[3.14] Battle⚡Trapper 2021 [by DissentXTV.📺] ✔️A9 ✔️HC ✔️Max-Block ✔️Easy-All-Content ✔️Starter ✔️UPD🔥TES

3.14 - Ultimatum: No significant changes in 3.14, neither our ascendancy or passive tree was affected. We can now more easily reach low-life threshold (50%) and the Vaal version of lightning trap is significantly buffed;
Vaal Lightning Trap
Now deals 26 to 79 Lightning Damage at gem level 1 (previously 18 to 54) and 686 to 2057 Lightning Damage at gem level 20 (previously 466 to 1399).
Now has added damage effectiveness of 250% (previously 170%).
Now has a Soul Gain Prevention duration of 4 seconds (previously 6).



Character Stats


💚 The build has worked great in EVERY league since its inception in 3.5
💚 Does all map mods (if no regen, just exchange 1 flask for an enduring mana flask)
💚 Does all content with ease. (blow up uber elder and shaper with instant phases)
💚 Not a meta-life build!
💚 Uses mostly rares. (Can go from a few chaos budget to an epic 100ex+ endgame if you fancy)
💚 Can kill endgame bosses on a 5L.
💚 Works in HC. MAX-Block! 10k+ ES endgame, 6-8k in mediocre gear, strong ES regeneration from ascendancy.
💚 Easy to start, just play it as a life-build till mid-game.
💚 This builds endgame, is the strongest lightning trapper imo, check videos and see if you agree. (I've played life version and other guides)

💔 If you're new, es can be tricky knowing when to switch(my guide will help you).
💔 Honestly, having played many other builds, it's hard to find downsides on this one, which is why it became my favorite. (Perhaps needing a Shavs as is the case for all low-life builds)



March 29th:

Maven Deathless


March 27th:

T16, 100% deli, sextanted and buffed/beyond etc

I'm not normally a deli farmer, I do it sometimes for fun, so this was just a map I threw together to showcase a solo run 100% deli t16.

Half the map I show without HH, the other half with HH, so you can decide for yourself. :)


Feb 17th:
Some quick 5-10 sec shaper guardian molestations:)

Feb 7th:
Cleared everything including A8/Sirius (deathless). Now working towards unlocking the Maven fight (defeated multiple of her invitations such as elder guardians, breach bosses etc) I'll post videos of everything in the coming weeks. :)
Red maps video from current league;

Using 22% movespeed boots while crafting a pair of 35%'ers), so take it as it is. ;)

Jan 22nd:
Acts 1-10 was a breeze :)

First Atlas Map:


I've evolved from life, into CI and I'll swap to LL when I can afford a 5/6L shavs. CI can carry just fine, while I gather currency for a shavs (check video above) :) This is all self-found or bought for less than 3-5c total.

This highlights how the build works if you don't find anything at all of value while leveling act 1-10. (no good sellables or uniques or exalts)
Because of that, I've swapped from life to CI (instead of LowLife) and will continue farming early maps as CI until I can get my shavs. It's easy to swap between CI and LL, it's merely 2 points you're changing.

Feel free to inspect my current character (DissentXTV_RL) if you're curious what routes I've opted for while leveling and in early maps. Until you can afford endgame stuff and good jewels, I suggest never picking jewel sockets, but rather investing into trap damage and throwing speed in the poetree. (it's all explained in the guide too).

Enjoy Ritual League! (it seems awesome!)

August 2nd:
Enslaver T16 boomergy

July 22nd:
Chimera T16 goes bye bye quickly

July 16th:
New major guide update is out!

July 6th:
My first harvest league RIP @lvl 93 :(


T16 Elder Guardian. Keep in mind I've dropped a few DPS nodes to become super tanky this league as my little experiment(with glancing blows), personally i'm liking it a lot feeling quite immortal. Aside from one DC death..thx ggg;p


June 29th:
Some trapping done with my experimental skill-tree going for max block :)
I'm still just on a 4 and 5 link.


Absolutely destroying 3.11 Harvest content!
Completed uber lab and my first conquerors.
Level 85, still running just 5 link and still 0 deaths so far :)


Jan 16th:
just some more 3.9 guardian kills media=)


Jan 13th:
Finally had time to fix my last couple of watchstones=) I even forget using my focus burst dps in all clips these lmao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jan 7th:
Are we tanky?

Jan 7th:
Chimera T16
.. it goes boom fast;)

Jan 5th:
Shaper down - he definitely got buffed with health, but he's still easy.


