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I redid my build on templar and got to a passible max projection of 10M dps
at level 100 as guardian.
(6200life/3000ES), 74/35 real block.

Obviously thge focus to start should be on life and defensees, but it's always good to know there's potential. To be honest, 3M dps independent of any flask is more then enough at first, and with one full cluster that's almost guaranteed.

Aura effect is VERY strong for holy relic, be it physical or cold. Cold could be even stronger with fleshcrafter and triad grip, but there has to be some life somewhere or it just does not work.
Same with Victarios influence chest. Damage is insane, but HP sucks.

Hope i'll get it going now, (I'll go for templar instead of necro)

Good luck to y'all.
Moosseolini wrote:

The damage is indeed beyond ridiculous. I'm a little bit concerned by the amount of leech in this build to make up for Immortal Ambition from Soul Tether. If you end up not leeching enough life, you can probably find a way to make Cyclone deal more damage.

With life leech support DPS is barely enough to fill leech cap at 30-40k.
I'd go with blade vortex instead, but the dex requirement is kinda offputting.
Regen from consecrated ground should help.
It's not going to be real OP against bosses, but against multiple enemies in maps its's nice to keep rolling a steady 1200reg on top of everything else. No idea if i'll stick with it, but relying on lifereg/time of need/enduring cry alone is tough.

Be careful when combining Geoffri's Legacy with CDR Holy Relic.
Finally got a hold on both, and it does not work like one might think.

Did some testing regarding holy relics nova cooldown as i was getting some strange results:

-used triads grip and brutality so i can clearly observe without dead test subjects

-no attack speed on gear or tree

-1 aps karui maul, cyclone unlinked, attack time 0.33
-1.15 aps staff, cyclone linked with pulverice. attack time 0.32
-1.15 staff, cyclone unlinked, attack time 0.27

-lockstep mode

What i found:

First off, POB is wrong about the CD.
Assuming the stated CD of 0,3 for a regular holy relic is correct (without geoffris), i should be able to get i proccing reliably with an attack timer of 0.32. That was not the case.
Going to 0.33 worked perfectly fine.
So, holy relics cooldown is NOT 0,3 sec, but rather 1/3 second.
This explains perfectly why the cooldowns i got in PoB and my observations didnt line up at all.
Good news: CDR from gem and -CDR from helmet DO cancel each other out.
No geofris normal gem behaves axactly like divergent gem + geofris. (both 20%)
Using an attack time of 0.17 should be ideal.
(0.33 is not reasonably achievable with any staff, at least not when playing cyclone)

Bad news: still can't get my head around the CDR at work.

AS far is i thought to know CDR always increases the possible uses of an ability per timeframe by it's percentage, rounded up to the next CD breakpoint in 1sec/30 intervals.
So if i normally get 3 activations per second, using a quality 15 divergent gem should get me 15% more activations, or 3.45 per second, or an effective cooldown of 0,2899 sec. Rounded up: 0,30.
Yet, with an attack timer of 0.27s everything works out. I don't get it. How can i possibly determine how good enhance support might actually work and where the breakpoints are?
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Has anyone considered the newCrest of Desire for use with Divergent Holy Relic (Cooldown Reduction for Quality)? Can you even attack fast enough to trigger it?
So i stuck with red tier maps. Some bosses(Baran/Al-Hezmin) or just crazy ele dmg mobs just oneshot my relics. Check in pob they have only 40% ele res. do i need get res cap for them or way have another way to solve this problem?
Guide says to link Vaal Molten Shell with CwDT, but CwDT doesn't apply to Vaal skills. Am I interpreting this incorrectly?
Guide says to link Vaal Molten Shell with CwDT, but CwDT doesn't apply to Vaal skills. Am I interpreting this incorrectly?

Yes, you are interpreting this correctly. We link Vaal Molten Shell to CwDT so that regular Molten Shell can trigger when we take damage. We can then use Vaal Molten Shell whenever we want.
End of league report from XBox, following harvest league completion last night.

I want to thank you for this excellent guide. By way of small return, I though I'd pass on some comments from playing this on console.

I have been playing POE for three years, all on XBOX (although a few dabbles on PC to know the differences). I am a casual player, unable to put in more than c10 hours a week, and usually just 1 character per league, and never played the same ascendancy twice.

This is the best character I have ever played. I made it to level 95, blowing away my previous record of 92 (with a totally self-made Oni-goroshi tectonic slam juggernaut in metamorph - now my second favourite character!)
Absolutely walked through all maps, almost all mods with ease. Only a few nasty metamorphs gave me much trouble.

I have also for the first time:
- Killed all Elder guardians (deathless)
- Killed all Shaper guardians (one death from the bloody minotaur!)
- Killed Elder (deathless)
- Killed Shaper (nearly deathless, bugger got me at end of last phase)
- Killed all breachlords
- Defeated a 4 army Timeless to unlock the 5th slot
- Defeated all map bosses, including those a*holes in Vaal Temple!
- Killed Atziri (following your clue on this one, thanks!)
- Killed some Delve boss "The Blind" with just 30 seconds to spare before league finish!

