[3.6] Ultimate Physical Wander Guide [Kinetic Blast/Barrage] [All Content] [In-Depth]

My goal is for this to be the most definitive phys wanding resource for both standard and temp league so I will constantly update/improve it as my views change. It's organized into two parts. The first discusses "budget" wanding viable for temp leagues while the second discusses high dps min-maxing in standard.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a message on this thread and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Temp League Phys Wander

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions about the differences between Phys and Ele wanding. There’s currently a lot of misinformation being spread around the POE community on this topic. Anytime someone posts an item relating to phys wanders on reddit, you can count on the most upvoted comment being something about how “piscator’s + flat ele stacking >>>>> mirror tier phys wand”. That is a blatantly false statement. Another often-parroted claim is that ele wanders are just superior to phys wanders in every way possible unless you have 1000+ ex. In fact, the contrary is partially true. There are strengths and weaknesses to each type so you can’t really argue one is objectively better than the other. If you’re curious about this topic, check out the analysis below.

Phys vs Ele Wanding Analysis
Ele wander: https://pastebin.com/UYpYswpZ
Phys wander: https://pastebin.com/s1ZDD5UP

Above are mid-high end POBs for both ele and phys wanders using gear currently accessible in temp leagues. I’ve tried to hold as many variables constant to make this comparison fair. I've kept only 3 damage flasks active to represent real situations. The wands for both setups were made using fractured base + essence + multi-mod and all jewels have 2x T1 damage + T1 life mod. Even if 4 mod jewels and more damage flasks were used, my overall conclusion still stands.

Some things to note: for the ele wander POB, if you substitute the rare wand for a perfect roll, 10% ele pen implicit Piscator’s, you’ll see that the dps drops from 9.7mil → 8.5mil. With a mirrored ele wand (Corruption Bite), the difference is even greater (10.5mil → 8.5mil). A mirrored Phys Wand (Blood Thirst) will bring the phys wander dps up from 7.6mil → 9.1mil. This disproves the widely-held notion that Piscator’s are better than most ele and all phys wands. The disparity becomes even greater for mirror-tier wanders that dual wield for maximum damage.

From a superficial glance, you’ll notice that the phys wander has ~7.6mil shaper dps, whereas the ele wander has ~9.7mil. Similarly, the phys wander has 5.5k life compared to the ele wander’s 6.3k.

Now, before you conclude that phys wanders just flat out suck, let’s look at some other differences.

A huge damage source for an ele wander is the Vessel of Vinktar flask, which has been nerfed to the ground. It’s currently a single use flask, and no matter how much flask buff pathfinder gives you, there will still be times when it won’t be active. Now compare that with a phys wander’s flask setup, which has Taste of Hate instead. Since this is a two-use flask, you will have permanent uptime for pretty much all boss fights. If we replace Vessel of Vinktar on the ele wander with the next best 2-use damage flask (Atziri's Promise), the damage drops from 9.7mil → 8.4mil.

Now let’s look at Taste of Hate (TOH). This flask provides a tremendous amount of defenses and damage for phys wanders. Let’s assume a boss deals a 6.3k phys damage hit. An ele wander will instantly get one shotted, but with TOH, a phys wander will still have 500 life left. In this situation, a phys wander had ~1.4k extra life, making us much tankier.

Now let’s consider a similar situation. Instead of physical damage, let’s say a boss deals 26k cold damage (before resists). An ele wander would mitigate 75% of that with capped resists, bringing the damage down to 6.5k, which will still result in a one shot. For a phys wander using TOH, that 26k hit gets reduced to 4.5k leaving us with 900 life left.

Shaper/Elder/Uber Elder/Hydra/etc all deal significant amounts of physical and cold damage, so you would be tankier in those situations and also for certain map mods like “monsters deal %phys as extra cold”, etc

But wait, you might say: what if an ele wander uses TOH too? Since ele wanders have 2.1mil more dps to begin with, wouldn’t they still be better?

Yes, it’s true that ele wanders will come out slightly ahead if they use TOH in this particular POB comparison. However, this is not a hard fact that applies to every setup, especially non-Farrul ones. I only used Farrul's here for the sake of holding variables constant since the it can be fully utilized by both wanders. Phys wanders get more damage out of rare chests (supported by level 1 Maim), Loreweave, etc. than ele wanders so with some other chests, phys wanders have a clear lead. In some setups, especially more budget ones, the damage disparity is small enough that sacrificing a dps flask for TOH will put the ele wander far behind their phys counterpart.

Well-invested ele wanders are punished really hard if they don’t have double lightning flat on their jewels, which aren’t cheap. So in actual setups, phys wanders may have more damage since they have much more flexibility in terms of jewel choices. Phys wanders can utilize both flat phys and cold pretty well. For example, if I change the flat phys rolls to flat cold on ALL jewels (+ adjust gems), the phys wander dps goes from 7.6mil → 7.7mil, a slight dps increase! If you do the same thing for an ele wander by replacing a flat light with flat cold per jewel (+ adjust gems), you’ll notice the dps drops from 9.7mil → 8mil, which is a loss of 1.7mil dps! This is with Vinktar. If you substitute in the more reasonable Atziri's Promise instead, the dps further drops from 8mil → 6.9mil

Jewels/jewelry are by far the most expensive part of a wander’s setup, so this is a big factor when considering which type of wander best suits your budget. If you can barely even afford a 6L chest, let alone decent jewels, then ele wanders will be superior because you can utilize combinations of flat light/cold/fire rolls and use a Piscator’s. But if you have a larger budget of anywhere between ~30-200 ex, a phys wander may actually be better because you can use searching eyes with combinations of flat cold + phys, which aren’t considered meta and therefore won’t be high in demand. You can also utilize more non-abyss jewels in your setup without suffering a big reduction in dps. Also, phys wanders have a wider variety of rolls on jewelry such as %phys as extra mods/non-chaos as extra chaos/flat phys etc that they can effectively utilize but ele wanders can’t, which makes gearing potentially easier/cheaper. In practical scenarios, all these factors can greatly reduce or completely eliminate the dps advantage ele wanders have. If your budget is large enough to afford a full set of 9-10 jewels with at least life + 2x flat lightning + another T1 damage mod, you’ll most likely have more dps as an ele wander. If this isn’t realistic for you, a phys wander might be a better choice.

Another difference to consider is the range of damage rolls. Good ele wanders pretty much focus exclusively on stacking flat lightning for optimal damage due to things like Wrath Watcher’s Eye, Arcing Blows (tree), Lightning Penetration gem, etc. that reward flat lightning investment. A drawback to lightning damage is that its damage range is huge. For example a flat lightning mod on a jewel can vary from 7-72, which is a ten-fold difference from bottom to top of the range. Compare that with a flat phys roll on jewels of 8-12, which is less than a two-fold difference. All this means that ele wanders can sometimes deal huge hits while other times they seem impotent. This is actually somewhat noticeable especially against bosses with lots of life like Uber Elder or a super tanky T16 guardian. Phys wanders won’t deal super huge hits but they will be more consistent. This is of course a matter of personal preference, but I find that consistency is more useful for bossing, especially if you don’t have a crazy amount of damage. You don’t want hard fights to take longer than expected due to bad rng.

Ele Wander: https://pastebin.com/XWAW3aH8
Phys Wander: https://pastebin.com/rvmrrDjr

Here are two more fun POBs just to test the semi-theoretical limit each wander can reach. All gear are real mirrored items currently in existence or uniques that are obtainable in theory, but are very rare. I’ve substituted one flask on Ele Wander for TOH to make it more fair, and arbitrarily set the minimum required life at ~4.8k. As you can see, they are literally neck and neck. No, mirror-tier ele wanders are not way better than phys. Also, try putting in a double corrupted, max roll piscator’s and see what happens to damage :)

Tldr: temp league ele wanders cap out at slightly higher damage, but phys wanders may actually be easier to gear at mid-high levels of investment due to more flexibility with jewels/jewelry so you may end up with more damage than an ele wander in a realistic scenario. Phys wanders can also fully utilize Taste of Hate and a wider range of powerful chest options like Loreweave/elder chest w/ lvl 1 Maim and can deal more consistent damage per hit. In full mirrored setups, they are virtually identical in terms of pure dps.

Phys wanding has long been extinct or regarded as off-limits in temp leagues due to two widely-held beliefs:
1) it costs a billion ex to be able to do endgame content

2) ele wanders are waaaayy better than their phys counterpart with the same level of investment so why bother?

Both of these claims are oversimplified, exaggerated or simply not true. If you want clarification on this point, see my analysis above.

With the amount of power creep being introduced into the game, making a "budget" phys wander capable of doing all content isn't hard at all. That being said, it's still not the cheapest build out there. Don't expect to play one as a league starter, although it's perfectly viable as a mid to late league build.

NOTE: This wander was built to have a balance of both end-game bossing and map clearing capabilities. If you want to go MF/more clearspeed route, you can do that with some gear changes (check FAQ section)

Can I afford this build?
The most important item is of course a well-crafted wand. You can craft an endgame one yourself on a 6-10 ex budget or probably buy a comparable one for less. You also want a Hatred conversion Watcher’s Eye, and ~10 ex for the rest of the gear. This is very cheap by phys wanding standards, and can probably get you through all map bosses and shaper, and possibly uber elder if you have some skill. The less experienced will probably need to invest 10-15 ex more to do uber elder comfortably.

Pros and Cons
- enjoyably fast clearspeed
- easy playstyle; only uses 1 attack button most of the time
- has decent single target dps sufficient for uber elder (with some investment)
- most of the gear can be self-crafted.
- KB woosh woosh and shatter feels really nice
- very high damage ceiling; if you invest a lot, you can double, triple, or even quadruple your damage.
- vintage
- you'll feel like a special snowflake being the only phys wander you or any of your friends know.

- it's a life wander on the right side of the tree, so not a tanky build
- point blank barraging is an acquired skill
- not meant for farming very deep delves. Can probably farm depths ~350 comfortably, but go deeper at your own peril
- bossing requires actually engaging the mechanics. Not a mindless faceroll build unless you invest a good amount of currency.
- piano flasking

Quick Offense/Defense Summary
You focus on converting 80-100% of the phys from your wand and abyss jewels into cold damage, which allows you to utilize both %elemental and %physical damage modifiers. Pretty straightforward. We convert/invest in cold instead of lightning/fire for 4 main reasons:

1) Winter Spirit node cluster makes it super easy to fully convert
2) Hatred is the best dps aura especially with the change to a "More" multiplier for cold damage
3) Cold pen from the tree is easily accessible
4) Cold damage provides chill/freeze which greatly helps with survivability by slowing down enemies and keeping them at a distance.

Barrage requires you to facetank within melee range, which combined with the wander’s natural glassiness, isn’t the most pleasant method of tackling bosses. To overcome this problem, we try to steer away from rng-dependent defenses and focus more on overall tankiness and a high life recovery rate from leech + life gain on hit to mimic instant leech.

5.6-5.8k life, but you can reach 6k+ if you sacrifice some damage.
78% all ele resists
22% block chance + 30% dodge chance = 46% of attacks will miss you
20%ish chance to evade
16% reduced elemental damage taken
30% physical damage taken as cold damage from Taste of Hate, which is ~25% reduced physical damage taken. This is equivalent to 1200-1400 extra life against large physical hits
~ 3-4k life recovered per second when barraging/facetanking; can reach 5k+/sec if you invest in the right wand
some other mitigations on gear, flasks etc.

