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What do u think of using crit medium clusters?
Precise retaliation + Basics of pain is like 20c instead of the 4-5 ex for the fire medium.
Also the large cluster doesn't have to be 8 passives if you only have 2 notables on it. U spend the same points with a 10 passive jewel.

So i got my full cluster set for under an ex which i think is a nice budget dps boost since i can actually kill bosses now.
Sorry guys, I will not do gear checks - please refer to the mechanics and gearing-up sections, along your own POB to make informed choices.

Quick question, I'm not sure where to slot Precision. With Infernal cry and precision we're at 25 gems total. Do we remove it at some point?

Precision is not part of the main build, but you can add it (gem lvl <5) if you have a spare gem slot. Best candidate is to remove Blood Magic from the leap slam link, or stay on a 5L totem setup.

IT brings only 4% more DPS at the cost of a lower mana pool, so not that much by itself. But it can become worth it if you buy a double-stat Watcher's eye (Anger + Precision) which can add a 40-50% crit multi bonus = 10%ish more DPS. This kind of upgrade is in the double digit Ex range, but you can keep in mind when min/maxing your character.

Onslaught buff
You get it from the Rapid Assault ascendancy node. Thats it, perma Onslaught, unconditionally.
For some reason, the buff is not displayed, but you can check your MS in the character sheet to see its there.

Fire cluster jewel

It is indeed significantly more expensive this league, probably due to the propularity of elementalist fire builds (got a lot of them whispering me when trying to craft my own). Prices will likely drop over the next few days/weeks as more bases are found.

Crafting your own : best method is to use scorched fossils/harvest "more fire" craft. Around 100 expected tries to get Cooked alive + Cremator, or Cremator + Master of Fire.

What do u think of using crit medium clusters?

Yep it can sure work, and maybe even be a bit better for dmg (havent checked).

I specifically recommend to get Cremator for the corpse removal mechanic, which prevent a lot of nasty on-death effects from triggering, like detonate dead from Stygian revenants.

It can help a lot in crowded areas when xp matters, and it should be particularly useful in rituals. But it's not a critical part of the build and can very well be delayed if too expensive for now.
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Thanks for the build guide; it's very fun!

Since Bottled Faith is cheap this league (currently ~10ex and falling), does it make sense to actually grab it before the 7L corrupted Oro's? I currently have Fortify linked to Leap Slam to keep the Fortify buff up in maps.
I've been messing around with the passive tree a bit and i feel like i can't unspec any of the leech passives even with the leech cluster.
My life start going up and down like a pinball when i unspec vaal pact and my dps (attack speed) noticeably falls if i unspec the mana leech/sec.
What gear would do enough leeching to be able to unspec those?
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Thank your for this beautiful guide!

I started the first time with a Toxic Rain Pathfinder.
But it didnt match my playstyle with investing serveral EX.

So i decided to respec my char, and went on your Build.
I used the same gear i used for TR and only bought a 5L Oro's.

i have to say WOOOOOOWWWW

its so smooth, sometimes a bit rippy but overall just wow.

I love it and i guess i never play somethign else again :D

Just struggeling with bossing in t16 even wir swap for fortify.

Dunno. but its really fun to see thing exploding :D

Thanks man!
Hey, was just wondering about Darkray Vectors. I went through a couple of pages, but couldn't find a mention of these boots. Wouldn't they be pretty decent for use with flicker strike?

Since Bottled Faith is cheap this league (currently ~10ex and falling), does it make sense to actually grab it before the 7L corrupted Oro's?

I was considering this myself! I think its a pretty sound idea, but my own character still feels a bit squishy to let go the life flask yet. I think a decent chest (life, base crit, % life recovered on kill) might be a better option even if it's more work with the linking + coloring.


Re-read the "sustaining life and mana" section for more ideas.

Basically, for mana you need either the Essence Sap notable (2passives) OR 2x mana cost reduction craft on rings with any source of leech (Fuel the fight notable for ex).

For life, the mod "5% life recovered on kill" on a chest piece goes a long way IMO, keeps you topped even in the worse maps possible and should be strong in rituals as well.

Using Enduring Cry instead of Infernal cry (and annointing Frenetic in this case) could help as well by providing a 2k heal on demand. Might test this one myself, i'm just worried by the Endurance charges actual uptime with this solution.


Thanks for the support man! Don't worry the DPS will come as you improve the gear, the build can eventually delete everything in seconds.

I think flash-farming in the T10 - T12 range is a very strong option this league to make some good ex (Harvest doesnt care about ilvl, Rituals rewards are the same, will be less rippy to lvl up and you'll erase bosses even without great gear).


Darkays are a strong DPS option, but they dont feature life. IMO the main downside of flicker is that it makes you facetank a lot of spell-based dmg, so I prefer to prioritize life over DPS, as the latter is easier to fix as you invest in better items.
I personnaly want my character to be able to live through an ice nova stronbox or volatile flameblood in a T16 map, as I know I'll eventually eat one in the face with the flicker mechanic. Especillay with the
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what do we think about a 5L +crit chest vs a 6L chest without?
1.5% crit is around 15%-20% more dmg from the top of my head, so not as much as a 6th link. But 6 linked Oro's should not be crazy expensive when you upgrade your chest piece.
i have a 6L Oro's and a 5L chest at the moment (flicker in oro and totems in chest) but wasn't sure which between the 5L/crit and 6L for totems would be the recommended way to go since only some beefy bosses give me any trouble right now.

though it looks like holding off until i can get a decent chest and a Fated is probably the way to go since im not having much trouble at the moment.

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