New Skill Effects - Darkwood Raise Spectre, Darkwood Carrion Golem, Darkwood Volatile Dead and Divine Void Sphere

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TOP_Commander wrote:
I see it differently.

- We are in the middle of a pandemic and the government in NZ and other places in the world is dynamically changing restrictions in order to protect it's citizens. This means social distancing and working from home where possible. Game-Studios are obviously not "mission critical" for society to function, where as food production is.

- GGG is simultaneously working on POE 2, and dynamically allocating man-power as required I believe.

- GGG is a relatively small team when compared with other Studios, yet it operates one of the leading Isometric Real-Time ARPG's on the market, and all of that while being entirely free to play

- Chris Wilson (co-founder and Managing Director) has stated repeatedly that he wont run GGG like a company that works its employees into the ground. Instead, they embrace work-life balance as good as possible, and actually GGG employees often put in extra time simply because they are happy and enjoy working there. This is why we see patches on Saturdays sometimes on top of the regular work week.

- GGG must prioritize certain bugs that are more "mission-critical" than others. This is why some bugs get fixed faster than others.

- Some bugs require much more analysis of the root-cause than others, so naturally it takes longer to fix than other bugs. Sometimes fixes aren't as straight forward as it seems. Sometimes fixing bugs in code or the graphics API etc takes a lot of time and sometimes its very fast.

- Rolling out single bug-fixes is not a good practice, and ideally you want to "bundle" bug fixes with other fixes that are being worked on by different individuals, and then roll out all in a package, which is what GGG is doing.

- Some bugs are actually not POE's fault but rather GPU driver specific or Operating System specific and Nvidia/AMD/OS fixes need to be rolled out by those manufacturers instead.

The amount of simping for ggg / chris wilson in your post is just simply cringe worthy. Why are you defending a game studio for releasing a buggy shitty mess? And lets please stop with the argument that the game is "completely free". Thats such a shitty and tired argument, its become a meme at this point. If they are hurting for money to keep things running, then perhaps they should change their business model. Because releasing shit like they have released with heist is inexcusable and loses faith in their loyal player base.

They obviously have changed in terms of quality even since just a year ago. They are chasing short term gains by milking their whales who pay for anything they shit out from their MTX department.

And lastly, lol on your last comment. trying to re-direct blame for bugs and crashes due to the user's hardware is just laughable.
Give me all these in Purple and you have my money.
these Darkwood skins look to me just like recolours i mean golems atks could be more "darkwoodish" insted of just painting the earth green (like make it wood with flowers or something) and ofc valotile dead projectile is green but the explosion is fire i knew that before even i pressed the play...
Please make an void Raise Spectre, Carrion Golem, Raise Zombie skins. GL, GGG.
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