Map Mods
This build can safely do most map mods. The ones I would definitely avoid though are ele reflect and no leech. Don't run phys reflect maps either unless you have rare conversion gloves (see later section). You should also avoid stacking 3+ damage modifiers on T16 guardian maps unless you want to practice dodging. 1-2 damage mods can usually be facetanked with no problem.

All of the videos were recorded using self-crafted gear + wand on a 20-25 ex total budget. No headhunter unless stated.
Uber Elder Kill
- cleaner fight; careless mistake at very end or else deathless

Minotaur Run -extra boss life

Phoenix Run

Casual mapping with Headhunter, T15 Waste Pool + Arachnid Nest

Deathless Uber Elder
- Not the cleanest fight; had recording lag at the beginning.

Hydra Run

Sample Gear ~34 exalts (Synthesis League)


To make gearing more convenient, I’ve standardized all the damage modifiers this build uses into a point system. This will allow those without much POB experience to quickly compare different pieces of gear. Keep in mind these ratios should only serve as rough estimates, since they were derived using a budget setup. The actual ratios depend on the amount you’ve invested into each modifier. Also keep in mind that attack speed not only gives dps but also survivability by increasing life recovery. REMINDER: THESE VALUES DO NOT APPLY TO WEAPON MODS.

1% increased damage = 1 point
1% increased global physical damage = 0.9 point
1% increased cold damage = 0.9 point
1% crit multi = 1.9 points
1% increased elemental damage (with attacks) = 1 point
1% increased projectile attack damage = 1 point
1% increased attack speed = 2.8 points
1% non-chaos as extra chaos = 5 points
1% ele pen = 6 points
1% physical damage as extra cold = 3.5 points
1% physical damage as extra fire/lightning = 1.6 points
1 flat phys = 1.8 points (Add min + max values and divide by 2)
1 flat cold = 0.6 points (Add min + max values and divide by 2)
1 flat fire/light = 0.25 points (Add min + max values and divide by 2)
+1 to minimum frenzy charge = 28 points
1% increased global critical strike chance = 0.6 point (based on effective crit chance of ~70%, if your crit chance is <70% expect this point value to be higher)

Below are three methods for crafting an endgame wand. I highly suggest going with Method 1 or 2. It's best to craft your own wand because most likely it'll be cheaper and give more dps than those listed on poe.trade. The highest pdps wand doesn't necessarily mean the highest damage, as pdps doesn't factor in crit chance or ele pen on wand.

Crafting Your Own Phys Wand

Method 1: Crafting an insane "~400+ pdps" phys wand in Synthesis League using 10-15 exalts

If you really want to take your wander to the next level, you can self-craft an insane wand on a 10-15 ex budget. Don't bother buying one because it will almost definitely be worse and more costly than self crafting. Also you might say: "Hey the wand in your picture is barely over 300 pdps!" Well, the wand itself won't actually be 400 pdps but it will provide the same dps as one.

1) Find a good synthesized IMBUED WAND base. You want one of the following five implicits: Intimidate on hit, 24%+ crit multi, 13%+ crit chance, 5%+ attack speed, or 25+ Life Gain on Hit (LGOH). If I had to pick, I would go with the LGOH implicit because of its flexibility. You can stack it with the +40 LGOH from rings to get a ton of life recovery if tankiness is an issue. On the other hand, if you want more damage you can drop one LGOH ring for a better crafted one which also makes gearing easier. Intimidate on Hit will give the most dps but make sure to use rare gloves instead of Tombfists. If you get just one of these five implicits, your wand is guaranteed to be insane.

2) Take the base and spam perfect fossils until you hit 30% quality. You can skip this step and get 28% quality from Betrayal Hillock later also.

3) This is the pain-in-the-ass part. Spam thousands of alteration orbs until you land a T1 (Merciless) %phys roll. If you end up with a crappy suffix, I suggest using craicic chimeral beast to make an imprint and yolo annul. If you get a good suffix (T2+ crit chance or T2+ attack speed) you are also done with this step. It will take you ~4000 alts to encounter Merciless once so good luck... If you don't mind something slightly worse you can also move on after hitting a Tyrannical (155-169%)

4) Use craicic chimerals to imprint the magic base. Yolo regal and pray for a good mod. If you land T3+ flat phys or T2+ crit chance or T2+ attack speed you're going to end up with an even better wand than I promised. If not, then yolo annul off the mod and hope that wasn't the Merciless roll. If it was, use imprint to revert and repeat this step.

5) The rest is simple mastercrafting. Slap on Multimod (2 ex), and craft M1 flat phys (4 chaos), M1 "Damage with this Weapon Penetrates % ele resists (1 ex), M1 crit chance (4 chaos) or M1 hybrid crit chance + quality (1 ex, but better), and M1 attack speed (1 ex).

6) Divine to a high roll.

Congratz you now have an insane wand that never needs upgrading again.

Method 2: Crafting a ~400 pdps fractured phys wand
If you can get an imbued wand base with a fractured 160+% phys roll, you can craft a wand similar to one from Method 1, and probably for cheaper.

1) Apply a Deafening Essence of Contempt to the imbued base. This will guarantee a T2 flat phys roll. If you get lucky, you can land a good suffix too like T1 attack speed or crit chance

2) Annul off any suffix that isn't high attack speed/crit, and annul off the extra prefix if there is one. Even if you hit a T1/T2 hybrid %phys prefix (Emperor's/Dictator's), it still might provide less dps than the mastercrafted 14-16% ele pen. If you brick here, scour and repeat Step 1.

3) Apply multimod and the following: 16% ele pen (prefix), 25% crit + 18 qual (suffix), and 13% attack speed (suffix). Divine until you reach high rolls.

A wand like this may slightly surpass a single implicit synthesized wand from Method 1 depending on how high the fractured roll is and also on your final gear. However, the dps difference is pretty small. Follow this method if you can find a fractured base for cheap. Another advantage is that divining will be a bit easier. Method 1 still has a higher dps ceiling, especially if you get a double implicit.

Method 3: Crafting a ~355 pdps wand on a Merciless/Tyrannical base

If you manage to get your hands on a magic IMBUED WAND base with T1/T2 %phys roll and T2+ crit chance/T2+ attack speed/no suffix, you can craft a very nice endgame wand. This wand doesn't actually have 355 pdps but will give you damage comparable to one. If you can't find one on poe.trade, you can try your luck by spamming several thousand alts on an ilvl 83+ imbued wand base.

1) Use craicic chimeral beast imprint and then yolo regal. If it lands a good mod (T3+ flat phys/T2+ attack speed/T2+ crit chance), you complete this step. If you hit a bad mod, yolo annul the mod off and proceed to the next step. If it bricks, use imprint and repeat step 1.

2) Slap on Multimod (2 ex), and craft M1 flat phys (4 chaos), M1 "Damage with this Weapon Penetrates % ele resists (1 ex), M1 crit chance (4 chaos) or M1 hybrid crit chance + quality (1 ex, but better), and M1 attack speed (1 ex).

3) Divine to high roll.

You are finished!


Loreweave is absolutely the best chest for this build. The 78% max res mod makes you tankier/safer in -max res maps. The crit chance, %WED, attributes, and flat phys rolls, and even some flat life are all very useful for the build. This is one item ele wanders can’t make full use of, but we can!

Farrul's Fur will give you the most dps on paper, but is pretty much inferior to Loreweave in nearly all practical scenarios. First off, the cost is ridiculous. With the money you spend on a Farrul’s you can spend it in other places to get even more damage using Loreweave. You also need to take a frenzy and power charge duration node on the tree to ensure 100% uptime which isn't efficient. Farrul's will give you only ~5-10% more dps than Loreweave but comes with a much higher cost and a substantial loss of defenses.

Shroud of the Lightless is a decent budget option good enough for most content until you can afford a 6L Loreweave.

What about an elder chest w/lvl 1 Maim or Belly of the Beast? I want more life!!
40% increased life is not that significant. With Loreweave, I could remove 9 passive points and inefficiently path into life nodes and come up with the same amount of life as a Belly user but with more damage.

As for an elder chest with the +1 Maim, you're going to need a really really nicely rolled chest close to mirror tier to beat a Loreweave. It will need to have a ton of flat life + %life + Maim + base crit. But having the Maim will raise your Barrage cost, which means you have less room for error. Overall, if you have this much currency to spend on a chest, you may as well get the 50% increased damage implicit on a Loreweave or save up for 4 mod jewels.


Lycosidae is BIS for the build; It provides a lot of damage and makes gearing much easier since you don’t need to get accuracy on any gear. Also, the 100% hit chance synergizes with life gain on hit.

Helm + Boots

+1 barrage projectile helm enchant is a considerable dps and survivability boost since it gives both life recovery + damage. Prioritize getting this.

For boot enchants, my personal favorite is the flat cold damage to attacks when hit. This is triggered a lot during difficult boss fights like uber elder. 10% ele pen gives the most theoretical dps but isn’t up for most of the encounters with lots of adds (like uber elder). 16% attack speed if you’ve killed recently is also very good for clearspeed

For these two gear slots, you want a unique that provides 2 abyssal sockets (for dps), and a rare that provides high life + resists. There are currently four helm + boot pairings I'd recommend, each with their strengths + weaknesses. If you can't decide on which, go with the one you're most likely to get a +1 barrage enchant on.

Rare Helm + Bubonic Trails
This will be the easiest setup to acquire since a +1 barrage base is relatively easy to find and you can essence craft it without much risk (see instructions below). It's also the highest dps setup unless you can get Onslaught implicit on rare boots. I highly recommend you craft your own helm.

Crafting the Rare Helm
Buy a +1 enchant base (evasion/armour are easier to roll than ES) and spam shrieking/deafening essences of greed/hatred/wrath/anger until you hit 2x T2+ resists, high life, and an open suffix. You can then mastercraft +20% hybrid resists for a helm that gives 130%+ total resists.

Mods to look for:
Useful prefixes (ranked)
High life roll (mandatory)

%physical damage from hits taken as fire damage (mastercraft) (recommended)(solid defense boost, provides ~7% phys damage reduction = ~350-400 life)

+1 proj gem level + proj pierce 1 additional target (mastercraft) (cute little QOL boost for your Kinetic Blast)

12% WED (mastercraft)

Useful suffixes (ranked)
40+% resists x 3 (get as much as you can, aim for 120+% total!!)

Hale Negator + Rare Boots
Hale Negator is a very OP defensive buff because it instant heals anywhere between 3-30% of your total life depending on the number of abyss jewels in your setup anytime you take a hit that deals more than ~800 damage (there is a 1 second cooldown). The longer you go without getting hit the more it'll heal you in one instance. This is definitely a life saver in bossing situations. The drawback is that a +1 enchant on it may be hard to find. If you can get your hands on the enchant, this is the best setup in my opinion.

You can likewise craft a pair of high resists + life rare boots with the same essences used for helms (see above) and mastercraft the last mod you're missing, whether its life, movespeed, or a third resist. In fact, crafting rare boots can be much easier if you have access to a fractured high life/movespeed/resist roll.

