[3.12] Holy Relics Guardian - Reclaiming Artifacts! [All Content | League Starter]

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you and interesting build I started the Metamorph league with, revolving around scaling Summon Holy Relic for our main damage source.

The build is well-rounded and features multiple layers of defence, including:
- Attack and spell block
- Additional physical damage reduction from endurance charges
- Rapid life regeneration
- Very large life pool
- The ability to move freely while dealing damage
- 80% chaos resistance with Divine Flesh

We reach high damage with this build in addition to all of the defences we have. We deal this damage consistently, and do not require flasks to deal damage.

The build is made to tackle all content, and therefore is invested in both bossing capability and mapping. We are able to defeat all bosses with this build, up to and including Sirus and Uber Elder (but struggle against Uber Atziri). We also do not lack mapping ability and are more than capable of clearing Incursions and the like.

Pros and Cons
+ Very tanky (8K+ life, attack and spell block, 80% chaos resist with Divine Flesh)
+ High damage (3M+ DPS, without flasks)
+ Easy to play (beginner friendly)
+ Low gear requirement
+ Useful in party play

- Limited damage scaling possibilities
- Not an incredibly fast mapper
- Vulnerable to Phys Reflect/No Regen

Beginner Resources
Path of Building
Path of Building (PoB) is an offline build planner for PoE. Many builds are created and shared using this tool, which you can get here. Be aware that some players may ask you to open their builds in a different fork of PoB. The link provided will lead you to LocalIdentity's implementation.

Loot Filter
A loot filter is going to make your Path of Exile experience much smoother, as it will help you understand what items are valuable and which are not so valuable. There are many loot filters available. I will be providing you with NeverSink's loot filter, which can be found here.

Path of Exile Trade
If you are not playing solo self found, it can be greatly beneficial to trade with other players. The official trade site can be found here.

Using this trade site (or any other third party trade sites available), you will be able to search for items which players have put into their public stash tabs. Most items will have been assigned a price. You can filter your results by many different filters, including filters for stats, type, sockets, requirements, and others. Remember to set the league in which you want to trade first!

When trading, it is common etiquette to whisper a player for the item you want to purchase. Copy the whisper message by clicking the 'Whisper' button, then paste it into chat with CTRL + V. The player will invite you to their party if they want to trade with you. Once you are in their party, join their hideout, and wait for them to trade you. Once you perform the trade, thank each other before proceeding on your merry ways.

Here is the link for one of the mandatory unique items for this build, Geofri's Legacy.

Path of Exile Wiki
Path of Exile is a complicated game with many variables. To make it more approachable and easier to grasp, I recommend using the PoE Wiki, which can be found here.

A quick search on the wiki is likely going to help clear up any confusion you may have about various topics. If you are still confused, you can ask questions either here on the forums, or on the Path of Exile Subreddit.

Notes on Heist
Patch Notes
The Heist patch brings with it nerfs to our mitigation mechanisms.
Glancing Blows now causes us to take 65% of the damage from a blocked hit rather than 50%. For this reason, it is now optional (personally, I will not be using it).

Divine Flesh now grants +5% to maximum chaos resistance rather than +10%. This makes it less powerful than before, yet still useful. Divine Flesh will be even less of a priority now, but still a nice little boost in the late game.

Enduring Cry has been nerfed a little bit, but should still be good for us.

Other than the above, no significant nerfs to passives, items, or skill gems. We are effectively just as tanky and deal just as much damage as last league. Our block is less consistent without Glancing Blows, but we block a little bit more as we do not over-cap on block anymore.

The curse rework brings a few new tools to our disposal, while maintaining our old curse; vulnerability. Poacher's Mark may be an effective boss DPS increase for us, and so it might be worthwhile to find space for a mark gem in our build. Punishment looks like it might improve our clear, so we should keep an eye on it too.

The new alternative quality gems may end up being a game-changer for this build, especially the quality that gives reduced cooldown recovery. This can be combined in our staff, along with a Level 4 Enhance, to make for an insane amount of cooldown recovery. Keep an eye out for other gem qualities to take advantage of during this league.

League Mechanic
This build seems to work fine for Heist. We can clear packs of mobs easily enough, and we have flame dash to escape doorway massacres. The biggest danger is when you don't have flasks and static strike up, and there's a massive wave of enemies nearby. The only modification I have made is to the flasks; I suggest using an Alchemist's Quicksilver of Adrenaline this league to escape faster.