Jan 3rd:

Here's a little clip from tonight doing T16 chimera and chimera metamorph on a map with a healthy amount of scary modifiers=) oh and i'm far from perfect gear, i'm still just decently geared in my own opinion @400k'ish damage, like 500k during 4 second focus, cause' of having double dmg in both my wand and shield.
(i lack damage mods things like -9 lightning resist in helmet, trap damage/projectile damage in gloves and much better jewels and shield)


Chimera t16 + metamorph:


Jan 2nd:

T16 buffed Hydra map, boss and metamorph'd hydra.


Dec 31st:
Sirius down! I kinda panicked at the end for no real reason, if I just calmed down and stopped fuzzing it would've been so smooth for me!

But I feel like now that I know the fight I won't panic next time and will be better at focusing dmg to phase him way faster, rather than looking around for his abilities lol.

Trappers seem awesome for this fight as you have to constantly move in sequence with his casts, damaging him and moving, which is perfect for the trapper way of tossing traps and moving while they're inbound, then tossing, then moving etc.


Dec 31st:
Bit more trapper gameplay now that I had time to sit down! =)
Some T16 boss killing and T15 Elder guardian + metamorph and lvl 83 Cortex Boss!
Still with my struggle-gear=P


Dec 28th:

For anyone who feel they lack damage?

My 17th Watchstone (and finishing red conqueror storyline!) and guess what? I'm wearing lvl 17-18 support gems in both my Lightning and Spire trap setups! 🤯

Deathless of course:P hehe, HF guys, don't take it as "braggin'" take it as signage that it works. (And no my gear isn't good apart from having a 6L shavs, rest of my gear is actual trash, I still don't have a shield and i'm 91)

Dec 25th:
Changed defensive setup to reflect immortal call being possibly stronger.
Cast When Damage Taken (3) ➡️> Immortal Call(5) OR SteelSkin(12) ➡️> Enfeeble.

Do not over-level your enfeeble, make sure your CWDT can proc it.
The level of your CWDT should depend on your current health or ES pool,
so just try to keep it balanced.
Note: At 90+ my CWDT is level 15 and procs from 2000 damage taken.
Note: In 3.9 I'm mostly using Immortal call.

Dec 22th:
Just some action, 11th Watchstone.

Dec 14th:
first 3.9 map video (confused player figuring new atlas shiz=P)
double boss, extra boss dmg ... rare map, cuz' why not=P
I'm not resist capped either, got like 55 fire res

Dec 14th:
Kitava video (I'm wearing whatever gear i've found while leveling, though I take my time to level and upgrade/trade a lot to try and build cash up also)

Added info about pierce in the gems section.
Thanks to all the active posters that are helping answering questions!
It lets me spend a little more time playing and testing:) Appreciated!


Guide Updates


Major changes focusing on: making the build even more tanky while retaining our strong damage to easily take down endgame bosses.
Also focusing on better explaining how you can beat everything in the game while in lower end gear.

New title - coining it "a battletrapper" now! ;p
New skilltree! Max-Block! tanky trapper.
New alternative skill-tree examples.
New/updated gem section with priority orders.
New videos all recorded with new 3.11+ skilltree.
New lvl 1-28+ progress explanations.
New mid and lategame alternative/cheaper items explained (how to run this on a budget with no expensive mana reserve shield and no double enlighten gems and still farm endgame bosses)
New ascendancy order and pantheons explained.
New jewels (removed watchers eye, it's simply too rare/expensive since 3.9 to belong in any guide imo)
New cluster jewel section and examples/priorities.
New crafting examples and updated how-to-get our helm/gloves.
New FAQ section with some of the most typically asked Qs and As.


3.13 Ritual


Perfect Crime
No longer grants 10% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate for throwing Traps.
Now grants 10% increased Damage for each Trap (from 8%), 25% chance for Traps to Trigger an additional time (from 20%), and 25% reduced Mana Cost of Skills that throw Traps.

Chain Reaction
No longer grants 30% increased Trap Damage.
Now grants 50% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate for throwing Traps (from 15%) and causes Skills used by Traps to have 50% increased Area of Effect (from 20%).

No longer grants 20% reduced Mana Cost of Skills that throw Traps and 20% reduced Mana Reservation of Skills that throw Mines.
Now causes you to Regenerate 2% of Life per Second for each Trap Triggered Recently (from 1%) , up to 10% per second, and Regenerate 2% of Life per second for each Mine Detonated Recently (from 1%), up to 10% per second.

Born in the Shadows
No longer grants 30% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments against Blinded Enemies.
Now causes you to Blind enemies on hit (from 25% chance to Blind enemies on Hit).

Bear Trap
Trapped enemies now take 25% increased damage from traps and mines (from 15%).

3.11 Harvest


Harvest patch-notes. There's been some crit nerfs globally on the skill-tree, but nothing significant to warrant any worry, neither the minor nerf to spire trap, especially because we got our Lightning Trap buffed! from 135% dmg eff, to 170%. I'll update the guide if I find anything could or should be changed.