Lightpoacher + Rare Boots
Lightpoacher is also a very solid choice if you can get it with +1 barrage. The %all res helps with capping your resists, and the Spirit Burst helps a little with clearspeed in open area maps. You may have slightly less life than the other two setups though.

Starkonja's Head + Rare Boots
This is the most budget setup, and will give you ~7% less dps than the three setups above. One advantage is the two extra gem sockets.


I highly recommend having at least one elder ring in your setup with T1 life gain on hit mod. You fire ~30-40 projectiles per second with barrage so each LGOH mod grants you an additional 600-800 life recovery per second, which greatly assists with facetanking and overall survivability. It's definitely possible to do all content without these elder LGOH mods, but they really are a huge QOL. If I had to choose, I would pick the LGOH mod over having damage on rings. Aside from life gain on hit, prioritize mainly resists and life.

Mods to look for:
Prefixes (ranked)
15+ life gain on hit (highly recommended)

Flat life (highly recommended)

+2 mana gained on hit (elder) (need one of these on jewel or ring)
Flat Cold
Flat Phys

Suffixes (ranked)
high tier fire/cold/lightning/all resists (highly recommended)

Strength (need 99+ for herald of purity requirement)
%crit multi (elder) (essence of scorn)
+1 to minimum frenzy charge (mastercraft)
%projectile attack damage (elder)
Poacher’s mark on hit (elder)
%attack speed
%cold damage

Using scorn/hatred/contempt/prismatic fossils, or even just alt spamming LGOH and then regalling + multimodding can work too. Most likely, you will be able to find better/cheaper options on the market.

As a pathfinder, the tree will provide you with 46% flask effect; you need an additional 4% to reach the threshold for an extra projectile from Dying Sun

You will need either the Conqueror's Potency jewel, or %increased effect of flasks on you (prefix) mod, which is a Jun mastercraft/elder mod. This mod is therefore worth an entire jewel slot, and should be weighed more heavily than any other belt mod

Try to get at least one %elemental damage mod on the belt like a high WED (36+) or %ele damage suffix (30) in addition to the %flask effect mod.

Headhunter if you can afford it. Boosts your clearspeed significantly. Will make it harder to get resist capped though

For current + future Headhunter users:
You should still have a stygian vise or an elder leather belt for bossing situations like uber elder. Try not to get any resists on your belt. Go for life, pure damage + flask mods instead. Also remember to replace your Conqueror's Potency with a well-rolled searching eye for boss fights. If you don't want to swap jewels each time, try to find a belt with useful delve/elder prefix or replace %flask effect mastercraft with %20 increased damage.

Mods to look for:
Useful prefixes (ranked)
high life (mandatory)
4%+ increased effect of flasks on you (Jun’s mastercraft or elder mod) (if you want to swap out conqueror's potency)
20% increased damage (mastercraft)

%elemental damage with attacks (highly recommended)

%global phys damage (jagged fossil)
%cold damage (frigid fossil)
%increased maximum life (elder mod)
%chance for flask to not consume charges (elder mod)
%flask life recovery rate

Useful suffixes (ranked)
Strength (to keep you at 98+ for herald of purity requirement)

%elemental damage (prismatic fossil)
%attack speed during flask effect (elder mod)
%projectile attack damage during flask effect (elder mod)
%increased life recovery rate (elder mod)

%increased flask effect duration
%reduced flask charges used
%increased flask charges gained

If you want to craft a belt, I’d go with spamming prismatic fossils or mid tier essences of rage (you only need a T6+ strength roll to reach the requirement)

Rare Belt
This is a terrible belt that I IDed off the ground and used in the deathless uber elder video just to show that you don't need insane gear to do all content. Try to get something way better than this though. And don't get anything worse please

For non-Headhunter users:
Look for a stygian vise(recommended) or elder leather belt. Only buy an elder belt if it has at least one useful elder suffix. Otherwise a stygian will be better.
Prioritize getting a combination of life, damage, and resists. I highly recommend you have at least one %ele damage mod on your belt + %flask effect on you.

Mods to look for:
Useful prefixes (ranked)
high life (mandatory)
4%+ increased effect of flasks on you (Jun’s mastercraft or elder mod) (mandatory)

%elemental damage with attacks (highly recommended)

%global phys damage (jagged fossil)
%cold damage (frigid fossil)

Useful suffixes (ranked)
%elemental resists (recommended)
%elemental damage (prismatic fossil) (recommended)
Strength (need 99+ for herald of purity requirement)

%attack speed during flask effect (elder mod)
%projectile attack damage during flask effect (elder mod)
%increased life recovery rate (elder mod)
%all resists (elder mod)

%increased flask effect duration
%reduced flask charges used
%increased flask charges gained

If you want to craft your own belt, spam mid-tier essence of rage, prismatic fossils/pristine fossils, or any of the essences that provide resists (essences of wrath/hatred/anger)


Tombfists, once the king of dps gloves, has lost some of it's prestige due to recent nerfs. It's still the best budget option, but you can now craft a better rare one. If you do decide to use tombfists, make sure it’s 2 socket unless you’re really broke. Get a decent 3 mod murderous jewel for the Intimidate on hit effect (10% more damage). Note that using tombfists will prevent you from running phys reflect maps.

Wealthy/lucky people can get a corruption (attack speed, base crit, curse on hit, %life) there are many useful ones.

Rare Gloves
You must have the following 2 mods for it to be similar to tombfists: 20-25% physical damage converted to cold, and +1 abyssal socket. The abyssal socket can be crafted using hollow fossils while the conversion mod can be found as a synthesized implicit or mastercraft. These two mods alone will give you damage equal to a 1-socket Tombfist with the added bonus of being phys reflect immune + extra gem socket.

1) Get either a pair of ilvl 76+ Gripped Gloves or a synthesized glove base with 20+% phys to cold conversion implicit and apply a resonator socketed with Hollow + Pristine + Shuddering + Sanctified fossil (optional)

2) See how many good mods/open mod slots you get. If you have an open suffix and two open prefixes, you can multimod %phys converted to cold and ~70 life. This will be the bare minimum. If you already have a high flat life roll (70+) + one open prefix slot, you can just mastercraft %phys converted to cold without paying for multimod. If you don't have open prefixes/suffixes, you will have to yolo annul until those conditions are met.

*If you get a high tier resist here, you can keep it but make sure to compensate by getting an extra damage mod on rings, belt, or amulet.

3) For the best pair of dps gloves that beat 2-socket tombfists, you can yolo annul until you have 1-2 suffixes and then use Fenumal Plagued Arachnid to split the base into magic gloves with +1 abyssal socket. Then you use a combination of Craicic Chimerals to imprint and yolo regals/annuls until you land a one-mod rare with only +1 abyssal socket. Next you want to multimod the following mods: 12% attack speed, %phys converted to cold, flat life, %increased damage during any flask effect. This entire process may cost upwards of 5 ex+ depending on RNG, so end on step 2 if you don't have a large budget.

These crafted rare gloves will provide you with +/-5% more dps compared to 2 socket tombfists while also allowing you to safely run phys reflect, since your damage would be 100% converted to cold. Make sure your Watcher's Eye conversion % + glove conversion % = 60 total.


Rare Shaper/Elder Amulet
Agate is the best base, closely followed by onyx, but you can probably go with any implicit depending on how high your attribute roll is on Loreweave + other gear. Shaper bases are better than elder b/c they have greater range of useful mods.

Mods to look for:
Useful prefixes (ranked)
Flat life (highly recommended)
Damage penetrates %ele resists (shaper) (recommended)
Non-chaos as extra chaos (elder) (recommended)
%phys as extra cold (shaper)
Flat phys
Flat cold

%phys as extra lightning (shaper)
%phys as extra fire (elder)

Useful suffixes (ranked)
Crit multi (recommended)

%attack speed (elder)
%ele resists
%cold damage
%attack speed (mastercraft)
%global phys damage (mastercraft)
%crit chance
%quantity of items found (if you're feeling quirky)

Try to get an amulet with at least 3 high tier damage mods and a good life roll. Or you can replace the life roll with another damage roll, and spec into 2 extra life nodes on the tree. If you really can’t find a cheap one, you can craft by spamming shrieking/deafening essences of contempt/scorn/suffering/hatred/loathing until you land a good combo of damage mods, yolo annul the bad ones and then mastercraft life or a decent suffix.

A full set of well-rolled abyss jewels will provide the most dps, but can be hard to find/afford, especially late in league. You can also go for a mix of regular and abyss jewels. I find that a distribution of ~40% regular jewels and ~60% abyss jewels in your setup is the most optimal balance of dps/life. This ratio accounts for abyss jewels on your gear.

Use regular jewels to get +2 mana gain on hit/round out resists/get corrupted blood immunity since they're easier to find.

Use abyss jewels to get onslaught on kill/%blind on hit, which help a lot with clearspeed/boss fights. We hit the target so many times a second that the bosses are guaranteed to be perma-blinded which reduces their chance of hitting you by 50%!

With fractured jewel mods, crafting your own 4 mod ones by alt + regal + yolo ex has never been easier.

Abyss Jewels

trade link for 3 mod Abyss Jewels: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/ZwKRRbTQ
Any of these budget jewels will carry you to end game; find at least one jewel with blind, and onslaught on hit. Get cobalt jewels for the tree (trade link below!)

Mods to look for:

Prefixes (ranked)
T2+ flat life (mandatory)
T1 flat wand cold (recommended)
T1 flat wand phys

T1 flat wand light (not recommended)
T1 flat wand fire (not recommended)

Suffixes (ranked)
Attack speed if crit recently (highly recommended)
Crit multi (highly recommended)

%attack speed
Flat cold
Flat phys

%chance to blind enemies on hit (having one is a huge defensive buff, especially for bosses)
%chance to gain onslaught on kill (one is enough for perma onslaught while mapping
%ele pen if you haven’t killed recently (avoid having too many of these)
%crit multi if you haven't killed recently (same as %ele pen above)
Flat light
Flat fire
%phys as extra fire

Regular Jewels

Get a viridian one for the mana gain on hit mod. Otherwise, a cobalt jewel will be the best for damage. If you are considering a 4 mod damage jewel, make sure you have at least %crit multi + %life + %attack speed with wands/shield.

trade link for ideal 3 mod jewels: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/Gk80kBub
you can use a full set of these jewels in the tree until you can afford 4 mod ones. (YOU STILL NEED TO FIND A VIRIDIAN +2 MANA GOH or have it on your ring!

Mods to look for:
Prefixes (ranked)
%maximum life (mandatory)
%attack speed with wands (highly recommended)

%attack speed while holding a shield

%phys damage with wands
%global phys damage
%cold damage

Suffixes (ranked)
%global crit multi (highly highly recommended)
+2 mana gained on hit (need only 1 from a viridian jewel)

%attack speed

%attack and cast speed
%projectile damage
%increased damage

%resists (if you can't cap with gear)

Murderous Eye

Tombfist users need one to take advantage of the intimidate effect. Look for flat life + 2 useful suffixes (see abyss jewel mod section above).