Skill Gems
Below are the skill gems used and the means of acquiring them. It is recommended that you socket all of the listed active gems (marked with #) and try to support them with as many support gems (marked with +) as you can.

Pick one of the activation setups to trigger the nova skill. The choice is pure preference.

Main Setup (Staff/Chest)
# Summon Holy Relic (quest reward from Breaking Some Eggs [Act 1])
+ Minion Damage (bought from Nessa after The Caged Brute [Act 1])
+ Predator (bought from Yeena after Sharp and Cruel [Act 2])
+ Controlled Destruction (quest reward from Sharp and Cruel [Act 2])
+ Meat Shield (quest reward from A Fixture of Fate [Act 3])
+ Brutality (bought from Lilly Roth after Fallen From Grace [Act 6])

Note: For big dps, I suggest using a Divergent Summon Holy Relic gem. For tanky relics, the Anomalous variant. For good clear, the default quality.

Activation Setup (Gloves/Boots)
# Static Strike (quest reward from The Siren's Cadence [Act 1]) Note: I recommend going with Smite until you get this (quest reward from Enemy at the Gate [Act 1]).
+ Ancestral Call (quest reward from Mercy Mission [Act 1]) Note: You can try using Maim (bought from Siosa after A Fixture of Fate [Act 3]) for more damage, but it doesn't feel very good.
+ Increased Duration (bought from Clarissa after A Fixture of Fate [Act 3])
+ Fortify (bought from Clarissa after A Fixture of Fate [Act 3])

Note: When using static strike while wearing Geofri's Legacy, make sure that the beam frequency is equal to your nova cooldown. Check the FAQ for more details. You can use Phantasmal Static Strike if it hits too slow for you.

Alternative Activation Setup (Gloves/Boots)
# Cyclone (Lvl 1) (bought from Clarissa after Sever the Right Hand [Act 3])
+ Fortify (bought from Clarissa after A Fixture of Fate [Act 3])
+ Maim (bought from Siosa after A Fixture of Fate [Act 3])
+ Infused Channelling (bought from Nessa after Mercy Mission [Act 1])

Note: Make sure that cyclone's attack rate is a multiple of the cooldown of the holy relic nova. Check the FAQ for more details.

Utility Setup (Gloves/Boots)
# Flame Dash (quest reward from The Caged Brute [Act 1])
+ Faster Casting (bought from Yeena after Sharp and Cruel [Act 2])

# Vaal Molten Shell (random drop from Vaal side areas) Note: use Steelskin until you can acquire this (bought from Nessa after Breaking Some Eggs [Act 1]).
+ Cast when Damage Taken (bought from Petarus and Vanja after The Eternal Nightmare [Act 4])

Note: Make sure you do not accidentally support Flame Dash with Cast When Damage Taken.

Aura Setup (Helmet)
# War Banner (bought from Nessa after Breaking Some Eggs [Act 1])
# Pride (bought from Clarissa after Lost in Love [Act 3]) Note: I recommend using Herald of Purity until you can acquire this (quest reward from Intruders in Black [Act 2]).
# Zealotry (quest reward from Lost in Love [Act 3])
+ Generosity (bought from Clarissa after A Fixture of Fate [Act 3])

Note: You may have noticed that this requires more than 100% mana reservation to run, we circumvent this by picking up Sovereignty on the passive tree as well as the reduced mana reserved nodes leading up to it. If you do not yet have these nodes, use Herald of Purity in place of Pride.

Instead of supporting Flame Dash with Faster Casting, you can replace Faster Casting with Enduring Cry. You will need to allocate Call to Arms on the passive tree. This will give you endurance charge generation as well as good life regeneration whenever you use it.

There is space to run another 6-link in this build if you wish. Interesting choices could involve Raise Spectre, Raise Zombie, Animate Guardian, Herald of Purity, or Summon Skeletons.

End Game Mods
Once you acquire the 6-linked staff (see Gear), you will want to swap out Meat Shield for Empower. Usually you will want an Empower lvl 4, but even Empower lvl 3 is better at this point. You will also want to reach for lvl 21 Summon Holy Relic as this will noticeably increase your damage output.

Levelling and Early Mapping Gear
This gear is recommended for levelling and starting mapping. You should try to upgrade to End Game gear as you gain more currency from maps.


Goldrim can be equipped as soon as you enter Lioneye's Watch and provides a huge amount of resists. This allows us to shrug off elemental hits with ease.