My sole failure was that I failed to kill Sirus as usual -- I simply do not get this fight despite watching many videos, might be my eyes and/or Xbox and my TV combo but I am literally blind in the fight and I always avoid him (he has now killed me 17 times over 3 leagues, FWIW I got the further with your build)

The garden was a bust -- my only Tier 4 seed was taking weeks to grow and i generally hated the garden in any case. Delve I just fell short of my goal to get to level 200, but again this build was a born miner! :-)

This may seem all kid stuff to you star players, but for me, this was an amazing achievement and I was quite proud! I have you to thank for this.

Some comments on my variations on your build:


While I hated the tedious harvest league mechanic, this helped a lot to optimise gear.

Staff was a judgement staff, crafted exactly as you specified. 25% Increased attack speed plus the rest. Just one duff mod of increased stun.
interestingly I got my +1 to socketed gems with 0 alts, (rolled it on the transmute!)
I took advantage of beast craft imprint of magic item, this turned out to be invaluable when I bricked the item trying to annul a bad regal. Suggest you recommend this

For belt I opted for a Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise. Both of the Ghastly Eye jewels have good life, which is then bumped 75% so nearly as good as your recommenced elder belt, but taking the other resists and minion feel this was a stronger choice

I didn’t manage the curse on the ring, however my unset ring (for enduring cry) with plenty of resists and plus 2 levels, and amethyst ring essentially capped elemental and chaos resistances

I managed to snag an amulet with +1 to intelligence gems, as you say this was enormous. I had some issues with my relics dying, anointing Indomitable Army made this all go away, and I think they died just a couple of times after that.

Boots with fortify support allowed me to add spectres to the build which worked well. They also had increased Duration which was good for static strike.

Flasks essentially as in the guide, with >7k life and 75% chaos res, the Forbidden Taste is a no-brainer.


I wanted to proc Radiant Crusade for the permanent onslaught, so one of my goals was to have 5 minions. Since my helm had an enchant of +150% carrion golem buff, I put a carrion golem in place of faster casting in my gloves next to the flame dash.

I replaced the Increased Duration on the Static Strike with a Raise Spectre. I played with a number of spectres, eventually settling on Herald of Kitava. Since they had both melee and ranged attacked, they would proc Fortify. These guys literally never died.

I replaced the fortify gem with a Culling Strike - thus enabling both the Spectres and my static strike to cull. This is my favourite support gem of all - the number of times I have been killed by a boss who is almost dead is embarrassing, so I always try to work CS into my builds.

FWIW -- I also tried to use Zombies (ok, but Spectres better), Skeletons (good but kept running out of range of the onslaught effect), even a second golem plus animated guardian (interesting but AG kept dying and I lose the investment). Specters def the best here; but avoid the ranged guys -- my Infernal Guardians always stand too far back and don't proc the onslaught.

Summon Holy Relic is just as you propose, managed to get a 21/20 gem and eventually an empower level 4, bringing the level of the HR to 29! As noted, this just melts the mobs.

Enduring Cry is not optional on the build... I had mine in a +2 level of socketed gems unset ring. If I managed to get to level 97, the final two points would go to increased duration and +1 max endurance charges

I used the Fortress Covenant and Quickening Covenant to give more power and protection to the minions. With the added 3 minions I felt this was essential.

Already mentioned the Abyss jewels in the belt. Was also lucky to pick up a great jewel with 7% life, mana cost reduction and chaos res, which I tweaked in harvest. I will miss the crafting if not the mechanics!

I see you have added this section in the 3.12 guide. I was moaning that no one ever does this! While I wish I had seen this at start of Harvest :-) These are the tactics I evolved anyhow.

I would just add that with the culling-strike Spectres and the Carrion Golem (in practice the only minion I would need to resummon periodically) you can back off a little bit and throw your deathmark into the crowd. I am not a minion expert, but this seems to also direct the attacks of the spectres (even though the gem support HR) giving you a little extra meat shield.

One of the biggest challenges playing on XBOX is the far far smaller community and thus trade options. Items are scarcer and far more expensive.
For example, it took me a couple of weeks to lay hands on a Geofri's Legacy, either directly or via the prophecy

Fortunately the truly great gear in this build is through crafting (and a bit of luck) making this yet another plus for console players.

With all the crafting, and even on the expensive console trade board, I think my total gear spend was about 20ex. Unusually I never felt under economic pressure on this build!

I have gone to a PC and made up a pastebin for the build if interested:

Sorry this is so long, but I hope it encourages other console players to pick up this build which is pretty ideal for the platform. And once again, thanks for your great ideas and clear presentation!

Thanks for your write-up DRW2017! I'm glad you enjoyed this build and adapted it for yourself.

insanity gloves (16% more attack speed) will work
with static strike?

julioricar wrote:

insanity gloves (16% more attack speed) will work
with static strike?

Static strike is an attack gem, so I would assume that a pair of gloves with 'Socketed Gems have 16% more Attack and Cast Speed' would work, as long as Static strike is socketed into them.

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