For Bubonic Trail users, a good 3 mod murderous will give 10% increased damage making it a pseudo 4 mod jewel.

Conqueror’s Potency

This jewel is mandatory while using headhunter/rare belt without %flask effect to enable the extra Dying Sun projectile.

Watcher’s Eye

Hatred 40% of physical converted to cold damage mod is essential for the build. If you’re very rich you can get a double Hatred one. In most cases, a Hatred conversion + crit will provide slightly more damage than Hatred conversion + pen, but costs way more.

Corrupted Blood Immunity Jewel

Since we don’t use a staunching flask, we need to be immune to corrupted blood from nemesis rares and bloodlines magic packs. Kinetic Blast is excellent at screen clearing so mobs usually won’t get anywhere near you to inflict normal bleed. If you do suffer a bleed, you often can outleech it or use a life flask or worst case scenario, log out. The benefits of not using a staunching far outweigh the the drawbacks.
You need a corrupted rare jewel with “corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you” implicit. A well-rolled one can be expensive so get one with 2-3 useful mods for cheap. Regular corrupted jewels tend to be cheaper than abyss ones. You can also try to craft your own but expect to brick 40 jewels on average to get it.

Gearing Tips
- Craft your high resist/life rare helm or boots first before you finalize your jewelry. This way you know how much resists you'll need on the other slots.

- Buy elder rings before amulet/belt; damage isn't necessary on them, if you can't afford damage ones, get high resists, strength, life, etc. there instead. You can compensate by stacking more damage on amulet/belt.

- Amulet is your best source of damage on jewelry. Go for combinations of high multi/ele pen/flat phys/phys as extra cold/WED/life depending on your budget. Life isn't mandatory here. You can spec into 2 extra life nodes on tree to compensate so long as you're replacing life with an extra high-tier damage mod.

- Try to get a stygian belt with at least high life + high WED + open prefix for Jun's flask effect % + %ele damage (prismatic fossil mod). If you need resists/strength here, ditch the %ele damage.

- If you followed my gearing instructions and bought jewels via the poe.trade links I provided in jewel section, having non-abyss jewels in tree and abyss jewels in gear, you should be able to break 3mil shaper dps without issue.
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Dying Sun
#1 dps flask for wanders. The extra projectiles helps with both survivability/damage/clearspeed and the AOE mod is an extra clear boost; absolutely essential for build.

Diamond flask of the Order/Warding
This %crit chance suffix provides a huge chunk of dps so make sure to get it as soon as possible. You can also use Warding here, but expect to lose ~15% of your dps.

Taste of Hate
This flask gives you a lot of tankiness and the phys as extra cold is a solid dps boost. Essential if you want to do T16+

Quicksilver of Adrenaline/Order
Wanders have no real movement skill so this flask is a must to clear maps quickly. Try to get "Alchemist's" prefix for even more movespeed. For suffixes you can either use "Adrenaline" for max movespeed or "Order" (% movespeed + %chance to avoid stun) for a balance of mobility and near stun immunity.

Blood of the Karui/Life Flask
This provides more life recovery than any crafted life flask. You can also use a Catalysed Eternal Life Flask/Bubbling Divine Flask of Staunching if you don't have a corrupted blood jewel yet.

Utility Flask/Wise Oak
For levelling and killing Uber Elder/Shaper/Chimera, use a life flask.

For Minotaur/Hydra or normal farming when you don't care about an occasional death, use a basalt flask.

Your life recovery from rings + Vaal Pact leech should be enough. KB + cold damage's freeze + chill makes sure mobs don't get anywhere near you to deal damage.

Another option is Wise Oak, which will give you a lot of damage if your cold resists are the highest. If you can balance your resists, Wise Oak provides a super strong defensive boost ~800 more life against elemental damage.

Warding is the best suffix for this flask slot. You could also get a staunching if you're really paranoid/don't have corrupted blood immunity jewel yet. Experiment and figure out what suits you best. :)

5-Link Barrage setup

6th Link

In most setups Cold Pen >> Increased Crit Damage > Maim

Cold Pen will usually be the biggest damage boost, especially on maps where enemies have additional %ele resistances, but requires 4 off-colors on chest which can cost ~1k chromes.

Use Increased Crit Damage until you can afford to get 4-off colors

Maim will most likely give the least dps unless you have a LOT of flat phys on gear/jewels. It has two advantages though: You have Maim on hit which slows down enemies, and the mana cost is lower, which makes misfiring barrage less dangerous.

Kinetic Blast setup

Heralds setup

Aura setup

Extra Single Target Setup

- useful for T16 Guardians/Shaper/Uber Elder fight. Provides a huge damage boost.

Miscellaneous setup

- Blood Rage is optional, especially as you reach 3mil+ dps. If you don't like the degen, feel free to drop it.

Other utility setups (optional)

- when used with Blood Rage will give you a really nice speed boost. Also helps with shrines, harbinger packs, etc.

- for platforms and quick getaways; really useful for dodging during boss fights; can link to faster casting if you have a spare socket

Passive Tree/Bandits/Ascendancies/Pantheon


Level 97 Passive Tree
Take Heart of Oak if you have issues with stun. If you want more life, drop Elder Power cluster (4 nodes) + spec into Melding life cluster. If you have an extra point you can take Written in Blood instead.

Pathfinder Ascendancy
Nature's Boon - Master Alchemist - Veteran Bowyer - Nature's Adrenaline

Go with Alira unless you can get resist capped without her. Otherwise, take the 2 passives. These points are best spent by removing the dex node under Coordination notable and connecting from Fangs of the Viper to Coordination through Will of Blades

Major Gods: Go for Brine King if you get stunned too often. Otherwise Lunaris/Solaris each have their merits. I like Solaris b/c it's less rng-dependent.

Minor Gods: Shakari helps with strongbox opening and poison maps. This is preferred for general mapping. Ralakesh if you want extra layer of safety against normal bleeds + help with uber elder degen.

Path of Building Pastebin

FAQ Section

Q: I keep getting stunned and dying! How do I fix this?
First make sure you have ~5.6k life to avoid dying to most one-shots. Next, you can also replace the suffix on your quicksilver flask with the hybrid mastercrafted mod that gives up to 12% movespeed and 50% chance to avoid stun. Our pathfinder flask effect scales this up to 18% movespeed and 75% chance to avoid respectively. This should solve most issues with stun, but you will lose a little movespeed by sacrificing the "Adrenaline" suffix. If you want stun immunity, also spend 2 passive points and take Heart of Oak. Having both the suffix and that notable will give you complete stun immunity.

Q: I'm having trouble with mana sustain! It's making my barrage damage awful...
You definitely need a mana leech node on the tree and +2 mana gain on hit on one of your jewels or elder ring. You fire ~40 proj per second, so this mod will give you an additional ~80 mana recovered per second which is significant. You can also try using Maim instead of Cold Pen, which will lower the barrage mana cost by a good amount but is worse for dps, especially if you don't have a lot of flat phys on gear/jewels.

Barrage takes some skill/practice to use. You want to begin firing when you're certain you'll hit the boss. If you fire randomly/too early and miss several times, especially at a moving target, you will run out of mana fast and be stuck with your default attack for 1-2 seconds, which can be very dangerous since your survivability is also tied to successful barrage hits.

If you find yourself constantly missing the boss with your barrage due to poor mechanics/lack of practice, you can temporarily remove one of your heralds, and see if this helps.

An Enlighten 4 is not necessary for the build and is very expensive, but if you can afford one, linking it to Hatred + Purity will be a good QOL boost. Since it would enable you to miss multiple barrage attacks and still be able to recover from the mistake.

Q: How should I prioritize upgrading? I want to make my wander damage insane.
First off, don't underestimate how much character level does for your damage. A rule of thumb is that each level you gain is equal to 3% more damage. So a lvl 90 compared to a 100, is nearly 30% difference in damage! That's like an extra gem link! Try to get 95+ if you can. Wanders are not the best builds for levelling since they're somewhat rippy so you could go the boring beachhead/breachstone route, which sucks but it pays off.

The wand, helm, chest, gloves, boots can all be "min-maxed" in the temp-league sense with relatively little investment. What separates a 10mil+ dps wander from a 3mil one is the quality of jewels + jewelry.

Just like our ele wander brethren, we depend heavily on jewels to supply most of our damage. We aren't as dependent on abyss jewels as a piscator's ele wander, but abyss jewels are definitely superior to normal jewels for us, and also much harder to find/craft.

The jewels are the most important part of your setup and should be where you devote most of your resources. It's also what makes phys wanding very expensive if you want to optimize. A full set of good jewels accounts for >60% of your dps. The difference in damage between a wander with a full set of nicely rolled 4 mod jewels versus 3 mod jewels is ~3-4 million dps, so don't underestimate them. Bad jewels will be the reason 9 times out of 10 why your damage is bad.

You want abyss jewels with a nice life roll, and a high flat wand phys roll, + some attack speed/multi and flat phys/cold. Flat light and fire, even if T1 contribute very little due to how we scale damage.

Since phys wanders have been shit on by the QOTF piscator's meta for a long time now, most people don't even bother crafting/selling nice phys wander jewels anymore. Also wand flat rolls are for some lame reason 2x rarer than bow flat rolls. All this makes it harder to find nice jewels. If you want to double or triple your damage, the only thing you can do is be patient, have live searches up and snag them as soon as they appear (3-4 mod ones), and yolo ex if you have to. You can also craft on searching bases with a fractured T1 mod via alt-regal and then yolo ex. If you do attempt to self-craft, try to get an ilvl 83+ searching so you can roll T1 flat wand phys.

If you absolutely can't get any GG searching eyes, you can go with 4 mod regular jewels but be aware of this rule of thumb:

1) A GG 4 mod regular jewel is almost as good as a 4 mod Abyss one UNTIL you have more than 3-4 in your setup. This seems to be the golden limit. If you have more than 3, they start to suck.

For regular jewels you want to prioritize %attack speed, %life, and crit multi. Multi and attack speed will be your greatest source of damage on jewels, go with %increased mods only if you have no other options.

You want to stack as much resist on your helm as possible. To craft a helm with 130%+ resists and high life will cost a few exalts if you go the essence of hatred/wrath/anger/greed method. But doing so will give you more flexibility in your rings/amulet to stack more damage there. For your amulet, T1 %phys as cold, ele pen, and crit multi are the ideal trio of damage mods. For each ring, getting just one of the following: crit multi, high WED, +1 minimum frenzy will boost your damage by a lot, although the +20 life gain on hit restriction will make this the hardest to upgrade.

Q: I want to MF/clear maps really really fast rather than farm bosses. What changes should I make?
You can first start by juicing up your KB by making it a 6 link. I suggest testing out Faster attacks + Faster Projectiles; if you find your damage lacking, you can add Maim/Added Cold/Cold Pen/Increased Crit Damage. These gems have very similar damage values, and the best one really just depends on your setup.

You could also craft a pair of elder gloves with Supported by faster proj/faster attacks + life and mastercraft 20+% phys converted to cold. This will give you a 6 link KB and also keep your barrage for single target purposes.

Since our original setup has bubonics + tombfist/rare damage gloves, we can easily switch into Sadima's + Goldwyrms with no resist problems. Similarly, our Loreweave doesn't provide resists either so you can swap that for a Queen of the Forest if you want, and get a warding flask/jade flask etc. to get a lot of movespeed. Your damage should still be good enough to farm map bosses.