Wanderlust can be equipped as soon as you enter Lioneye's Watch and offer a lot of movement speed as well as freeze immunity. They allow us to go fast from the start until the end.

Body Armour

Tabula Rasa can be equipped as soon as you enter Lioneye's Watch and allows us to socket our entire Holy Relic setup with 5 support gems inside it. You will definitely feel the power of those extra support gems would likely not have had otherwise.


For our weapons, we will want to dual wield sceptres. Our ideal sceptre has '+1 to Level of All Spell Skill Gems' as well as an open prefix to craft 'Minions deal % increased damage'. The Magister's mod is very rare, and so it will be cheapest to buy a sceptre with this mod already rather than rolling for it.

For all other item types that are not listed here, pick up anything that has the highest life and/or elemental resistances on it that you can find.

End Game Gear
This is the gear you will want to be running when tackling the hardest content the game has to offer.


Geofri's Legacy doubles our damage by allowing us to have two Holy Relics instead of one, it is a mandatory unique for high tier maps and difficult bosses. You can obtain this item by running the Bishop's Legacy prophecy while holding Geofri's Crest. The prophecy will be harder to acquire than the item, so save up on silver coins if you are playing in SSF.

Make sure that you are running the aura setup in this helmet to benefit from the +1 to Level of Socketed Gems. For helm enchants, get 'Summoned Holy Relics deal 40% increased Damage' if you want to improve your bossing. You can alternatively get 'Summoned Holy Relics have 24% increased Area of Effect' to improve your mapping.

Body Armour

Kaom's Heart provides us with an incredible amount of life, but with the drawback of not having any sockets. Fortunately for us, we did not need those sockets anyway. The huge increase in life is going to make us die less.

If you are unable to acquire Kaom's Heart, try to get your hands on an Astral Plate and use a Deafening Essence of Greed on it for a temporary fix. If you are playing in SSF, feel free to pick any defensive option that is available to you (often times you will be using Tabula Rasa for a long time).

If you don't like Kaom's Heart and want some more sockets, then you can use a socketed chest instead. I recommend using an iLvl 85 Hunter/Elder chest, with as much added life and increased maximum life as you can get. It is entirely up to you what you socket into this chest, there are a great number of supporting setups that can fit in here.


For our end-game weapon, we will want to use a Warstaff. We will be running our Holy Relic setup here.

A 6-linked Warstaff with +1 to Level of Socketed Gems and +2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems will increase the level of our Holy Relics by a lot (by scaling both the Relics gem and the Empower gem), scaling our damage tremendously. If you have the currency spare, you can craft on Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers suffix as well as Minions deal % increased damage prefix on top of the two prefixes already on the staff.

Check the crafting section for a tutorial on crafting this staff.

The rest of the gear is mostly about stacking as much life and resistances as possible on rare equipment. Listed for each item are the recommendations for the item base, the stats of the item, and any other additional information.

There is a lot of room for improvement when considering rare gear, but the build will function very well already if you only have the three items above and cheap rare gear with life and resists.


Enchant: Commandment of the Grave
Mods: # to Maximum Life, % to Elemental Resistances, % to Chaos Resistance, increased Armour, Minions deal % increased damage (Crafting Bench / Redeemer), Socketed Gems are supported by Level 20 Faster Attacks (Elder), % Chance to Block Attack Damage (Elder).
Base: Titan Gauntlets

Getting as much life and resists while having an open prefix to craft 'Minions deal % increased damage' is usually the best course of action. The enchantment will allow us to conditionally trigger the onslaught from Radiant Crusade without having to permanently summon more minions, and is therefore not to be overlooked. If you are having trouble with attack speed on your activation setup, this is another place where you can look for some. Socketing your activation setup in gloves with the elder mod should feel very smooth for Static Strike.


Enchant: Regenerate 2% of life per second if you were hit recently.
Mods: # to Maximum Life, % to Elemental Resistances, % to Chaos Resistance, Movement Speed, increased Armour, % additional Physical Damage Reduction (Warlord)
Base: Titan Greaves, Two-Toned Boots

Not much going on with the boots here. Life, resists, and movement speed are the key stats for this item. The warlord mod is nice but relatively minor. The enchantment is nice to have, but can be overlooked.