3.9 Metamorph


-old information removed-

3.8 Blight


Lost some regen from Ascendancy as well as the Shaper +1 trap thrown gloves mod. But we now have Skitter bots!! MORE trap damage yay! Plus our ascendancy is still strong with plenty regen to keep us safe.



🔥 Current League! 🔥

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RLXkKq9ols --- Maven Deathless
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/679928306 --- Shaper (Full run - great damage comparison. We've got strong pew pew even with max block)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/679945569 --- Elder
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/681130612 --- T16 Arcade (T16 boss... felt like a white monster lolol)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/677141932 --- T16 Abyss (1 second kill??? *yawn*)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/679903008 --- Sirius A5 (A8 when i get rest of watchstones, sorry didn't realize my stream was offline till late, but this shows 75% spell-block in action lol)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/676114696 --- T16 Minotaur Guardian (Full map run)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/686684575 --- T16 Chimera Guardian
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/678827343 --- T16 Hydra Guardian
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/679120390 --- T16 Phoenix Guardian
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/698257653 --- T16 Enslaver Guardian
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/675646458 --- Tanky Trapper (Wonder how tanky we are? check this!)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/676332435 --- Harvest

🔥 Previous Leagues! 🔥

All videos were recorded deathless and mods are random and corrupted.
Uber elder
UElder Guardian
Maze of the Minotaur

Playing & developing on this build since betrayal league (3.5), always doing all content, with an emphasis on not dying! (works for HC) and clearing everything with ease and relatively good map speed (nice for SC, lots of damage!).



How to league-start this

I've personally league-started this in every league since 3.5.
Follow the leveling guide down below, but simply play as a life-trapper with a 1-5 chaos tinkerskin until you can afford a shavs body-armor.
Depending on whether you want to re-spec later, you can add points in life nodes and change them later to ES, or you can follow Demi's lightning trapper guide for a pure life version until you are ready to switch.

Alternatively you can start collecting and equipping ES heavy gear and switch to CI while you're getting a shavs. While CI you can also very easily farm lab for enchants (CI makes traps a joke)

When to switch to low life/ES

It depends on your experience and your budget.
Personally I level all the way to maps usually before I switch.
It also depends whether you have a Shavs. The build works fine as life
and is still very strong, but of course it means you have to pick life-nodes
on the tree OR play more carefully with lower ES/Life combo.

Alternatively, you can follow the life guide from Demi's lightning trapper and when you feel ready to switch, jump back to this guide.
Personally, I level all the way with the ES tree without going life nodes and I just play a bit more carefully and make sure i'm always capped resists and most of my gear has decent amount of life on it, till switching.

I'll add a more thoroughly detailed explanation here soon and give you some options on playing the build as life, until you can afford a 5L or 6L shavs.
A 5L shavs in current league (3.8) isn't so expensive, it's like 40C. (just buy a regular shavs' and a 5L prophecy "The Jewelers's Touch". In 3.9 the price has gone up to about double. (aim to buy the prophecy cards instead, much cheaper)

Bandits & Pantheons

✔️ Help alira for easier resist cap and more dps.

✔️ Major: All major Pantheon powers can be beneficial for the build, although Soul of Solaris is probably the best choice in general, although Lunaris with 10% chance to avoid projectiles can also be really strong.

✔️ Minor: Same as major Pantheons, almost all minor ones are useful for the build. I recommend shakari.

For Sirius boss-fight, get upgraded Arakaali and Shakari.

Pantheon powers can be upgraded by using Divine Vessel in the Map Device while you are activating the particular Map that contains the boss you need. Once you’ve killed the boss and captured his soul, you need to deliver the vessel to Sin in Oriath.

Level 1 to 28+

PASTEBIN with lvl tree's 75 and 100: https://pastebin.com/7d3SQxmi

Note1: Always path right side first of the skill-tree towards the trap damage points: Blast Cascade, High Explosives etc.
Note2: These are tree's for full ES. Adjust them with some life if you feel the need while leveling, however mostly i'd just suggest using gear with life stats until you can switch to either low life or CI and then low life.
Note: As you progress from Lvl 28+ take a peek at budget items in this guide to know what you should look out for/set trade filters for while you are leveling.

From level 1, you should use Explosive Trap in a Lifesprig, or whichever wand or sceptre you have.

If you're in a Fresh league start, consider doing the vendor recipe for a lightning wand, it's a nice damage boost early on.

1x Magic Sceptre/Wand/Rune Dagger
1x Topaz Ring(for Lightning Damage)
1x Orb of Alteration

At level 4, you can (optionally) add Bear Trap Bear Trap for utility.

