[3.14] Battle⚡Trapper 2021 [by DissentXTV.📺] ✔️A9 ✔️HC ✔️Max-Block ✔️Easy-All-Content ✔️Starter ✔️UPD🔥TES

ZackRichartz wrote:
I have Found the build i will start this league with! :D IF you can, it would be great to see a sorted out PoB or tree for the Life Version so people like myself may go that route for the mean time rather than switch over to another person's guide (no offense to Demi, love the guy) :P. Excited to see the updated guide!

There are some really good post replies in this thread describing how to go about using life instead/until switching. I'll try in time to post some as well into the guide:)

This build looks really solid to start the league with. What are your other defensive mechanisms besides ES though? I don't want to die too much!

The biggest defense we have is really the fact that we can off-screen clear almost everything aside bosses and those we typically one-shot ;P And of course in the late game you'll be 10k+ ES and as you see on the videos, your whole screen is full of lightning projectiles clearing everything before it can even get near you.

Ownlirh wrote:
Hello, thanks for guide, i'm planning do this build for 3.9 but i have a few questions :

*How fast can u clear 10 acts with mines at low level?

About the crafting :
* Only i have to throw dense fossil on chest and the other 3 fossils only in shield really?

*Why u have life nodes on your level 100 tree if u're es? (First time es sorry)
(Answer this LUL : I see u're not using CI sorry)

* Is the tree updated?
sorry for noob questions, thanks
EDIT : Answer my noob question by myself

Yes the tree is up2date, there were no changes made that affected us in the tree itself or the pathing (at least not according to my updated 3.9 POB patch)

We don't pick life nodes, aside from those on the right side that provide ES+life (the life is okay, as we're using it to reserve and also to run our clarity as high as possible)

wolf8556 wrote:
Hey seems a really nice build man, is there a link to path of building with the leveling tree and items somewhere?

Check out Wyra's reply in this thread. I'll also see if I can add some basic tree and items before the league start, but really since its a league start, any "basic items" is really just whatever you can find:P

xmadruguinha wrote:

I really like the core of this build a lot, but would there be too much of a loss in running Arc instead of Lightning Trap?

It could in theory work, but personally I much prefer the projectile style of play that lightning trap gives. (Arc doesn't count as a projectile spell)
I think the damage would end up being a lot lower.

Ownlirh wrote:
Awakenned chain support, can have a place in this build?

Nah, we don't really need to chain in this build, however there are other awakened supports you'll benefit a lot from getting, but I'm sure those gems are going to be pricey and endgame luxury. I'll post more about it when I've had a chance to play with them:)
Hey man, this build looks great!
Did you try any delving with it? How far can it go?

Hmm,still undecided, might go for an arc trapper, since arc range has been a bit buffed, or should I go for this.

I guess it all depends on how expensive stuff will get this league. I've tried demi's lightning trapper a couple of leagues ago and it was quite decent, did pretty much all content with it.

How much better would this be in your opinion? As in by comparison, survivability,damage etc... Let us say I go with demi's as I'm not that familiar with ES builds. Then I start farming a bit,gaining some currency... Would I really gain that much by switching? Or is it more of a thing of preference rather than having serious gains from switching?
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Sir, how can i config your pob link to show the max damage output?, Thanks
It's already configured correctly for the setup used.

It does around 280k per hit with lightning trap, you throw three traps at once which each have 8 projectiles. So 24 projectiles per throw = 6.7 million damage per throw (obviously not every ball will hit your target).

Say 2 balls from each trap will hit a target (normal-sized enemy), that's 1.7 million damage per throw and you can throw almost twice per second so you get around 3 million damage per second with JUST the lightning trap. Include lightning spire traps and you are easily hitting over 4 million single target DPS while also exploding the entire screen. Now if you are fighting a massive boss like Brine King you will hit far more projectiles per throw.

AKA Lots of damage, lots of survivability, lots of clear.
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Very nice build man! This will most likely be my league starter since I haven't played a lightning trapper before and LL does make it spicier :)

I fiddled around and added some leveling/life trees + starter rare gear set.
Here's the pob (https://pastebin.com/GsprBZ3D) if anyone is interested or has feedback.

gl hf in metamorph everyone!
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Thought I'd pop in again and share a life/ES hybrid tree and gear I threw together since I'm debating between this and Toxic Rain as a league starter. It uses some of the gear in the build guide and then some random jewels and life gear I mashed up. 5.5k Life/2.6k ES with around half of the damage of the LL/ES setup. It has 5 open gem slots right now since you don't run a bunch of blood magic auras, feel free to throw in whatever you like for survivability or some extra dps.

It should be significantly cheaper than the final build so I think it would make a good league start with an easy path to transition later. You use a Tinkerskin instead of a Shavs and I subbed in an Ungil's Harmony instead of Presence of Chayula but a rare would be better. I also took out the reduced reservation on the shield since it doesn't matter in this case and the watcher's eye is gone. That removes a big chunk of the cost, I left the weapon the same as the final build for comparison purposes, you lose the same amount of damage swapping it out of either setup.

The POB includes the original LL/ES tree and gear sets, just select them from the dropdowns in the tree and gear sections, and enable the correct gem sets in the Skills section. It's a 42 point respec if you go from one tree to the other at level 95, but obviously much less if you swap earlier.

Hi guys!

I have 2 questions.
If we are going CI then Presence of Chayula is not worth it?
Also, what would you use instead of watcher's eye?


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