Anoint: Enigmatic Defence (defensive), Bannerman (offensive)
Mods: # to Maximum Life, % to Elemental Resistances, % to Chaos Resistance, Regenerate % life per second (Elder/Hunter), +1 to Minimum Endurance Charges (veiled), +1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems (Hunter), % Chance to Block Spell Damage (Shaper).
Base: Marble Amulet, Citrine Amulet

The amulet is quite interesting. We can consider sacrificing some defences here in order to try and get that +1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems, which will noticeably increase our damage. On the other hand, both the life regeneration mod and minimum endurance charge mod provide us with a big increase in survivability. Anointing the amulet with Enigmatic Defence is going to increase our block by a decent amount.

Getting an amulet with all of these mods is going to cost a fortune, so pick the ones which are the most important to you. Personally, I think that the level increase for Holy Relics is too big to pass up.


Mods: # to Maximum Life, % to Elemental Resistances, % to Chaos Resistance, +1 to Minimum Endurance Charges (veiled), Curse enemies with Level 5/8 Vulnerability on Hit (Warlord).
Base: Vermillion Ring, Two-Stone Ring, Coral Ring

The ring is also quite interesting. Minimum endurance charges add up to make us quite a bit more tanky. Cursing enemies with Vulnerability on hit will make our Relics deal noticeably more damage. If your budget permits, I would personally try to get that curse on hit mod for more damage. Otherwise, just the regular combo of life and resists will suffice.


Mods: # to Maximum Life, % to Elemental Resistances, % to Chaos Resistance, % increased Maximum Life (Elder/Hunter)
Base: Leather Belt

The belt is likely going to be the single highest source of life for you after the chest. It can not be understated how much life you get from a belt with both the regular life mod and the increased maximum life mod from Elder/Hunter.

Rare Cobalt Jewels

Mods: % increased Maximum Life, Minions deal % increased Damage.
Increased attack speed can be picked up here to help with your activation skill attack rate.

Glorious Vanity
- In the name of Xibaqua (for Divine Flesh)
Passives to look out for:
- % increased maximum life (Ritual of Flesh)
- aura effect (Commanding Presence)
- minion damage (Hierarchy)
- armour (Automaton Studies)

Cluster Jewels
Large Cluster Jewel:

Mods: % increased effect, Feasting Fiends, % chaos resistance, % elemental resistances
Base: Minion Damage (any passives)

The relics scale almost exclusively from minion damage, therefore we want as much of it as possible. You don't need all of the mods on the large cluster jewel to use it, but try to get as many as you can (you'll be fine with just % increased effect). Socket regular jewels or the medium cluster jewels into the sockets of this cluster jewel.

Medium Cluster Jewel:
Mods: Replenishing Presence, Master of Command, First Among Equals.
Base: effect of non-curse auras (any passives)

The medium cluster jewel will increase our damage more than minion damage, and so it is a very good way of getting lots of damage. Ideally, we want a 2-notable 4-passive medium cluster, with a regular jewel socketed at the end.

If you're running Herald of Purity, you may want to look into using Medium Cluster Jewels with Minion Damage while you have a Herald. If you're lacking defensive stats, such as life or resists, then Small Cluster Jewels can be a good way of getting those.


Life Flask of Staunching with instant recovery (Seething, Bubbling, Panicked)
Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline (either Alchemist's or Experimenter's)
Experimenter's Quartz Flask (either 'of Warding' or 'of Heat')
Alchemist's Granite Flask of Iron Skin / Rumi's Concoction
Chemist's Basalt Flask (either 'of Warding' or 'of Heat')

You can use Forbidden Taste over a Divine Life Flask if your chaos resistance is high enough to mitigate the chaos damage from that flask. You should change to a Granite Flask of Staunching if you do this.

You can also use Rumi's Concoction instead of the Granite Flask. This is especially recommended if you are not capped on block.

Feel free to experiment with flasks depending on the type of content you are doing! This is my recommended setup for general mapping.

Additional Info
No abyssal jewels are used in this build, but if you want to use one, look for life and minion modifiers.

Going for chaos resistance is completely optional. Divine Flesh is completely optional too for that reason. If you do have the budget to spare, however, I reckon that you will like the additional mitigation that Divine Flesh offers.

Crafting Guide
For the base, we can use any warstaff that is at least item level 50. Ideally, we want a 6-linked Judgement Staff with as low an item level as possible (but above 50). The implicit grants us a large amount of block, helping us mitigate damage. A Maelstrom Staff is a good alternative if you value Attack Block over Spell Block.

