New Skill Effects - Darkwood Raise Spectre, Darkwood Carrion Golem, Darkwood Volatile Dead and Divine Void Sphere

The divine sphere is nice. Not really a fan of the 'darkwood'.. it just looks like a neon green. Not enough color variation and definitely does not evoke anything involving foliage. Give us more glimmerwood or illusionist mtx! glimmerwood minions would be amazing.
and again no skill effects for toxic rain, ice shot and etc. thanks GGG for saving my money <3
less mtxs, more playable game please.
So many new mtx effects so few not bugged and tested league content. Sorry but I'm not buying anything until you start actually testing new content.
kind regards
Love the MTX, hate the haters.

Keep up the good work, GGG! I may not buy any of it, but I love seeing what you guys/girls/etc. come up with!
and again no skill effects for toxic rain, ice shot and etc. thanks GGG for saving my money <3

Yep: toxic rain top 2 league starter skills together with blade vortex in heist.

Meanwhile still 1 mtx only.

Keep producing volatile dead ones after it's nerfed...
DrPepperrr23 wrote:
Is GGG in money trouble or something they seem to be BLASTING out mtx like crazy lately.
Not that I don't like new Mtx but it's a little concerning if they practically bomb us to death with 3 to 4 in one day so that its practically 1 mtx a day 5 to 7 days a week.

They probably want to capitalize mtx on the op minion meta right now, then nerf it to the ground next league. But by then they already got the money. This is standart business practice.

Players asked for this, not the nerf part but the MtX, as GGG used to be bad at providing MtX to current meta skills so can't very well blame them when they now deliver.
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Every time I see an MTX announced for Carrion Golem, I am hoping for the Clockwork design. Not giving up hope yet...
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I know they are not, but they seem desperate, how about instead of using time producing more and more, AND MORE Mtx's, fix the game for the whole community to receive these mtx's in a positive way. Guys you are amazing sometimes, have you ever stopped to think about the quality of the challenge prizes of the last leagues ?! We spent months playing and looking for challenges to add to our accounts, but we received prizes with much lower textures, nitides, shine and lights, and not to mention that they never match, and when it happens to match IT'S NOT BEAUTIFUL!
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I only buy supporter kits when a league is well done.... definitely saving some money this league.

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