Bonus Uber Elder Guide

If you have 5.6kish life and 2mil+ shaper dps, comfortably killing uber elder just comes down to developing the right technique and fixing some bad habits. Having a non-potato PC helps a lot too since that fight is laggy as hell.

Habits to fix:
Tunnel-vision: The hardest thing to correct. I struggle with this a lot too. If you can't correct this habit, keep your eyes on shaper for most of the fight. Elder's ice projectiles can be mostly avoided/tanked if you shift positions every 1-2 seconds, but shaper's balls come in groups of three, so a single stun lock will likely result in instant death.

Overusing flasks: Practice developing an internal rhythm of hitting your flasks every 3-4 seconds. If you do this, your flasks will be up for almost the entire fight. Occasionally glancing at the bar below your flasks works too.

"trick" at end of elder portal phase(s)
During the portal phase, elder is chained up in the center of the arena, and doesn't move. However, as soon as this phase is over, there's a short 2-3 second animation of elder getting released from his chains. During these 2-3 seconds, shaper is also once again vulnerable to damage despite still having his purple invincibility cloud around him. Most people don't take advantage of this window of opportunity because they think shaper is still invulnerable even though he's not. Elder will be in the middle of his animation, which means you can safely facetank shaper and deal as much damage as possible without worrying about elder. If you pull this off, by the time elder becomes aggressive again, you'll already be done phasing shaper.

Shaper gives away his teleport location
Shaper often teleports to one of the four corners of the boss room to get away from you. He will always face the corner he's teleporting to before beginning his teleport animation, so if you watch him carefully before he disappears offscreen, you'll know the direction that his balls will be coming from.

Keep dialogue/game sound on
Shaper will usually say "gaze into the abyss" before he starts beaming, so upon hearing this dialogue you know to instantly move several steps to avoid getting caught in the beam. The groaning noises your character makes when you get chunked by damage/stun locked is also useful because that's your cue to drink your life flask. You can also hear when elder/shaper does their slam attack even if they're offscreen.

Circular motions
when you're repositioning, try to move in circular motion around the bosses. Never move very far in a straight line unless you know for certain the positions of both shaper + elder or you might run straight into three of shaper's balls. Circular motions will also help you dodge most of elder's projectiles, even if your attention is mainly fixed on shaper. Circular motion will reduce your risk of getting hit by multiple balls. This is especially the case if you get slowed by Uber Elder, and shaper is trying to simultaneously ball you down. You're moving like a snail at that point so you must move in an arc/circle to avoid them.

Move when elder dives
If elder dives into the ground, you are guaranteed to be slowed for the next few seconds as soon as he re-emerges. When you see him perform the action of diving, begin moving immediately; don't bother doing anything other than moving around the arena; focus on circular movements to avoid shaper's balls and don't dps until the slow effect is over.

Stay within melee range of Shaper
This is something most people know already but I'll re-emphasize here. If you need to deal damage to shaper, make sure to stay within melee range of him while barraging. This forces Shaper to use a weaksauce melee attack rather than throw balls, which makes it much easier.

Choosing the right moments to deal damage
The best time to attack is when shaper is using his beam. As soon as you see shaper entering beam mode, you want to get in point blank range and begin facetanking/dealing as much damage as possible to the vulnerable boss, relying on your life flask if necessary. Always focus your attention primarily on shaper's ball attack rather than your barrage target. There's ~1 second in between each set of balls, so develop an internal rhythm for when to expect them. If shaper is far away/offscreen throwing balls at you while you're barraging elder, time your movement so that you take little side steps right before each set of shaper balls arrive. You'll notice that most of the damage I deal in the video comes during shaper beam phases.

Don't overestimate how fast his expanding "Ring of Death" procs.
Elder occasionally does this expanding ring attack that creates a small safe area near him, and if you don't stand there when the attack goes off, you are guaranteed to get 1 shot. A common rookie mistake is to stand in the "safe area" the entire time as soon as it appears. All of a sudden shaper does his slam and you have no room to move because you think stepping out of the safe area will mean certain death.
You actually have quite a while before the ring actually 1 shots you. Doing more uber elder will give you a feel for how long this period is. This is another situation where game sounds come in handy, you can usually hear when elder/shaper begin telegraphing their slam animation. As soon as you realize they're trying to slam you, sprint out of the safe area and wait a brief moment before running back in. Otherwise you will most likely rip to shaper/elder's slam since it will cover nearly the entire safe area. Or you'll run out of the safe zone to dodge the slam just in time to get 1 shotted by the Ring of Death.

Stay near the edge of the safe zone during Elder's ring of death attack
When elder does his ring of death, expanding nova attack, you are forced into a small circle or safe zone where you won't get 1 shot when the nova goes off. Try to move around the edge of this small circle. This is because if shaper decides to beam you, and you were standing in the center of the safe zone, the beam will cover virtually the entire circle. This could force you to move out of the safe zone and get one-shotted or die to the beam degen. If you move around the perimeter of the circle, shaper's beam will only cover a small part of the safe zone, leaving you with room to maneuver.

Phase 1: Elder/Shaper @ 100% - 75% life
- as the dialogue is rolling, circle around the two bosses in one direction so that when the fight begins, elder's first attack will be guaranteed to miss you. Shaper nearly always starts by teleporting to one of the four corners of the zone so track him down and begin barraging. When shaper is down to 75% life, move to elder, but keep your eyes mainly focused on shaper. Constantly repositioning every 1-2 seconds if he's throwing balls or straight up facetank barraging if he's using his beam.

Phase 2: Elder Portal Phase 1
- This part is easy and you should almost never die here. Locate shaper and move around him in a small circle while KBing everything on the screen. If shaper teleports away from you, locate him ASAP and repeat this circling movement. This technique will make it nearly impossible to die to a surprise shaper ball. Your KB's range means you can fire towards the elder portals regardless of where you are in the arena. Towards the end of the elder portal phase, start checking on elder in the center to get an idea of when the phase actually ends so you can utilize the trick mentioned above.

Phase 3: Elder/shaper @ 75% - 50% life
- this part is pretty much identical to phase 1. Try to immediately kill any octopus that appear, because they poop out degen ground which will make the fight harder later.

Phase 4: Shaper Portal Phase
- You should also never die here. Shaper does nothing but spawns a bunch of adds which gives you constant flask sustain. The adds aren't enough for you to spam flasks, so make sure to time your flask usage very carefully here. Luckily not much is going on so you can afford to stare at the flask bar. Run around elder in a tiny circle, occasionally attacking the trash mobs for flask charges, and ideally time your movement to right after elder locks on to you. Even if you get hit by his projectiles it's not a big deal just heal up. When a good amount of time has passed, start checking on shaper again in the middle. He will suddenly come out of this phase and ~80% of the time will beam you, or otherwise start chucking balls right away.

Phase 5: Elder/Shaper @ 50-25% life
- at the beginning of this phase elder almost always slows you down. So focus on moving at first rather than trying to deal damage. Otherwise this phase is very similar to 1 + 3. Make sure you get rid of any degen-ground shitting octopus things as quickly as you can.

Phase 6: Elder Portal Phase 2
- this is virtually identical to the first elder portal phase. Do the same thing here

Phase 7: Elder/Shaper @ 25-0% life
- this and phase 5 are the hardest parts of the fight; elder has two additional attacks that you must recognize and avoid. Also, depending on how well you managed the octopus adds, there may be a bit of cold/phys degen lying around. The strategy is basically the same as phase 1, 3, and 5 except you need to pay attention to two additional elder attacks (these also occur in phase 5, but less frequently).
1) Elder does this Rising Slam attack where he flies upwards, dropping a bunch of little projectiles that look like black stars. Those projectiles do a lot of cold damage, so if you see elder begin this animation, make a run for it. This attack ends with a slam similar to shaper's that will one shot you. So once you move to a different location to avoid the projectiles, wait 1-2 seconds and change locations again to avoid the slam. If you watched my uber elder video, you'll notice my only death was due to laziness and deciding to tank this attack at the very end.
2) Tentacle Whips. If you see elder floating slightly higher above the ground than usual and point his hands downward, that's a sign that giant black tentacles are about to spawn out of the ground. Stop whatever you're doing and take evasive action, preferably along the perimeter of the arena until the tentacles disappear. This attack does a ton of physical damage and if you get caught up in one there's a good chance you'll get stun locked and die. The tentacles are an AOE attack that spawn where you stand, so if you keep moving and don't backtrack, you'll be able to dodge all of them.

Watch both of my uber elder fight videos to see these tips being applied (sometimes very sloppily)

If you pay attention to everything mentioned above, you will never fail an uber elder set.

Overall the fight is very fun and somewhat challenging, but with enough practice you'll be able to consistently do it with very few deaths/deathless. Mastering the fight will greatly prepare you for any future builds you take to uber elder.

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Min-Maxing Phys Wander in Standard League


For those with deep enough pockets interested in perfecting their phys wander on standard, there are some differences to note. The access to legacy and mirrored gear changes some of the fundamental assumptions underlying the build. Rather than worry about a balance between tankiness and damage, the cliche of “the best defense is a good offense” becomes more appropriate. The biggest difference maker is instant leech, which enables us to facetank any boss with ease. The focus shifts toward stacking insane amounts of damage to instant phase or “1 shot” any boss in the game. The short duration of boss fights means being resist capped without flasks is no longer a concern, so we can substitute resist gear for even more damage and rely solely on our flasks for resists + tankiness. Enough life to survive one shots, instant leech, and high damage leads to trivializing all content. Lastly, the bragging rights of having the highest dps build also plays some part in the build design.

Essential items required for the build: Double Legacy Vinktar (conversion preferred) + full set of legacy flasks, Farrul’s Fur, 2x mirrored wands.

With the overwhelming number of mirrored gear options out there, and every other crafter slapping on the vague #1 tag to their items, it's really easy for people to be misled into buying expensive, non-optimal gear. Knowledge about BIS rare items is not readily accessible like that of uniques, and oftentimes people make purchases without knowing the full range of good options available. This guide will try to point you in the right direction.

This build is designed for efficient bossing, fast party/solo mapping and e-peen stroking. It is not however, intended to be a delve build.

Build Objectives
Here’s what I consider important for an "optimized" phys wander and what this build delivers.

- has enough life to survive all damage dealing sources besides some easy-to-dodge one shot mechanics (ex: shaper slam, phoenix guardian explosion). I’ve found 5.2-5.4k life + some layers of defense to be more than adequate for cheesing all content.

- great mobility/clearspeed; not as fast as a QOTF Windripper build, but enough to finish a T16 guardian map in under two minutes without headhunter.

- able to clear any trash mob using 3 link KB (4th link is IIQ gem)

- both resistance and ele weakness capped while flasks are active

- instant leech

- immunity to shock, freeze, bleed, poison

- able to clear all content including uber elder with ease

- able to run any combination of map mods (alch and go) except for ele reflect + no leech

- excludes sources of dps inflation that are actually detrimental to your real boss dps (ex: manual cursing, blood rage, PCOC + COH orb of storms, etc.)

