0.10.3 Patch Notes

Nice much-needed buff for CI, but status effects are still going to be killer. :( I can't see melee CI being viable late-game until status effects can be calculated by ES when choosing to go CI. Maybe some day...
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I also had hopes that cyclone would be a dex skillgem. Vaal Pact claw build just isnt playable without a good AoE. As a Duelist i dont have a hard time to get enough str or red sockets but Shadow and Ranger also have many claw nodes options and not that much Str nodes, or red sockets on their armour type by default, like the Duelist. But we maybe want to wait what the attribute requirements of Cyclone actually are.
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Chris, I'm very interested in the art changes made in every patch, is there any way the changes, or at least major ones, could be included in the patch notes instead of being generalized? I used to avoid using Lightning Arrow because of the brightness of the old effect, and didn't notice it was changed until grouping with a friend one day after the last patch. Does Russell have a compilation of changes that can be included, or maybe a separate post in the art feedback forum?
Xenrail wrote:
4 extra necessary skill point allocations for CI...

when's the coding going to get fixed for FPS issues?

I believe that should be more pressing

You can already take the 4 points you've put elsewhere on static ES nodes to reapply to this, the 20% multiplicative ES node is going to be awesome.

And what FPS issues are you having? I'm getting more than 120fps constantly with no drops even on max graphics settings.
Added doors to the Vaal/Pyramid tileset.

For gods sake can't you add slam doors open with skill first?

This will annoy players as hell if they can't select the door because skeletons block them.

I would rather have necros in ancient pyramid than doors.

You now don't get disconnected for linking too many items in chat too fast. You will still be muted for spamming them.

Poor Technique getting permamuted

Life Gain on Hit is now scaled by the Damage Effectiveness of a skill.

Realized that it's overpowered? Now go for LifeLeech.

Screw you Qarl :P

He better doesn't read my logfile. Well it's deleted anyway for being over 20 MB :p

Oof, this is a big change that doesn't look like a big change.

Actually it seems it only looks at the initial multiplier and at less damage multiplers which would render the gem useless once you hit 2 gems in it.
LoH can easily be exploited with splitarrow, EK or LA.

Multiproj: All ranged monsters have +4 projectiles. Enjoy the Submerged Passage!

Turbo MultiProj would be funny.
Also it only shows how far you test.
Splitting Squids aren't that bad the hits are heavy but doable.

The real danger comes from spark skeletons, Fidel, Vaal(lol) and Voidbearers.
Not to mention melees will hate Crematorium Piety.

Blood Magic: All players are affected by the Blood Magic keystone - i.e. they spend life instead of mana for skills.

That's Classcism!
Big advantage for Mara, then Duelist and then Templar.
Also heavily geardependant Tikki, Anbus Charge and Springleaf must not drop in those races.


Ancestral: We're not revealing what properties this league type has until after people have played it. It's a lot of fun :D

Players affected by ancestral bond? See me getting bear and Firetraps first.
Or all monsters replaced by totems?

You must not get hit 1h race mode?

And Cleave becomes even more useless with the LGOH nerf. Great.
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Wow great update. Interested in trying out the CI changes.

Thanks GGG Team.
Hoping that CI users get a respec with the CI changes that will inevitable call for respecs.
IGN: Blaze_Ember
I hope respec for CI Users
Omg these weekly content patches are incredible. Coming from Blizzard games, I still can't believe someone can work so fast!

Thank you, GGG!
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