At level 8, your Explosive Trap link should look like this.

✔️ Explosive Trap ➡️> Added Fire Damage Support

At level 10, you should add Flame Dash Flame Dash for additional mobility.

At level 12, you can finally transition to your signature skill. Replace Explosive Trap with the following Lightning Trap link.

✔️ Lightning Trap ➡️> Multiple Traps Support ➡️> Added Lightning Damage Support ➡️> Pierce Support

By level 16, your Lightning Trap Lightning Trap should look like this (gems placed in order of priority, so remove based on how many links you've got).

✔️ Lightning Trap ➡️> Multiple Traps Support ➡️> Trap and Mine Damage Support ➡️>
Controlled Destruction Support ➡️> Added Lightning Damage Support ➡️> Pierce Support

At level 24, you should add Wrath Wrath for additional damage.

At level 28, you should add a Lightning Spire Trap gem setup, this will improve your single target damage by a great deal.

✔️ Lightning Spire Trap ➡️> Trap and Mine Damage Support ➡️> Lightning Penetration Support ➡️> Elemental Focus Support.

While you continue from lvl 28 and onwards, remember to check the GEM section to get the proper setup going when your levels meet the requirements.
Pierce is an optional gem, decide on your own if you prefer it or rather want more raw damage.


🛡️ Armor

💲 Budget Gear before going low-life. (Hybrid/leveling)

Examples of cheap gear to use while leveling and before transitioning/acquiring shavronne's.

Literally any gear with health and resists will carry you through to maps or until you can go Low-Life with a shavs 5-link. Buy an unlinked one via prophecy cards and buy a 5L Jeweller's Touch prophecy and you're strong off the bat with a 5L shav's.

Priorities for stats in your weapon are:
Lightning/Spell/Elemental damage.
Added lightning damage to spells.
+1 all lightning spell gems (if u can get it)
Global Crit multiplier.
Spell Crit chance.

My endgame weapon, just as example towards stat priorities:

💲💲 Budget Gear for low-life. (Early Mapping)

This shield is always available early leagues very cheap around 1 chaos. This is the single most overpowered item for this build!
You'll be able to run ALL your aura's, without having any enlighten gems or mana reserve (put zealotry, wrath and discipline in the shield, then reserve skitterbots/clarity with mana). This shield alone can carry you through the mid/end-game.
At some point if/when you are rich and want to craft, you can go for a shaper influenced ilvl 86 titanium shield. (titanium is the most expensive base, you could pick a cheaper base at the cost of a little ES)

Pro's and Con's to switching from the unique shield to a crafted shaper shield:
pro: shaper shield ES% on block is godlike for mapping, you feel unkillable.
pro: shaper shield (with 300+ es) will give you about 1.3k more ES.
con: you lose +37 all resists and some dex you need to find elsewhere.
con: you have to use 2 enlighten gems (level 3 will be enough though, level 4 optimal)
con: you might have to invest into a redeemer helmet with 5% reduced reserve. (optimal way is to first buy a base with your ulab enchant on it, then buy a redeemer orb and turn the helmet redeemer, then craft it with 5% reduce)

Darkness Enthroned got buffed considerably in 3.11 and is a really strong choice now and a super cheap option compared to rare belt.
In fact the belt is so strong that I'm using it in my high-end gear. (They buffed Darkness Enthroned from 50% bonus to the jewels to 75%)
An example is: a decent crystal belt has 80es implicit and 40es explicit = 120 es.
Darkness enthroned, I can throw 2 abyss jewels in with avg 35es on each and some damage/multiply dps stats.. 2x35 = 70 x 1.75(belt bonus) = 122.5 ES (same as crystal belt O.o)

💰💰💰 High-end Gear

Note: You do NOT need the mana reservation shield. It's a luxury craft and very expensive usually. Having the sovereignty nodes on the tree is a solid and cheap replacement for the shield. The shield is a min/max item when you have nothing else to improve or you are very rich.

💍 Jewels

There are no mandatory jewels for us.
We get a lot of power from relatively cheap jewels because our traps will inherit multiplier from many sources, therefore we can search for many combinations of jewels (elemental multiplier, spell multiplier, lightning multiplier, global multiplier etc)

A Watcher's Eye Watcher's Eye (since 3.9 changes is extremely expensive/rare) with Wrath Wrath mods and % energyshield, so it is only a crazy luxury item that we definitely do not need, but in case you run around with 20ex to spend, then you know this exist.

Note: Basically, jewels depends entirely on your budget, if you're running a lower budget, just find anything with ES% and +trap damage and/or multiplier damage to spells and/or to lightning skills.

