit.

Keep these MTX coming because more choice is better for the players and also good for you guys. Win-Win.
Volatile Dead MTX is bugged: the yellow flash is clearly visible when the explosion starts while the theme of these MTX is acid-green (which suddenly changes that yellow flash to green a couple of frames later).
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This leauge is unplayable and u add new skill effects??? ITS A JOKE?
This is so comically bad.
This is just a super shoddy recolour.

GGG has seriously checked out this league and too busy trying to push out PoE2 which absolutely no one asked for.

Thanks for making it super ez not to spend money the past 3 leagues.
Your brains aren't the only things that have checked out of PoE, so has my wallet.

p.s inb4 some crappy forum mod removes my post because their superiors cannot handle criticism.
Most broken league ever and 99% of the news is about MTX and shiet. WP

I like the green though, but i wont buy anything from you until you step up.
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Nice MTX, but until there is a good league that i actually enjoy you can bring out the most beautiful mtx's i only buy when you deserve my money.

I guess Tencent is giving some pressure, more money needs to come in.. But what you or Tencent are not realizing, is more money will get in when you push out quality leagues (or ... well finished leagues)

What's next, bring out the PTW features from China?

Why so many MTX while the current league is boring as hell, it's as boring as Harvest , or... maybe the farming part was even more fun..
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Sawblade Cyclone when?

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