Once we have our base, we use Alteration orbs until we hit the '+1 to Level of Socketed Gems' prefix. If you wish, you can look for a suffix too. Both 'attack speed' and 'block chance' from Elder are good suffixes to roll during this step, but bear in mind that this will cost you many more alterations to get.

Now we use a Regal orb, and hope the staff gains a suffix. If it gains a prefix, that prevents us from having 3 crafted mods with minion damage. If we want to have 3 crafted mods, we have to try and save the staff with an orb of Annulment, or Scour and start over. If you are limited on currency I would recommend just keeping the staff if it rolls a prefix after using a Regal orb.

Now, if we don't have two prefixes open, we apply the '+2 to Socketed Support Gems' craft from Catarina and finish crafting. If we do have two prefixes open, we apply the 'Can have up to 3 crafted modifiers' craft, followed by '+2 to Socketed Support Gems' and 'Minions deal % increased Damage'.

Passive Tree
Look at the provided PoB build, there are three trees; one for levelling, one for early mapping, and one for the final setup. If playing Hardcore, you may want to prioritise life over damage on the tree.

Please note that this tree is flexible, and can be adjusted to your budget, playstyle, and preferences. The tree provided is my personal recommendation.

If you don't have PoB, use this passive tree for Levelling/Early Mapping, and this passive tree for Endgame.

We're going with Guardian for this one. It provides us with a good mix of survivability and damage. Necromancer will offer stronger offensive options, but may be lacking somewhat in survivability. Considering that we path very close to the Witch starting area, it should be rather simple to modify the build for the Necromancer ascendancy, if that is what you prefer.

Normal: Radiant Crusade - elemental resistances and damage make this the best point to pick up early
Cruel: Unwavering Crusade - more damage and area of effect allows us to clear better
Merciless: Bastion of Hope - block chance with stun immunity makes us avoid damage better
Eternal: Time of Need - if we do get hit, this will quickly recharge us up to safe levels

Soul of Lunaris is great for mapping as it provides us with a bunch of physical damage reduction and movement speed. Swap to Soul of Solaris when taking on bosses as Lunaris provides little to no benefit against single enemies.

Soul of Shakari or Abberath are good at mitigating pesky degens while mapping (especially upgraded Soul of Shakari). Swap to Soul of Ryslatha for bossing as the life flask charges are valuable in drawn out encounters.

Oak provides us with three good stats, but the magnitude of those stats is too low to consider.
Alira provides us with some elemental resistances and mana regen, but the critical multiplier is wasted.
Kraityn provides only movement speed that is worth considering.
Killing all three gives us two passive points, which are very useful.

I suggest killing all three.

Levelling Overview
This section will outline the progression of the build as you progress through the acts. This is only a rough guideline to aid you as you acquire the gems and items for this build.

For passive points, follow the 'Levelling' tree in PoB as you progress. Once you have allocated all passives in that tree, switch to 'Early Mapping' and continue to allocate passives. Repeat for 'End Game'. If you don't have PoB, you can use the skill tree listed under 'Passives' in this guide.

Make sure to take a look at the Gear section to find suggested levelling items. The PoB also has an 'Early Mapping' item set, which you can view to guide you on your item progression.

You will likely not have the necessary links/sockets to properly put together your skills. That is normal. Simply try your best to link the gems as optimally as possible. You should be able to easily clear to maps with Summon Holy Relic on a 4-link.

Note that this is not the fastest way to level, however it will allow us to transition into maps better as we get experience on our main setup throughout the levelling process.
Act 1
Gem progression:
1) Take Smite after completing Enemy at the Gate, socket it into any item.
2) Take Ancestral Call after completing Mercy Mission, link it to Smite
3) Take Summon Holy Relic after completing Breaking Some Eggs, socket it into any item.
4) Buy War Banner from Nessa after completing Breaking Some Eggs, socket it into any item.
5) Buy Steelskin from Nessa after completing Breaking Some Eggs, socket it into any item.
6) Take Flame Dash after completing The Caged Brute, socket it into any item.
7) Buy Minion Damage from Nessa after completing The Caged Brute, link it to Summon Holy Relic.
8) Take Static Strike after completing The Siren's Cadence, replace Smite with it.

Item progression:
- Pick up any sceptres to use Smite with.
- Take a Quicksilver flask from Nessa after Mercy Mission.