⚗️ Flasks

Make sure you have Bleeding, Curse and Freezing immunity on your flasks.
(You don't need freezing immunity however if you are running the Dream fragments ring that I like to use)
My endgame setup is:

Note: I'm not running bleed removal because I have a jewel that prevents me getting bleeded. (You vaal orb jewels and can get lucky)


Note1: Check out my ritual character gem setup -> click my profile -> DissentXTV_RL. (I've changed the setup below slightly). I recommend the setup I'm using in Ritual League for lvl 90+ -- i'll add it to the guide soon)
Note2: Of course using an awakened version of the gems that exist in such version is optimal, but not at all required, it's luxury.

✔️ Lightning Trap (6-Link)

Lightning Trap ➡️> Trap and Mine damage ➡️> Cluster Traps ➡️> Lightning Penetration ➡️> Inspiration Support ➡️> Elemental Focus Support.
Lightning Trap shoots a nova of lightning projectiles when triggered.
Lightning trap benefits from modifiers to lightning/spells/projectiles/traps.
Note: If you don't have a pierce lab enchant(helmet), add pierce as a jewel or a temporary talisman(you get a jewel in act 5 with pierce).

✔️ Lightning Spire Trap (4-Link)

Lightning Spire Trap ➡️> Trap and Mine damage ➡️> Lightning Penetration ➡️> Elemental Focus.
Lightning Spire Trap is a powerful trap with a cooldown, it is mainly used in order to boost your single target damage by a great deal vs bosses.
In early and mid-game, you'll just put this in whichever 4-link you have.
In late game you can craft/buy a pair of shaped gloves with extra damage for traps, making it a pseudo 5 or even 6 link.

✔️ Blood Magic Auras (3/4-Link)

Blood Magic ➡️> Zealotry ➡️> Clarity(whatever lvl you can fit) ➡️> (Optional: Enlighten Support).
Note: You could play without enlighten here if you can manage with a lower level clarity and still got enough mana.
Damage Aura and clarity - this is after you've obtained shav's and are ready to go low-life.

✔️ Damage & Defense (3-Link)

Vaal Discipline ➡️> Wrath ➡️> Enlighten Support (3 minimum, 4 optimal).
Again, the enlighten depends on your mana and whether you picked the reduced
mana reserved nodes in the skill-tree (sovereignty skill node) or crafted a shaper shield with 15% mana reserve reduction to socketed gems. (check crafting section)

✔️ Defense (3-Link)

Cast When Damage Taken (3) ➡️> Immortal Call(5) ➡️> Tempest Shield.
Do not over-level your tempest shield, make sure your CWDT can proc it.
The level of your CWDT, depends on your current health or ES pool - mostly I never advice to level CWDT above lvl 3.

✔️ Damage & Utility (2+2-Link)

Skitterbots > (optional: Enlighten Support - if you struggle with reserved mana).
Flame Dash ➡️> Arcane Surge.
Note: Don't overlevel AS, make sure it procs from Dash mana usage).

Skitterbots/Enlighten combo can wait till late-game, or when your mana reserve can afford it. Pickup reduced mana nodes on the tree, luckily you are passing right by a cluster (sovereignty skill node). Late-game you can elevate things by crafting a shaper shield with 15% mana reserve reduction to socketed gems. (check crafting section)



(lvl 75 & 100 tree with NOTES!)
✔️ https://pastebin.com/7d3SQxmi
Note: Always only pickup jewel sockets LATE in the game - they require good jewels to be worth picking.

Early points >> check lvl 1-28 section of the guide (screenshot is there).


For highest dps and if you don't care being squishy while leveling>
Perfect Crime ➡️> Chain Reaction ➡️> Pyromaniac ➡️> Born in the Shadows.

Note: For hardcore or deathless SC playthroughs, you may want to go for survivability before DPS - it also makes it a breeze doing your playthrough imho, you still got plenty damage. Regen from Pyromaniac and the blind from Born in shadows is a massive survivability boost - check pic below.
My deathless runs I usually go>
Pyromaniac ➡️> Perfect Crime ➡️> Born in the Shadows ➡️> Chain Reaction.

Cluster Jewels

These are examples of strong cluster jewel bases with a couple of notables worth the point investment.
Remember to go for minimum passives implicit (2 and 4 for small and medium clusters)
I'm using the trap jewel with surprise sabo and set&forget (because i've dropped trap stats on the tree in general to reach everything I needed)
Then the small cluster is an extra 500es for 2 points, very nice.
The other medium jewel with projectile stats is an example of also quite useful notables if you don't have your helmet enchant (aerodynamics gives piercing)

I've not been able to create a setup with large clusters where I could effectively still get what I need on the tree AND gain a benefit(point investment % gain) by using large clusters, so therefore I run this setup with 1 medium, 1 small.

