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raie2 wrote:
Hi Moosseolini. Thanks you the Witch PoB, getting max attack/spell block makes it an attractive alternative. I'm looking forward to playing holy relic (as guardian, necro, or maybe jugg) next league since I'm a bit burned out right now. I was wondering what you thought about supporting holy relic with summon phantasm support since they scale similarly. I think clear is worse but single target might be better. I was also wondering what you think about harmony of purpose. With how well we can generate charges and how well charges scale with minions, it might make vicious bite worth using. Just thinking about ways to make the large cluster feel better since our options feel underwhelming, but at the same time, there's nothing else nearby on the passive tree that's appealing (expect maybe endurance charges if you take harmony of purpose). That being said, I couldn't find any information on holy relic's crit chance, but even if it's low, I feel like the 200% crit chance per power charge + zealotry would be worth it.

Back when the build was made in Metamorph, relics had 0% crit chance. They now have 5% crit chance, which makes crit a viable choice for them.

I tried Summon Phantasm support for a bit, but there's two things that prevent it from being a good support:
1) Unlike relics, phantasms be targeted by enemies, dropping their survivability.
2) The base health for phantasms is extremely low! They die super fast in maps.

Harmony of Purpose would be very good if it worked with relics. Unfortunately, relics are not party members, and therefore do not receive the charges.
AdvancedWind wrote:
I've stacked enough mana reservation that I can use another 25% aura (while keeping Increased Duration for static strike on the boots) and still have some mana to work with. Apparently the best choice damage wise is Flesh and Stone, but I'm not sure if I might be missing something else. Maybe one of the Aspects instead? Anyone did something similar?

My ultimate dream is to get a helmet corruption for even more reduced mana usage, but it's a pain to get helmets with the correct enchantments and my last few corruptions were a bust.

That said, i'm actually enjoying this endgame gearing. It's fairly hard to get more damage once your relics are doing 1M+ per on PoB (not counting the "real" calculations), but it's in a interesting way where you can try to find alternatives for some extra oomph. I'm currently using a staff with the incursion mod and trying to elevate redeemer gloves, for example. Could still use the synthethized +1 staff but I think I'd rather keep the 20% block chance for now

The two other good auras to run (besides the ones we already run) are 'Flesh and Stone' and 'Aspect of the Spider'. Aspect of the Avian can also be used, but it's a rotating buff and therefore not too reliable.

Personally, I'd go with Flesh and Stone simply because you can change stances to give you a solid defensive option.
Nephalon wrote:
For everyone still wanting a staff, got my old one for sale:

THe Spectral Spirits count toward minion count for guardian onslaught or necromancer bone armor bonus, and it's failsafe ready for multicrafting.
(can provide the crafts as well if you don't have the recipes)

100c is enough, just want it out of my storage.
Just search on Trade for it, thought this would be the bast place to advertise for it if it's allowed.

I will take it off your hands, please. My 2nd Holy Relic char (the Champion!!) is just hitting maps now and getting ready to roll. :0)

edit -- Nvm, got greedy and bought one. :D
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Hello. At lvl 93 now, awesome build. BUT, help me understand. Why Controlled Destruction when the Relic's does phys damage ? :|||
MariusVenger wrote:
Hello. At lvl 93 now, awesome build. BUT, help me understand. Why Controlled Destruction when the Relic's does phys damage ? :|||

It's spell phys..!
Played the Champion version to lvl91 so far! It certainly functions, but truth be told the Ascendancy options don't do a ton for this build. It's quite nice, viable, but certainly not as good as Guardian or Necro, as expected. I've developed a large appreciation for Time of Need. =D

That said, if another Aura comes out or some kind of a new Taunt based unique or something changes in that regard, Champion will certainly be a legit contender.
Hi all,

I have been enjoying a lot this build so far.
Could you guys please have a look at my build ?
Quite low DPS as per POB ~ 350,000


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Mawwk wrote:
I was looking for a new build to play on Hc ritual and saw some Guardians having 10k hp using staffs with Relics. Went for youtube and saw some videos with Static Strike and a not very good clear speed or zooming in general.

Then i found this guy channel:


I cant import his profile on POB since it has Chinese/Japaneses characters. So i digged a little bit and found his proile on Poe Ninja.


After watching his recent videos, where he shows the build on End game bosses or full delirium maps. The damage on his build its so high and he's fast as fuck, even in full delirium, just zooming around. Theres a 7 seconds Hunter video where the boss takes a punch and half his hp drops in a second.

I dont think i can min max this much on HC because i need to be more safe, having more HP/Defenses, etc and heres my question:

How much damage i need to feel "ok" for A8 bosses and maps while mantaining a good clear speed like the video above?

Mawwk - Thank you so much for digging up this build. Truely greatful.

I spent the last week fully rerolling my pretty end game Guardian off this Guardian Guide into a lvl 92 Necro following the above POE Ninja/POB. Character name is DatBoomBoomZoom in my profile. It does over 350% the total DPS output of the Guardian.

I was able to just now kill A9 Sirus in his 4th(final) phase 75% to 0% life in 3 seconds.

I was then able to kill A9 Maven from 100% to 0% in final phase in 5 seconds. Amazing freaking build. Took awhile to aquire everything.

Total budget all in ... gear... awakened skill gems... top end animate guardian... approx 150EX. Most expensive character Ive ever made.

Extremely gratifying though to just wipe end game bosses so easily with DPS burst.

So happy. I can rest now.
New MTX for Exalted Holy Relic. Yussss... build is officially popped off. :D
What would be the ideal jewel implicits?

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