Skill point quests:
- The Marooned Mariner
- The Dweller of the Deep
- The Way Forward

Trial of Ascendancy locations:
- The Lower Prison

Act 2
Gem progression:
1) Take Herald of Purity after completing Intruders in Black, socket it into any item.
2) Take Controlled Destruction after completing Sharp and Cruel, link it to Summon Holy Relic.
3) Buy Predator from Yeena after completing Sharp and Cruel, link it to Summon Holy Relic.
4) Buy Faster Casting from Yeena after completing Sharp and Cruel, link it to Flame Dash.

Item progression:
- If you are completing optional quests, replace your worst items with the rewards.

Skill point quests:
- The Way Forward
- Deal with the Bandits (kill all three)

Trial of Ascendancy locations:
- The Crypt Level 1
- The Chamber of Sins Level 2

Act 3
Gem progression:
1) Take Zealotry after completing Lost in Love, socket it into any item.
2) [OPTIONAL] Buy Pride from Clarissa after Lost in Love, replace Herald of Purity with it (you will need reduced mana reserved from the tree).
3) Take Meat Shield after completing A Fixture of Fate, link it to Summon Holy Relic.
4) Buy Fortify from Clarissa after completing A Fixture of Fate, link it to Static Strike.
5) Buy Increased Duration from Clarissa after completing A Fixture of Fate, link it to Static Strike.
6) Buy Generosity from Clarissa after completing A Fixture of Fate, link it with all the other Aura skills you have.

Other progression:
- If you are completing optional quests, replace your worst items with the rewards.
- If you prefer Cyclone, you can get it from Clarissa after Sever the Right Hand. A lot of us found that static strike is not so pleasant to level with anymore, cyclone is probably better.

Skill point quests:
- Victario's Secrets
- Piety's Pets

Trial of Ascendancy locations:
- The Crematorium
- The Catacombs
- The Imperial Garden

Act 4
Gem progression:
1) Take Summon Carrion Golem after completing Breaking the Seal, socket it into any item.
2) Buy Cast when Damage Taken from Petarus and Vanja after completing The Eternal Nightmare, link it to Steelskin.

Skill point quests:
- An Indomitable Spirit

Act 5
Item progression:
- Take a Quicksilver Flask after completing The Key to Freedom, replace/add as necessary.
- Keep upgrading your rare gear with better items.

Skill point quests:
- In Service to Science
- Kitava's Torments

Act 6
Gem progression:
1) Buy Brutality from Lily Roth after completing Fallen from Grace, link it to Summon Holy Relic.
2) Take some time to review your gem setups, and purchase from Lily as necessary.

Skill point quests:
- The Father of War
- The Puppet Mistress
- The Cloven One

Trial of Ascendancy locations:
- The Prison

Act 7
Item progression:
- Take a Granite Flask after completing The Silver Locket.

Skill point quests:
- The Master of a Million Faces
- Queen of Despair
- Kishara's Star

Trial of Ascendancy locations:
- The Crypt
- The Chamber of Sins Level 2

Act 8
Item progression:
- You can now equip sceptres with the Magister's mod (check Gear -> Levelling Gear -> Weapons)
- Take Conqueror's Efficiency after completing The Wings of Vastiri. Use a vaal orb on it and pray for 1% reduced mana reserved. Sell for large sum if successful.

Skill point quests:
- Love is Dead
- The Gemling Legion
- Reflection of Terror

Trial of Ascendancy locations:
- The Bath House

Act 9
Item progression:
- You can now equip Geofri's Legacy

Skill point quests:
- Queen of the Sands
- The Ruler of Highgate

Trial of Ascendancy locations:
- The Tunnel

Act 10
Item progression:
- Take a Quartz Flask after completing Safe Passage

Skill point quests:
- Vilenta's Vengeance
- An End to Hunger

Trial of Ascendancy locations:
- The Ossuary

Our strategy to clear maps is very simple:
1) Stay close to enemies and hit them with the activation skill (either Cyclone or Static Strike).
2) Run from pack to pack, and watch as the relics destroy each pack with one fell swoop.

Likewise, our strategy for bosses is also very simple:
1) Hit the boss with the activation setup (either Cyclone or Static Strike).
2) Dance around the boss while the relics do the heavy lifting.

Here are some other tips:
- Using 'Flame Dash' to move between distant packs will help you clear faster, and it can also be used to dodge dangerous boss attacks.
- Use 'Signal Prey' from Predator on any enemies that don't immediately die to kill them faster. Re-apply every 8 seconds.
- Use 'Vaal Molten Shell' before engaging dangerous enemies to keep your life protected.
- If your relics die, simply place down your War Banner, and then re-summon them.