I still have to roll mine to hit some more ES stats, but generally what I do is old fashion alteration/aug/regal until I hit ES + notables that I need.


With 3.9, all builds got affected by the multimod nerf, however it's really not a big deal, it's just some top-end luxury that is harder to min/max now.
On the other hand, we got buffed in the way of +1 spell gems affix now exists on shields and all 1h wands/sceptres etc etc.

Tips & Tricks:

Firstly, it's important to use a good source of information about the base items you intend to craft upon. For this I suggest www.craftofexile.com

Choose the base group, choose the base type and that's it!
Now you can see every mod that exists on that base-type, how high it can roll depending on ilvl and what the 6 different influences can add to the item, mod-wise. This is also a huge help in knowing which mods are targetable with harvest crafting (via the tag names) and which ones are not.

Now the tips&tricks:

1) Always fix quality first on an item, preferably a grey base if 20% is all you need, otherwise perfect fossils if you're going for 30%. (Hillock in fortification/transport can do 28% on an already crafted item)

2) People often make the mistake of NOT using their regular crafting bench while harvest or augment/regal crafting. Remember your bench is an easy way to add an extra suffix or prefix or a specific targetable mod, for harvest crafting.

Example; imagine I got a shield with reduce reserve % and some other misc stats, but not any ES mods, which means I'd normally have to reroll it, or use expensive augment defence harvest crafts. Well, instead go to your regular bench, pay less than 1c value to add a random defence mod and now you can use the "remove def/add def" recipe, simply removing your bench craft to replace it with the harvest craft.

In same style of thinking; let's say you have an item with only 1 ES mod and you want to have 2 (so raw ES and % ES) but you're afraid of hitting the 1 good ES roll. Simply bench craft something random on your item and use the dirt cheap remove-non def/add def recipe.

Some of these things will always be gambles, because often there are multiple mods you've hit, but these are simply ways to lessen the risks and increase the gambling odds in your favor. Many people don't use the regular crafting bench enough, to increase their own odds of NOT hitting one of their good mods when crafting.

3) When using crafts that say "reroll item but keep suffixes" or "keep prefixes", always remember the craft may still ADD extra mods IF there is space on the item.
Example: "reforge while keeping prefixes" ... if you only have 2 prefixes on the item for the recipe to "keep", it can still add a 3rd random prefix.
So to prevent un-intentionally bricking your items, always bench-craft the missing prefix or missing suffix, before you reroll the item with "keeping suffixes or prefixes", this way the craft won't randomly add something to fill the missing mod slot.

4) Keep annulment orbs in mind! Depending on prices, they can speed up your crafting success a LOT. In ritual league annulments cost 1-2c each, so they are dirt cheap. What this means is when you're rolling your item from scratch and you hit lets say 1 good mod, then augment a crap mod.. instead of starting over with alterations, you annulment orb because that's a 50/50 and much cheaper than using another 100+ alteration to try hit that one good mod and hoping for a good augment again.


Best DPS: Master Sapper (Oils: Teal, Black, Opalescent)
Alternative: Tranquility (Oils: Azure, Golden, Golden)
Note: Tranq is only really worth it with 10-12k ES. Master Sapper will usually provide more raw DMG, unless you want the extra ES from Tranq. You will have to check your character in POB to make certain if it's worth picking tranq over Sapper.


Titanium Spirit Shield (Shapered) (min.ilvl 80 for shaper affix 15% mana reserve reduce)

Second best shield option is:
Harmonic Spirit Shield (Shapered) (min.ilvl 80)

(Ignore stats on these, they're not crafted but just examples of the basetype)

How to craft:

1) Get the base.
2) Quality item to max (consider hillock 28% or perfect fossil to 28-30%)
3) Transmute and start spamming alterations until you hit 15% Reduce for socketed gems.
4) If you hit only 15% reduce, then augment a secondary stat and hope for something useful (+1 spell/lightning, ES, resists, high intellect).
5) If you augment a crappy stat, then go back to spamming alterations until
you again hit 15% reduce and get a 2nd useful stat.
6) When you got 15% reduce and a 2nd useful stat then regal and hope for a useful stat (+1 spell/lightning gems, ES, resists, high intellect). If it fails, then scour and back to alteration spam.
7) You should now have mana reduce and 2 other useful stats, so a total of 3. This leaves you with some options depending on your budget/currency.

Opt.1) Multicraft costs 2ex and will use 1 suffix, allowing you to add 2 extra crafts, which will complete your item at 6 total affixes. (the 3 you created, plus the multimod itself and the 2 extra crafts you add from it)

Opt.2) If you're on a tighter budget, consider just crafting something useful on your 3 stat shield, so you got 4 stats total until you can afford multi-craft or can afford throwing ex-slams on it (Leo in research gives free exalt slam)


Check the gear section.
Buy a good weapon or alternatively
craft it with alteration spam, regal and bench crafts.
(Look at the shield section of crafting, for an in-depth example of how to craft a base)


Optimal way(if you're not a ulab farmer) is to first buy a base with your ulab enchant on it, then buy a redeemer orb and turn the helmet redeemer, then craft it with 5% reduce.