- as high single-target dps as possible for deleting all content after satisfying the rest of the conditions

Background and Miscellaneous Topics

Phys wanding vs ele wanding
Phys to ele conversion archetype has been the meta since forever, and the popularity of these builds, especially bow builds creates huge incentives for crafters to continue making improvements to gear. Top tier ele attack builds are nowhere as popular, so there hasn’t been that same profit incentive. Thus, despite ele wanders being able to beat phys wanders by a slim margin in POB scenarios with hypothetical gear, actual phys wander gear is far closer to reaching theoretical perfection, which is why ele wanders have less damage in realistic min-maxed situations.

Ele wanders derive most of their flat source from abyss jewels, and utilize a lot of %increased lightning damage scalers. This makes flat lightning rolls on abyss jewels disproportionately better than other flat rolls and the specificity makes it harder to find/buy GG abyss jewels. Phys wanders have more flexibility due to their %increased modifiers being less specific, and thus a wider range of GG jewel options. Acquiring near-perfect jewels is probably the biggest hurdle for gear progression as a wander, since we need so many with so few on the market. Ele wanders have an even tougher time with that.

Ele wanders deal less consistent damage compared to phys wanders. Optimized ele wanders always focus on stacking and scaling lightning damage. A typical flat lightning roll has a ten-fold difference between low and top end of the range. For example, a T1 flat lightning roll on an abyss jewel can vary from 7-72. Compare this with the range of a wand phys flaring roll: 27-49, which is less than a two-fold difference from low to high end. This means that ele wanders can deal more than phys wanders in a single hit, but they also have the potential to deal only ~10% of their maximum damage. The tighter range for phys rolls make phys wanders deal damage more consistently.

Scaling cold vs lightning
Tree pathing allows for equal access to both Fangs of Frost (8% cold pen) and Arcing Blows (8% light pen), so we should focus on scaling either cold or lightning for optimal dps.

Cold is by far the best option since we have so much phys as extra cold from gear + Hatred aura + taste of hate. Winter Spirit cluster + Hatred conversion Watcher’s Eye mod lets you convert 80% phys to cold, and vinktar converts the last 20% to lightning.

If we try to scale lightning instead, we would only be able to convert 60% phys to lightning (Wrath Watchers eye mod + Vinktar), and the last 40% would have to be converted to cold via Winter Spirit cluster or remain unconverted. Phys to lightning support gem is out of the question since there are so many better support gems for damage.

Attack speed vs other damage modifiers
If the dps contribution of an attack speed mod vs another type of damage mod is very similar/identical, go with attack speed. Attack speed reduces barrage preparation time and the time between projectiles, which is better for survivability. It also improves clearspeed. POB dps calculations assume damage being dealt to a stationary target averaged over an infinite period of time, which isn't realistic. Attack speed will be more useful in certain boss fights, especially multi-phase ones like Chimera, where it helps to skip smoke phases entirely.

There are currently three mirror-worthy phys wands, but only two of them I would recommend buying. For this build, you must use two to take advantage of the significant dual wield bonus and the dual wield crit cluster. Since your mainhand and offhand alternate attacks for kinetic blast/barrage, both wands must be high pdps. Using a budget shield such as lycosidae or a mediocre offhand wand can reduce your dps by 35% or more.

#1: Blood Thirst - Victheslik
- currently the best phys wand in the game and will probably remain so for a long time. This wand comes with a hefty price tag, and should probably be the last mirrored piece to fully upgrade. If you haven’t fully upgraded all your other gear slots yet, I would suggest a pair of Foe Bites instead.

#2: Foe Bite - Rayamn (crafted by JakeAlmighty)
- the difference in dps between this wand and Blood Thirst is about 9-10%, but since it's an old item, you can find a lot of them on the secondhand market for relatively cheap. Note that there's three different versions: an old 428 pdps with legacy implicit, a 428 pdps current implicit, and 432 pdps newly divined version. Go with the 428 pdps one, since it's usually much cheaper than the newer version. The spell implicit doesn’t matter

#3: Rift Weaver - Clicky
- this ridiculous wand was IDed off the ground during Incursion League. The wand itself has nearly identical pdps compared to Foe Bite, but overall the wand is slightly worse (~2%). Although the 10% phys as extra chaos looks impressive, we have no chaos scaling and not much phys scaling, which means the contribution of this mod is negligible. In all other departments Foe Bite wins: crit chance, crit multi, attack speed, accuracy, and of course, overall dps. Plus, this item hasn’t been around for that long, so there's not too many on the secondhand market, and with Foe Bites costing much less than a mirror, there's really no reason to mirror this.


Farrul's Fur
- this item is definitely BIS and the cornerstone of this build. For the first time, life builds have access to permanent power AND frenzy charge generation in all bossing situations. Power and frenzy charges account for around 40% of your dps. On top of this you get free mana reservation for aspect of the cat. The only downside to this item is that it gives less life than a well-rolled elder chest, but the insane dps boost more than compensates for that. You could sacrifice some damage nodes on the tree and spec into more life nodes and still end up with more dps/life than someone using an elder chest. I would recommend this over any other chestpiece (mirrored or unique) currently available.

*If you're planning on buying a corrupted version, the %increased damage implicit is BIS from a damage perspective, providing 6% more total dps. +1 to socketed gems/+2 to socketed projectile gems provide 3% more dps. If you want to go with something more defensive, %increased max life, 1% max res, and %reduced crit damage taken are all decent.


#1 Tempest Locket - Mai_Cedere
- this amulet is unbeatable in the Farrul's meta. The combination of three damage prefixes (10% pen, 20% phys as light/cold) is the most optimal combination possible. The aspect of the cat suffix is essential for Farrul’s Fur users. Besides getting mirrored wands, this item is probably the most important mirrored piece to buy.

#2 Horror Braid - Donnerdrummel
- this is the "Tempest Locket" equivalent for ele wanders, but for phys conversion, it's also the best life-based option. See below for a comparison of the two amulets.

Tempest Locket vs Horror Braid
In a fully optimized tree, a T1 life roll is equivalent to 2 life nodes. This means someone using Tempest Locket (TL) will be able to reach the same life as a Horror Braid (HB) user if he specs out of two damage nodes and into two life nodes. In this scenario, a TL user still has slightly more dps(~0.5-1%). But what if a HB user wants to reach the same dps as a TL user by freeing up two life nodes and speccing into damage? Well, you can’t, since no two nodes on the tree can provide nearly as much dps as 10% ele pen.

Conclusion: Tempest Locket is better than Horror Braid. The only POB scenario where Horror Braid is preferred would be if you’ve specced into every available life cluster (Heart of Oak, Revenge of the Hunted, Melding, etc.) by sacrificing half your total dps and still want more life. (not recommended). Horror Braid does have 2 advantages though: 1) it's cheaper to mirror 2) you can recycle it for any ele attack build.

#3 non-mirrored rare amulet
Follow the amulet section in the budget guide to figure out how to buy or craft a decent amulet. Shaper bases are better than elder bases. Avoid single resists so you don’t screw up wise oak balancing. Given how scammy the prices for jewelry are in standard, you may be better off trying to craft one using fossils/essences and multimodding if necessary.

*I would highly recommend putting Tempest Locket at the top of the priority list for upgrades, since aspect of the cat jewelry tends to be extremely overpriced anyway. There are plenty of mirrored amulet options carrying Aspect of the Cat (ex: Skull Noose, Gale Braid, Brood Medallion, Behemoth Pendant, to name a few) that I did not specify here, but they are nowhere close to optimal. Unless you’re getting a huge discount on one of those, (<1 mirror), I would recommend just saving up for Tempest Locket.

there are currently only 4 mirror-worthy ring options worth considering for this build, ranked in three tiers.

Tier 1:

Grim Nail - Skalpo
- it’s really hard to argue against using this ring. It provides more dps for this build than any other 5x T1 damage ring in existence. Since most BIS mirrored pieces lack resistances, and good resist nodes are so scarce on the tree, this is one of the few places to pick up resists, and the T1 all res maintains wise oak balancing. I recommend at least 1 copy of this in your final setup.

Tier 2:

Corruption Knot - Ahfack
- the main differences between Corruption Knot (CK) and GN are the implicits and the 50 strength vs. 16% all res. GN has the better implicit, and it’s harder to get 16% resists than 50 strength, but CK is in some cases better for reaching higher dps because it enables you to drop strength nodes for +1 frenzy/damage nodes. This is all assuming that you don't have a 55+ strength roll on your belt slot. For headhunter users, Corruption Knot’s strength roll is a wasted suffix.

My personal preference is 2x Grim Nails, since I think resists are more important for QOL purposes, but 1x Grim Nail + 1x Corruption Knot is also a good combo for squeezing a little bit more dps. [/span]

Bramble Eye - Rayamn
- in some ways this ring is like a slightly worse version of Grim Nail since it gives less dps, and 6% less all res. However, the ring’s attack speed roll does give a slight advantage in clearspeed and for certain bossing scenarios (ex: chimera). It’s also somewhat cheaper than Corruption Knot or Grim Nail. You could go with 1x Grim Nail + 1x Bramble Eye for slightly more mobility/clearspeed.

*note that there’s two versions of Bramble Eye. One with 10% all res, and the other with 16% crit chance. Don’t buy the crit one.

Tier 3: (not recommended)

Loath Grip - Ivygreen5 (crafted by Mortalo)
- on a superficial level, this ring provides the most dps out of the 4 mirror-worthy rings. This makes sense, since it has 5x T1 damage mods + M1 flat phys, compared to the other 3 rings with one less damage mod. However, the difference in dps is <1% compared to Grim Nail, which is equal to less than half a passive point… it also does not provide any QOL mods like +50 strength of Corruption Knot, or the 16%/10% all res of Grim Nail/Bramble Eye. If you want to maximize damage, Corruption Knot is the better dps option even if you don’t care about resists. The exception is when you only use headhunter.

Non-mirrored option
For the most part, follow the ring section in the budget wander section. There are two exceptions: try to craft on an elder opal/steel/prismatic base and don’t worry about life/mana gain on hit. Focus mainly on damage. If you want resists, craft %all resists to maintain wise oak.

Don't spend 100+ ex on non mirrored jewelry if you eventually plan on upgrading to mirrored ones. Higher end non-mirrored jewelry is often not worth the price tag, and if you're spending that much ex trying to squeeze out marginal improvements in dps, may as well just save up some more and get the best, which you can then recycle for future builds. Mirrored jewelry is a good long term investment for those who want to make other min-maxed builds in the future and saves you from the inevitable frustration of shopping for subpar, overpriced jewelry.

Make sure you get aspect of the cat on one of your jewelry pieces.

Mods to avoid: single resists, especially fire, unless you can balance it on your other jewelry pieces (for wise oak users).

Getting a helmet with legacy barrage enchant should be one of the first upgrades to your build. Each projectile will give ~10% more damage and slightly reduces the time between each projectile, which helps maintain full life while using vinktar.

There are four options for helmets worth considering.