Negative Map Mods
1) 'Monsters reflect % of Physical Damage' - your relics will immediately kill themselves from the reflected damage after they hit an enemy with the nova, therefore your damage and clear-speed will be very low.
2) 'Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana, or Energy Shield' - the only other way we have to recover life and mana is through flasks, so this map mod will be especially dangerous to run.

We are still able to run all map mods, but if we can, we would really prefer to avoid these two in particular.

Videos (3.9)
Awakening 8 Sirus Deathless
T16 Underground River
Awakening 8 Hunter citadel
Shaper Deathless
Elder Deathless
Uber Elder
Mastermind lvl 83
T15 Estuary (No Regen + Phys Reflect)

PoB build link
Fork: https://pastebin.com/9Ck5vbs5

Get the fork here.

Note: The DPS in PoB is not calculated properly for holy relics. To calculate manually, take the shown Average Damage, divide by Skill Cooldown, and multiply by Active Minion Limit.
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Q1: How fast should my activation skill hit?
A1: This answer is pretty complicated.

First, we need to calculate the cooldown recovery for the relics. As the nova skill of the holy relics can only trigger if it is not on cooldown. PoB does this very well. It performs the calculation and then rounds it to the nearest server tick. We are therefore able to just take the number PoB gives us (Skill Cooldown for Summon Holy Relic). We will refer to this number as C.

Now that we have the skill cooldown, we need to make sure that our activation skill matches this number (or is a little bit lower than this number).
1) For static strike, this means we want the Hit Rate in PoB to be equal to 1/C or less.
2) For cyclone, this means we want the Attack Rate to be 1/C or less. This can be hard to achieve, so we can also aim for the Attack Rate of cyclone to be a multiple: i.e. 2/C, or 3/C, or 4/C, and so on.

All that remains is to figure out how we can tweak the attack rate/hit rate.
1) For Static Strike, this can be changed by gem level (or quality if Phantasmal).
2) For Cyclone, this can be changed by attack speed.

Q2: Static strike feels slow and clunky. What do?
A2: Static strike on its own feels bad for multiple reasons.
1) First, we need Increased Duration to make sure it lasts long enough for us to actually be able to take advantage of it.
2) We need Ancestral Call to increase its range, so that we don't need to be inside enemies to hit them.
3) We need a bunch of attack speed to make the animation faster. The more the better. For me, I try to aim for at least 1.8 attacks per second while using static strike. Get 20% quality on Ancestral Call so that it gives extra attack speed. Consider using Elder gloves with 'Socketed Gems are supported by Level # Faster Attacks' and putting static strike in the gloves.
4) If you still dislike static strike, consider using cyclone instead.

Q3: My relics are dying! Help!
A3: If you relics are dying, that means their gem level is low. First, try to increase the gem level of your relics as much as you can. If they're still dying, grab some minion life or minion leech on the tree.

Also remember that it's not the end of the world if a relic dies. Simply put down your war banner and resummon it when safe.

Change Log
3.9 - Metamorph
- Videos added (Sirus and T16 Underground River).

- PoB Modified with improved passive tree and additional flask options.
- Modified suggested gear, and added spoilers to reduce clutter.
- Added a crafting section, currently featuring how to craft the staff.
- Generally polished the guide a bit. (thanks to Propht and Smerte for the contributions!).

- Added more videos (Hunter citadel, Shaper, Elder, Uber Elder).
- Made the guide more approachable to new players.
- Changed to a more suitable title.
- Sneaked this easter egg into the change log.

- Added even more videos (mastermind encounter).

- Explained the gear in a little more detail.

- Added a clear video of a map with physical reflect and no regen.

3.10 - Delirium
- Added a note mentioning the holy relic nova cooldown nerf.
- Added an alternative activation setup for the holy relic nova for the late game.
- Cleaned up the change log.

- Updated PoB pastebin added (Read the Notes in the PoB please!)
- Changed the activation setup for late game relics
- Updated errors in skill gems section

- Removed Static Strike references in the guide where they were no longer suitable.

- Added a section for cluster jewels.

3.11 - Harvest
- Added a trading section to Beginner Resources.
- Added a new section discussing the current challenge league.
- Updated references to Cyclone, replacing them with references to Activation Setup instead.
- Updated the PoB build.
- Krangled the build guide.