Gloves, I almost always go for 2 gem bonus stats, via using a shaper base, prefer ilvl 84.
I spam alterations, augment and regal until I'm lucky with having either double gem bonus (+trap and mine dmg + proj dmg or adv trap + proj dmg), or 1 trap stat and strong ES.
If so, I buy a 2nd base and start using the ones with just 1 trap gem stat, while I continue crafting on the 2nd base trying to get 2 proj + a trap gem bonus.
I always prefer trap throw speed as one of my 2 gem bonus stats, then the 2nd one is projectile damage. (trap and mine damage + proj is also good if you feel fine about your throw speed)
(Look at the shield section of crafting, for an in-depth example of how to craft a base)

p.s. Some harvest crafting screenshots:

Note: This is late-gate luxury crafting and not a requirement to make the build work as you really don't need the extra aura and/or the extra points saved by not needing mana reduction in your skill-tree... but this is for people looking to really min/max their character and I can vouch it's awesome!.

One of the biggest upgrades is to craft a shaper shield with 15% reduced mana reserve of socketed gems and then move 2 auras (such as discipline, wrath, enlighten) to your shield.


The inspiration to this build was from playing Hardcore and managing to take down all the endgame. But you WILL be somewhat squishy in the time while you are leveling and before you transition to full ES and also obtain your final ascendancy. (born in the shadows - however check ascendancy section and consider picking the HC-safer ascendancy order that I listed)

Here's some general tips:

New Tips:
1) Make sure you use a Vaal Discipline. The vaal effect is an instant save-yourself button! With how our Pyromaniac ascendancy works (combined with Zealot's oath if you're ES specced), you regenerate life/ES from all traps going off! In short... you should ALWAYS be tossing traps, even if you're not in any danger.. it's nice having a constant 10% regeneration running.
When combined with vaal discipline, it becomes an instant save button, since vaal disc makes your ES regen NOT get interrupted by incoming damage. You can tank a lot of damage this way and also run around in darkness in delve.
2) Make sure you've picked up Zealot's Oath by the time you switch to full ES (but not before!)
3) Upgrade Solaris pantheons, it's really strong. Use Brine king pantheon, until you have your amulet which makes you stun immune, when you have it pick Solaris. Use Soul of Shakari and upgrade poison immunity (useful this league vs metamorphs and the hunter boss)
4) Prioritize ES on your gear - your damage will already be insane when you've obtained shavs and gone low-life. Heck, even as hybrid before you get shavs your damage is really strong in just a cheap 1c tinker-skin.
5) Do NOT pick jewel sockets until you have really strong jewels - rather invest in damage and ES until you got jewels with ES and 2 damage stats.
6) Remember to check the budget gear section, there are some cheap ES gear we can use.
7) Your ulab ascendancy gives you a big survival boost because it blinds ALL monsters around you. The sooner you get it, the sooner you'll feel that much more tanky. Also consider picking pyromaniac as your FIRST ascendancy if you want to be tanky while leveling! (note screenshot)
8) You can optionally replace flame dash as your primary mobility with a shield charge + fortify combo instead.



Why pierce lab enchant over lightning trap penetration?
Pierce enchant means we don't need to invest skill-tree points or use a gem link to obtain pierce. We need pierce to thoroughly clear maps and also to stay safe as screen-clearing via piercing packs matters for that.

Why am I dying/feeling squishy if players completed hardcore on this?
Check survival tips part of this guide. Make sure you stack ES on all gear, even small increases on gear matters a lot since we get 200% increase from our tree to boost those numbers. Play smart, throw traps in the direction you flame dash/move.

We are not a squishy build, it's about how you play it - this league is dangerous for all builds.

75% Spell Block
75% Attack Block
Blinding all enemies around us. (enemies has 50% less hit chance)
10-11k ES (6-8k in medium gear)
1k+ ES regen per sec. (don't stop throwing traps, it's your regen!)
Screen-clearing ability.
Off-screen hitting enemies.
Immune to Ignite
Immune to Shock (a one-shotter of many builds)
Immune to Stun.
Immune to Freeze/Chill (depending if dream fragments ring)
Room for THREE magic flasks with other immunities.
What more immunities you want? damage? o.O lol.

But better to let a video speak for itself:)

Sextants, beyond, corrupted/UD'ied...

