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aka2411 wrote:
can someone explain to me in newbie terms what the skill withering steps and how to effectively use it?
I usually just spam it in big mobs but idk how its affect.

Other that the above-mentioned comments, I just want to add that Withering Step is the ONLY skill that can instantly refresh your Elusive buff from max effect. You want to use Withering Step once, then attack and probably crit. What happens next is that the Elusive buff from Withering Step is canceled and Withering Step goes on the cooldown. In addition, with the Assassin Mistwalker ascendancy node, there is a 50% chance that a crit will activate Elusive. If this happens, you will regain Elusive buff from max effect. This process can be repeated once Withering Step goes off cooldown. Thus, Withering Step is useful in maintaining high buff effect of Elusive, greatly increasing your movement speed and attack/spell dodge for clearing and survivability.
Second youtube link not working.
loczek123 wrote:
thrackstar wrote:
loczek123 wrote:

I think I'll give dagger a chance. I don't close myself for changes and trying.The topic was created to try to do some nice build for poison together and in my opinion it works. Of course, it is far from ideal. But is there a weak build if it is a bit slower than the meta but without dying through the maps? You must also take into account that I am only level 86, I do not have enough time to keep playing and Trade takes a lot of time, at this stage of the league you can do currency by buying cheap and selling more expensive. But it takes time.

The game has changed, now after 5 days it is expected to clean the T16 at speedrun level, well it's a matter of opinion whether the game has gone in the right direction. Because playing from the beta it was always a game where you could play it, where there are hundreds of possibilities for character development. And for several leagues it is more like Diablo 3 where we have an army of clones because everyone is playing the same because it is faster because the streamers play this way. And playing something else is considered something stupid. This is not a poe and community that I have known since the beta.The topic was created to try to build a poison together and somehow it worked maybe it is not the meta, although now I have doubts whether it is really worth it. For a long time I personally have the pleasure of creating builds that are not meta but work and usually clears all content (like Charged Dash which I did in the last league which I consider my best build), or Dreamfeather build which was created in 3.3 but only in 3.7 where it appeared melee meta people started playing it. I might as well play like the meta, but if I'm more satisfied with playing differently, then something bad?

Yeah, of course. You were really the only one theory crafting the poison assassin new skills on the forum before league started, and that's fantastic. I think it's unfortunate that the selection of claws doesn't really work great for the blight league mechanic because of the huge number of mobs that are coming at you from the blight maps and just not enough projectiles to kill them all (which we could only really learn after a while playing the league). But, the build can be easily tweaked to use daggers, I think, which will allow you to use Bino's for the proliferation. This pretty much solves the clearing problems of the build on blight maps. Mathil also just put out a finished video guide where he is using Bino's as well, so it is quite likely that the dagger has become very expensive now, however.

I think your build is probably going to be fine with claws against regular game content including endgame bosses once you are leveled enough and have the gear you need.

When I get back from work, I will turn into a dagger, do you suggest dual wield and Taproot in the second slot? What about survival without Lgoh? And shield for Plague Bearer, this skill is extremely strong and 25+ level really does the job Bino + Shield will work?

Because there is one more solution that significantly improves Clear its Haemophilia, having a 50% bleed chance with the number of hits we have, everything bleeds and make chain explodes, but I haven't had time to test it well.

You can buy any dagger with +2 chaos gems roll to boost up plague bearer and also improve your damage
What Annointment are you going for on the Amulet? As I had the oils for it, I took Solidity for now.

+3% Chance to Block Attack Damage while holding a Shield
20% increased Attack Damage while holding a Shield
Attack Skills deal 20% increased Damage with Ailments while holding a Shield
+8% Elemental Resistances while holding a Shield
tm4g1x wrote:
What Annointment are you going for on the Amulet? As I had the oils for it, I took Solidity for now.

+3% Chance to Block Attack Damage while holding a Shield
20% increased Attack Damage while holding a Shield
Attack Skills deal 20% increased Damage with Ailments while holding a Shield
+8% Elemental Resistances while holding a Shield

Whispers of Doom.

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Super fun build, makes poison feel very relevant.
I've invested very minimally, and up to T14 maps. I die on occasion (random ranged nukes).
Any ideas for more defense? I can grab temp chains when I get vigil and swap Silver Flask for Quartz/Basalt.

My current auras are:
Precision lvl 1

So I'm deciding on a way to get Spiders in there. Sucks to grab so much accuracy elsewhere though.

My gear:
Which Yriel option is best?
Hi! I just want to know how did you ran HoA + Temp chains + Precision + AoS?
Suprised no one mentioned Covenant

Damaga wise it beats both Dendrobate and Cherrubim's, also solves mana problems.

edit: getting 5 green sockets would be a pain though
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Hey, enjoying the build so far, I've had a pretty unlucky league with currency and item drops so far but I'm just pushing into red maps and having absolutely zero problems, managed to make a pretty juicy claw with 2 sets of corroded + aberrant fossils

Haven't taken on any real content so far but at T11's the build is more than tanky enough on a Tabula, at 4.6k life and a lot of evasion and flat mitigation.

Sitting at around 700k shaper dps too without any real gear investment which is pretty nice.

One question I had is whether there is any value to using a Chaos Impresence rather than a Solstice Vigil, assuming they're both anointed with Whispers of Doom for the +1 curse, is Impresence not strictly better?

Or does the proc on Solstice have an effect on plaguebearer or something?

Also looking into running an Empower in the +2 shield along with my Plaguebearer to see how high I can push the numbers on it.

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