Blood Visor - TheTempests (crafted by Mai_Cedere)
The tri res on here provides a lot of QOL. Unless you use 2x Grim Nails rings (32% all res), it’s pretty much impossible to be ele weakness capped in a min-maxed setup even with all flasks up. The +132 flat life is also equal to 2-3 passive points, which can be specced into damage nodes to close the dps gap between this helm and Rat’s Nest. It’s by far the best defensive option and my personal favorite. If you plan on mirroring this, request the new %physical damage taken as fire prefix rather than the 12% WED.

Rare Non-Mirrored Tri Res + Life Helm
I highly recommend a rare tri res + high life helm if you plan on taking this build to the min-maxing limits. Damage will not be lacking, but survivability can be if you focus entirely on former. This slot is the best place to get your resists and some extra life. Ideally you want to be resist-capped relying only on Wise Oak. If you need both Wise Oak + your other 3 resist flasks to be resist-capped, it will be much rippier unless you are a very skilled player because there will inevitably be times when not every flask is up. If you rely only on Wise Oak for res capping it will be much safer because Wise Oak has the longest uptime.

But what if you don't want to pay 300 ex+ for a mirrored tri res helm?

Aside from the cost of mirroring the helm, there is also the drawback of not having socket color flexibility. Luckily crafting a similar rare helm yourself will most likely be much cheaper than mirroring although a bit more time-consuming. Read below for detailed breakdown on how to create one.

Crafting Your Own Helm:
1) Find a +2 barrage enchant base. Crafting a helm with tri T2 resists (45%) is much cheaper/easier than tri T1 (48%). I will provide a cost comparison for tri-res T1 vs. T2 below. You must decide whether to go for T2 or T1 before crafting. If you want Triple T1 you need to buy an ilvl 84+ base whereas for Triple T2 you want one between ilvl 72-83. I suggest an evasion or low-tier armor base because the chance of rolling life is higher than on an ES base.

2) Spam the helm with Shrieking (T2 resists) or Deafening (T1 resists) essences of Hatred/Wrath/Anger until you get triple resists of the same tier. It doesn't matter which of the three you use so go with whatever is cheapest/available. The chance of hitting triple T2 resists will take around 2.5k essences and shrieking are 3x cheaper than deafenings. Depending on the market, and especially if you can hoard some essences from temp leagues, it will on average cost ~50 ex for this step.

3) Mastercraft either %armor or %evasion depending on your base type and yolo exalt. You ideally want a 80+ life roll. If you get a low tier flat life, craft suffix cannot be changed (2 ex) and scour. If you hit another mod such as hybrid life or item rarity, yolo exalt again.

4) If your helm now has 80+ total flat life, then you are almost finished. If not, remove your mastercrafted mod and apply suffix cannot be changed (2 ex), and scour. Repeat step 3.

5) Remove the mastercrafted garbage mod and craft 8% physical damage taken as fire; this will provide a good chunk of survivability. If you want some more KB buff, you can apply the +1 level of proj gem, extra pierce mastercraft or if you want more life you can craft hybrid life.

6) Divine your helm until all three resists are identical so you can maintain wise oak balance. Your helm is finished!

Average cost of crafting triple T2 resists, 80+ life helm = cost of base + 80 ex
Average cost of crafting triple T1 resists, 80+ life helm = cost of base + 180 ex

Rat’s Nest
This is definitely the best dps option for the helmet slot, and if you prefer damage over safety, then this is undoubtedly BIS and also a more budget option.

Starkonja’s Head
A more balanced option than Rat’s nest and costs roughly the same. In a fully optimized tree, you won’t be able to reach same dps as Rat’s Nest even if you give up equivalent life nodes, but the 100 flat life is really nice.


From a pure dps standpoint the 10% pen enchant is by far the best. However, if you want faster clearspeed, go with “16% attack speed if you’ve killed recently”. “Flat cold if you’ve been hit recently” helps you for the longer duration, multi-phase boss fights like uber elder.

Bubonic Trails (2 abyssal sockets)

The BIS damage option, and also provides more life than rare boots if socketed with 2x T1 flat life searching eye jewels. No other pair of boots comes close to providing this much dps. The drawback is less gem sockets, which can be a problem if your wands don’t have the right colors, or if you want more gem setups.

Blight Goad Two-Toned Boots - Ahfack

If you want to be res capped without relying on flasks, these boots are essential and should be paired with Blood Visor. If you’re just looking for a single item that provides T1 resists I would suggest upgrading Blood Visor instead since you’ll end up with more dps. These boots are pretty much the BIS rare boots on the market. The extra 5% movespeed is nice, the 3 white sockets give you versatility, and unlike Bubonics, you get 2 more gem sockets.

Other mirrored options (not recommended)

Maelstrom Pace Slink Boots - Skalpo
These boots provide 12% WED instead of hybrid life, but the lack of white sockets will make it harder to gear. Also 5% less movespeed.

Torment Goad Slink Boots - VictheSlik
Gives more life than Blight Goad, but 5% less movespeed and no socket color flexibility.

Would not recommend either of these unless you’re certain about socket colors and get a big discount.

Crafted rare boots

Not recommended, unless you can balance your resists for wise oak. May as well use bubonics or fossil craft %life/flat life + 1 abyssal socket etc. for more damage/tankiness.


Legacy Tombfist (2 abyssal sockets)

- pretty much the best pair of gloves. It’s cheaper than good rare gloves and gives an unrivaled amount of dps + life. Make sure to socket a murderous eye (see jewel section) to get the 10% more damage from intimidate.

Glove Corruptions:
Several of the glove implicits are really powerful. I would suggest buying at least a pair with single corruption.

- For single corrupted, get +1 frenzy or base crit. If you’re using Wise Oak, an average rolled base crit implicit will give more dps than +1 frenzy, but frenzy charge also gives attack speed which is a clearspeed/mobility boost. If you decide to go the diamond flask route, +1 frenzy will be better than base crit.

For double corruptions, get +1 frenzy and one of the following:

8-10% attack speed: for more clearspeed and solid chunk of dps. My personal preference.

0.5%-0.8% base crit: the roll really matters for this one. A base crit lower than -0.6% will be worse than attack speed. But a base crit close to 0.8% will be BIS for damage (if you're using Wise Oak)

Ele weakness on hit: the best dps boost on paper, but not my favorite, since map mods such as less curse effectiveness + hexproof render it sometimes useless.

Enfeeble/Temporal Chains on hit/%increased life: if you prefer a more defensive setup

Atziri’s Acuity (Legacy)

- the only reason I recommend these gloves is for the instant leech on crit. If you’re not good with flask management, these gloves could save you. But with pathfinder, your flasks are always up anyway unless you fall asleep while playing.

Rare Elder Gloves (map clearing)

- elder glove mods improve KB clearspeed for a smoother mapping experience.
Look for gloves with at least life + socketed gems supported by faster attacks + faster projectiles. Supported by additional accuracy is also nice too. Other than those 3 mods, socketed gem is supported by Chance to Bleed/ +50% crit multi/flat phys are also decent, especially since KB damage was nerfed significantly in 3.4

- if you’re running T15 maps or below, may as well put these on for faster mapping. You should have enough single target dps to melt T15 bosses even in 6 man parties without the DPS boost from Tombfists.


*a mirrored belt will provide more dps/life than a headhunter in certain bossing scenarios such as Uber Elder/Shaper/Chimera/Uber Atziri. For Phoenix/Minotaur/Hydra and map bosses, headhunter is much better for dps/clear.

*There is currently a wander belt halfway through the crafting process that will eventually become the #1 bossing belt. As of now, it's very difficult to switch between a mirrored rare belt and Headhunter because no mirror-tier belt has a high strength roll. I suggest not mirroring or buying any mirror-tier rare belt until this new belt comes out sometime in the next 1-2 months. It will have higher dps than Nemesis Tether, cheaper to mirror, and compatible with Headhunter. And you'll be able to choose between 8% flask effect or 20% increased damage if you don't want to swap out Conqueror's Potency*

#1 Nemesis Tether Stygian Vise - Skalpo
This is currently the best bossing belt for wanders period. The 10% increased effect of flasks is crucial for the 3rd Dying Sun projectile. However, this item is extremely expensive, even by mirrored gear standards and should probably be at the bottom of the priority list for upgrades.

#2 Maelstrom Thread Stygian Vise - Ivygreen5 (crafted by Mortalo)
Also a very nice bossing belt, and 170 ex cheaper than Nemesis Tether. Will provide 4-5% less dps, but you get some QOL with 15% increased flask duration.

Best belt for clearspeed/farming. The strength roll lets us drop 2 str nodes on the tree and spec into more damage. Make sure to use a Conqueror’s Potency jewel to make up for the lack of % flask effect, that way you still get +3 from Dying Sun.

Stygian Vise/Elder Belt
If you want to craft/buy a bossing belt it’s definitely possible but it must either be an elder belt base (leather/rustic sash/stygian) or a regular stygian if you go the fossil crafting route. Follow the belt section on the budget guide for more details.
Make sure it has at the bare minimum a good life roll (70+) and it MUST have 4+% flask effectiveness. This mod alone provides a ~10% dps. You can now mastercraft this as a Jun prefix so keep a prefix slot open!
Don’t forget to balance resists! Elder belts have %all resists which comes in handy.


Conversion Vessel of Vinktar (double legacy)

This is the single most important build-enabling item in the build. I can almost say I’d rather play a wander without wands than give up this flask. Despite the new leech changes that cap our leech to only 10% of our max life per projectile (compared to instant full life before), our rapid firing rate will let you heal back to full life approximately 4 times per second (compared to 40 times per second before 3.6). This is still plenty to facetank any boss in the game. This flask also allows you to take advantage of the more multiplier from Damage on Full Life support gem and accounts for 99% of your survivability. The 10% more damage from shock (not factored into POB) is substantial, the 20% phys to light conversion allows you to run phys reflect. The instant mana leech is also OP and trivializes problems with mana sustain. Pathfinder negates the only drawback to this flask. If you don’t have a double legacy vinktar, you should play the budget version instead.

* A flat attacks vinktar needs to be max roll to give the same dps as a conversion vinktar, and those can be several times more expensive. A pen vinktar gives less damage than both, and a spell vinktar gives no damage aside from shock, but if that’s the only one you have, you should still use it because the instant leech is essential. These 3 versions will not let you safely run phys reflect however, since 20% of your damage is not converted to ele.

Dying Sun (legacy or current)

This flask gives you +3 projectiles and is the best dps flask for wanders. The AOE helps with KB clear.

Taste of Hate (legacy)

This flask gives a ton of damage since we scale cold most effectively, but it’s phys damage taken as cold mod is arguably more important, because it scales up to 45% with Pathfinder and makes you a lot tankier for bosses that deal phys damage, which is the majority of them. Without this flask, having 5.3k life as a wander would be very painful.

Alchemist’s Quicksilver of Adrenaline

You need to use this for clearspeed since wanders have no real movement skill and can only run. I would suggest an Alchemist prefix for the extra ms boost.

Wise Oak (Legacy) or Diamond Flask of the Order

Since sources of crit are so easy to get (ex: base crit on gloves, base crit from watcher’s, dual wield crit nodes, etc.), diamond flask is no longer the optimal choice for dps.

For maximum damage you want to pair Wise Oak with a Hatred Crit + Conversion Eye. Diamond Flask of the Order with a Hatred Pen + Conversion Eye is not a bad “budget” option. However, the main advantage of Wise Oak is that you get the added benefits of capping resists easier and 15% reduced ele damage taken is a significant defensive boost.