How do I play/level before I got a shavronne's armor?
Check the budget gear section, get a cheap 1c tinker-skin (it's almost 1c in every league)
Play the build as a life build and change the life-nodes for ES later.
You could use Demi guide for a life version of this build and then switch to this one when you feel ready. Personally however I run this build as a league-start and I don't bother investing much points into life, I just play more careful and use life-heavy items until I can switch to shavs+low life, or switch to CI, until I can afford a 5L shavs.
When you go low-life with a 5L shavs, remember to pickup a prism shield! it's the single most overpowered item for this build.
While leveling you go to the right side of the tree first to get the big trap nodes there.
When you switch from life to ES and equip shavs remember to pickup Zealot's Oath on the skilltree and then get a 1c prism guardian shield. This lets you run all auras easily without worrying on any expensive items (obviously aside from your shavs).
Put Zealotry, Wrath and Vaal Discipline into the Prism shield sockets.

How come we use elemental focus, how do we shock?
We use skitterbots for shock. They are a reliable shock, plus it allows us the 49% more damage modifier from EF

How do we manage running out of mana?
Dealing with mana issues while leveling and/or in general (enduring mana flask while leveling) then for later game there's veiled bench ring craft: non-channeling skills have -7 mana cost and use lvl 1+ clarity via bloodmagic links)



Uh.. what to say?
Been playing PoE for like 5 leagues, on and off, skipping some of them.
I stream sometimes at twitch.tv/dissentXTV
- Though it's not so often as there are 0 viewers to my channel, yeeeh wauv=P
Feel free to throw me a follow, it'll help with some motivation!

I feel this build deserves being shared. It's a lot of fun and super strong! If my guide is shit, don't blame the build, just blame the writer ...

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Hi! Nice build, it's very funny, now i'm level 68 e i've started mapping. Which is the best helmet enchantment (LT penetrates 10% ER, LT pierce 3 more targets) in your opinion?
The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die.
Pesgamer10 wrote:
Hi! Nice build, it's very funny, now i'm level 68 e i've started mapping. Which is the best helmet enchantment (LT penetrates 10% ER, LT pierce 3 more targets) in your opinion?

In my opinion it's the pierce 3 targets lab enchant.
You get a lot of penetration in boss-fights from dropping your lightning spire traps ontop of your own lightning pen. (I instant-blow up bosses, even shaper/elder;P)

Plus having pierce on your helmet saves you a link in your main setup, which means you can add more damage (controlled destruction, or elemental focus, depending if you want to be able to shatter/shock - personally I mostly run Elemental Focus as 6th)

Your build looks good btw! When you can, I would suggest going Master Sapper for anointing. But feel free to ask and I'll try answer best I can:)

Last edited by oestergreen on Oct 11, 2019, 1:08:23 PM
oestergreen wrote:
Pesgamer10 wrote:
Hi! Nice build, it's very funny, now i'm level 68 e i've started mapping. Which is the best helmet enchantment (LT penetrates 10% ER, LT pierce 3 more targets) in your opinion?

In my opinion it's the pierce 3 targets lab enchant.
You get a lot of penetration in boss-fights from dropping your lightning spire traps ontop of your own lightning pen. (I instant-blow up bosses, even shaper/elder;P)

Plus having pierce on your helmet saves you a link in your main setup, which means you can add more damage (controlled destruction, or elemental focus, depending if you want to be able to shatter/shock - personally I mostly run Elemental Focus as 6th)

Your build looks good btw! When you can, I would suggest going Master Sapper for anointing. But feel free to ask and I'll try answer best I can:)

Thanks for your answer! I'll change my helmet enchant in the future then. Now I'm going to anoint my amulet. My only problem here is i can't run Skitterbots cause i need level 4 enlighten to run them smoothly.

BTW i did my first blighted map with this build, 0 problems
The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die.
Pesgamer10 wrote:

Thanks for your answer! I'll change my helmet enchant in the future then. Now I'm going to anoint my amulet. My only problem here is i can't run Skitterbots cause i need level 4 enlighten to run them smoothly.

BTW i did my first blighted map with this build, 0 problems

Nice to hear! Glad you liking the build :)

You may be able to run skitters while you work on a lvl-4 enlighten, but it'll cost 2 points. In your tree right under Chaos Innoculation, there's a 4% mana reserve reduction, it may be just enough (I haven't checked in POB, so can't say)

Of course you'd undo the points when you get a lvl 4 enlighten, or when you craft either a helmet or shield with mana reduction. (a shaper Shield can have up to 15%) A regular helm can have 5% with delve fossil crafting (bound fossil for auras).
✔️ Fixed jewelry item links.
✔️ Flasks updated.
✔️ Updated POB link from my character.

more coming & feedback is welcome:)
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