- Updated the crafting section to reflect item base type changes.
- Added a Levelling Overview section, describing milestones.
- Further polished the guide by rewriting sections to be more clear.
- Moved cluster jewels to Gear
- Updated anoints for amulet
- Added Maim support to Cyclone, turns out we were missing out on about 10% more damage without this (Thanks to Anh13193vip). Static strike is reliant on all 3 supports to function smoothly.

- Polished the guide.
- Updated the PoB build.
- Switched recommended PoB version to LocalIdentity's.

- Changed PoB build
- Updated crafting guide to clear up some confusion

- Further polishing of the guide. Cleared up some inconsistencies.
- Items are discussed a bit better.
- Based on popularity, gems now include Enduring Cry.
- Added FAQ section

- Updated PoB to include Enduring Cry, also fixed support gems for static strike.

- Added an example cluster jewel, and discussed cluster jewels in more detail.

- Added an example jewel.

3.12 - Heist
- Updated the Notes on Heist.
- Added a few useful mods to the Gear section, mainly sources of block.
- Updated the Crafting Guide, discussing suffixes and bases for the staff.
- General cleaning up of the guide.

- Updated the PoB.
- Added discussion of alternate quality gems to Notes on Heist.

- Updated the PoB. Endgame setup is a little more expensive now (should give those who want to min-max a little more opportunity to do so)
- Updated Gear > Flasks to include Rumi's Concoction.
- Updated gear to include medium cluster jewels.
- Updated gems to include alternative qualities (at least the most important ones).
- Updated Gear > Jewels to include Glorious Vanity and relevant passives. New section added for Rare Cobalt Jewels.
- Updated the FAQ to give simpler answers.
- Updated gear to remove the notice that said Geofri's Legacy was bugged. It was never bugged, I was just stupid and didn't understand how skill cooldowns worked. For those that want an explanation, it was the tick-rate of the game servers that made it look like the item was bugged.

- Updated the PoB. Pathing is more efficient and gear requirement is lower.
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Thanks for sharing your build, I'm going to try this for Metamorph.
good bild
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If I am using a slotted chest piece, do I want to do static strike as a five or six? I could then maybe use a curse on hit OoS set up in the gloves?
Schnoodlez wrote:
If I am using a slotted chest piece, do I want to do static strike as a five or six? I could then maybe use a curse on hit OoS set up in the gloves?

You don't even need to support Static Strike with anything if you don't want to. The supports that are currently on Static Strike are there more for convenience/utility than anything else. The skill will activate Holy Relics with 0 supports just fine, but it might feel a little annoying to maintain.

If using a slotted chest, I would just put whatever supporting setups you want in the chest (assuming you've already got Holy Relics on a 6-link on your weapon).

Hope this helps.
Carrion golem + power/frenzy spectres w/ + minion life + meat shield + blood magic + maim doesnt seem like a bad idea
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thnx guys
I made some changes to my tree for a bit more tankiness (mainly for 25% spell block and also more consistent attack block)
You can check out the changes in PoB: https://pastebin.com/c9JwChtH
I suggest looking at this amulet aswell. It might not have that much hp, but it definitely is nice.

Also, I'm using Forbidden Taste for the instant max hp heal and with capped chaos res it only takes 2% of maximum hp/s which is taken care of by natural regen.
Thanks for the build, really enjoying it!
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Propht wrote:
I made some changes to my tree for a bit more tankiness (mainly for 25% spell block and also more consistent attack block)
You can check out the changes in PoB: https://pastebin.com/c9JwChtH
I suggest looking at this amulet aswell. It might not have that much hp, but it definitely is nice.

Also, I'm using Forbidden Taste for the instant max hp heal and with capped chaos res it only takes 2% of maximum hp/s which is taken care of by natural regen.
Thanks for the build, really enjoying it!

I do like those changes made to the passive tree, that increased spell block for barely anything lost is quite impressive. If I find that the relics are still fast enough to keep up while using this passive tree, I think this is superior to what is currently in the guide. Good find!

The amulet does seem rather incredible too. Could you verify for me whether it does in fact increase the level of Holy Relics? The +1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems doesn't seem to be doing anything in PoB when I look, but I suspect it's actually providing you with a very strong benefit in-game.

Forbidden Taste is also a clever addition to the build. Especially when chaos res capped, it seems better than any life flask we could use (probably even worth running in no-regen maps).

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