The drawback of not using a staunching flask is of course, bleed immunity, so make sure to vaal or buy a decent abyss/rare jewel with “Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you”. KB’s offscreen clear will pretty much ensure you never die to a normal bleed. You can also take Soul of Ralakesh as an extra layer of safety.

Even if you can’t afford a Hatred crit + convert eye, I’d still sacrifice some dps and use a Wise Oak mainly for its defensive advantages.

Atziri’s Promise

Swap out Quicksilver of Adrenaline for this flask during hardcore e-peen stroking sessions for the maximum dps possible. If you’re not using Hatred crit + conversion eye, Wise Oak + Diamond Flask will be better for peak dps.


Watcher’s Eye

- The Hatred 40% phys to cold conversion mod is essential to this build. If you can’t afford a 2 modded watcher’s, this is the single mod you need to look out for.

- If you want to buy a 2 modded Watcher’s eye, you have three options.

#1 Hatred Crit + Conversion
- this is the best 2 mod combination for damage, the base crit from the eye lets you swap out diamond flask for Wise Oak without losing any damage. Since it’s BIS, expect to pay a lot.

#2 Hatred Pen + Conversion
- this 2 mod combination is way cheaper, and is only 20-30% worse than the #1 eye. If you use this one, Wise Oak will provide less dps than a diamond flask.

#3 Hatred Increased Cold + Conversion
- this is the most budget 2 mod eye I would recommend. Much cheaper than the #2 eye and only 15-20% worse.

Murderous Eye Jewel (Intimidate)

You need one well-rolled Murderous Eye to take full advantage of Tombfist’s Intimidate on hit mod. All prefixes besides life are pretty much useless for a wander, so this is essentially a 3 mod abyss jewel at best.
Prefixes: T1/2 flat life, Mana (optional)
Suffixes: Attack speed if crit + crit multi/flat phys are the best. Flat light/cold/attack speed are also decent, check below for the list of suffix mods to look for.

Rare Jewels:
- In terms of damage, the best abyss jewel is always slightly better (~1%) than the best rare jewel. However, in most cases a flat life roll will give slightly less life than a %life roll on a normal jewel. If this is taken into account, the difference between a full set of BIS abyss jewels vs. normal jewels is only ~2-3% more damage and ~2% less life. Decent Abyss jewels are way harder to roll and are therefore much more expensive/rare. For example, the best abyss wander jewel can range anywhere between 130ex -1 mirror, whereas the best normal jewel is only 15-30 ex. So unless you have a ton of currency to spare, normal jewels are the way to go.

Searching Eye Jewels:

I’ve categorized all the useful abyss jewel mods and ranked each category from best to worst to make things easier:

Category 1 (best)
T1 flat physical damage to WAND ATTACKS
T1/T2 flat life

*Every searching eye should have at least these 2 mods

Category 2 (excellent)
Attack Speed if you’ve crit recently
Crit Multi
T1 Flat physical damage to attacks

*A good searching eye should have one of these 3 mods. Attack Speed if crit is the best one, followed by crit multi/T1 flat phys

Category 3 (good)
T1 flat accuracy
T1 flat lightning to attacks
T1 flat cold to attacks
Attack speed (non-conditional)

*Depending on how much accuracy you have on other gear, a T1 flat accuracy here may actually be more dps than any mod in category 2 or otherwise completely useless. I recommend checking POB to see which scenario applies to you.

Category 4 (decent)

2% ele pen if you haven’t killed recently
%Phys as extra fire
T1 flat fire to attacks
%chance to gain Onslaught on kill

*These mods are only slightly worse than those in category 3. The 2% pen mod gives the most dps in this category, but is least recommended since it won’t work in some boss fights. The chance to gain onslaught mod is good for general clearing and some bosses with lots of adds. Having just one of them is enough for perma onslaught sustain during map clear.

A searching eye jewel with 2x Category 1 mod + 1x Category 2 mod + 1x Category 3 mod should be similar to or better than a BIS normal jewel for dps.

Normal Jewels (Viridian/Crimson)

Category 1 (best)
%maximum life
%crit multi while dual wielding

*Make sure every rare jewel you buy has at least these 2 mods

Category 2 (excellent)

%global crit multi
%projectile damage
%increased attack speed

Category 3 (decent)

%increased damage
%attack and cast speed
%global critical strike chance*

*Global crit chance roll is only good if you aren’t using a diamond flask. And don’t have this mod on more than 2-3 jewels because crit chance is subjected heavily to diminishing returns.

Corrupted Blood Immunity Jewel:

You must have Corrupted Blood Immunity on one of your rare jewels. I would just buy one with at least 2-3 good mods, but you can also try your luck with crafting. Buy/craft decent 3 mod rare jewels, and then yolo vaal. It’s about a 2.5% chance to hit CB immunity, so expect to brick ON AVERAGE 40 jewels for this implicit.

Unnatural Instinct:

(Optional) This jewel can be socketed into the Scion area near Harrier for a substantial dps + mobility boost, the tradeoff is ~100 less life and 5% less all resists in return for ~4% more dps + 15% increased movespeed + %6 higher attack rate.

Conqueror’s Potency:

If you’re using Headhunter or don’t have % flask effectiveness on your belt, this jewel must be socketed. %increased crit/damage implicits are pretty nice on this.

Suggested order of upgrade
Before you can play this build, you need at least a legacy vinktars, a Farrul’s Fur, and a very good pair of phys wands (350+ pdps with crit). I would suggest just waiting until you can afford 2x Foe Bite wands before starting the build if you’re on a tight budget. And you will need 100-200 ex for the rest of the gear. You can buy decent 3 mod searching eyes with wand phys, life, and a good mod (see list in jewel section), and yolo ex the last suffix or use decent normal jewels with less optimal mods like %phys damage. Also get a solid corrupting blood immunity jewel.

1) Wands: The most important items to min-max first are of course the wands. If you can afford to min-max all slots, or have that as a realistic goal, I would suggest getting a pair of Blood Thirsts first, since trying to resell Foe Bites takes a while in the nonexistent Standard economy. Otherwise a pair of Foe Bites can serve you almost as well if you think it’ll be a long time before you min max the other slots, or have no plans to. Good pdps wands will cost a lot anyway, so may as well save that money for Foe Bites.

2) Legacy barrage enchant helm: get Rat’s Nest/Starkonja’s. Should be around 60-80 ex.

3) Legacy flasks: Get double legacy Taste of Hate, Legacy Dying Sun, Legacy Wise Oak if you haven’t already.

4) Amulet: The next most important thing is a mirrored cat aspect jewelry piece. Tempest Locket is the undisputed best for this and any phys conversion Farruls build, but Horror Braid is not a bad choice, especially if you plan on playing an ele attack build in the future. Don't buy any other mirrored amulet unless you get a huge brodeal.

5) Watcher’s Eye: upgrade to one with Hatred crit + conversion, or at least a Hatred cold pen + conversion.
Spend 10-25 ex per jewel slot and get 4 mod (with life) BIS normal jewels or very good searching eyes. They should be around this price range. You will eventually need 11 of these, and this will give another ~20% more damage to your build compared to the 3 mod budget jewels from before. An easy way to get good jewels for cheap is to play temp leagues and buy them for much cheaper and then wait until merge.

6) Rings: Get either 2x Grim Nails (perfect balance of resists + dps), or Grim Nail + Corruption Knot (more dps, less resists), or Grim Nail + Bramble Eye (usually cheaper, more attack speed, some resists).

7) Upgrade to mirrored belt: Nemesis Tether costs a lot because of the high mirror fee and not many people have mirrored it, so you probably won’t be able to find a secondhand copy, but it’s an insane bossing belt. Maelstrom Thread comes pretty close and is much cheaper. Skip this step if you plan on using Headhunter.

8) Upgrade to Blood Visor: if you want more survivability/resists, and if you want to be res capped without flasks, get Blight Goad also.

9) Blood Thirsts: upgrade from Foe Bites to these if you haven’t already.


Barrage Single Target (chest):

Barrage - WED - Damage on Full Life - Vicious Proj - Ele Focus - Slower Proj

Kinetic Blast Clear (helm)

Kinetic Blast - IIQ - Pierce - GMP

I prefer using IIQ for the extra loot. A 3 link KB has enough damage to clear all trash mobs in the game. You can sub in WED for IIQ if you want more damage, but there shouldn’t be any problem one shotting packs with only 2 support gems.


Hatred + Herald of Ice + Herald of Purity + Enlighten 4

Another option is to replace HoI with HoA for more dps, but I prefer HoI for the extra shatter/AOE. Herald of Purity is by far the best herald for damage.

If you’re using Tombfists + Bubonics, you’ll need to socket heralds into your wand and use two Enlighten 4s, so try to get RGB wand. This will give you the flexibility to switch between Herald of Ice/Ash. Otherwise, a GBG (Hatred + HoI) or RBR (HoP + HoA) wand works too but will give you less flexibility

If you’re concerned with accidentally weapon-swapping and unreserving your aura/heralds, you can socket the exact same gems into your secondary weapons, which will let you keep your heralds reserved if this happens.

Vaal Haste

I use this mainly on the boss for an extra spike in damage/mobility. Usually lasts the entire duration of the fight.


Ice Golem

Best golem for damage, although you could also use Lightning Golem for the extra attack speed

Depending on your setup, you will have anywhere between 2-6 free gem slots. Below are some suggestions but feel free to customize.

Portal gem

Flame Dash

CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

CWDT - Curse - Enhance

Temporal Chains/Enfeeble for more defense, Projectile Weakness for more dps

*Don't use Blood Rage, because it messes with Damage on Full Life support.

Passive Tree - Bandits - Pantheon


Link to Passive + Ascendancy Tree

- you need at least 1 frenzy + power charge duration node for permanent charge uptime. Otherwise, for 2 seconds every 12 seconds, you won't have any charges.

- if you’re using diamond flask instead of wise oak, make sure to drop Twin Terrors cluster and spec into Forces of Nature.

Alternative pathing options:

- if you decide to use Unnatural Instinct, unspec out of Cruel Preparation and the adjacent life + int nodes. Also unspec out of either Throatseeker or Fangs of Frost and the 16% proj damage node near Ranger start. This should free up 7 points, which is the shortest path to the Scion jewel socket.

- if you want more survivability for leveling, you can sacrifice some dps clusters and take Revenge of the Hunted. If that’s still not enough, take the Melding cluster also, which should give you more than enough tankiness to reach lvl 100. This will require sacrificing ~30% of your total dps.

- Heart of Oak is nice QOL node, especially the life regen.

- if you’re struggling with resists, you could also take Nullification for life/resists, or Survivalist cluster.

- if you need to unspec dps nodes from tree, most likely Fangs of Frost/Throatseeker/Wandslinger/Elder Power clusters give the least dps per node and should be removed first. Make sure to confirm on POB. Pathing through “Will of Blades” can also be switched to the +10 dex node which will free up 2 points. Lastly, Alira can be dropped for +2 passives if you really don’t care about resists.

Alira is the best since resists are so hard to get, and the crit multi/mana regen is perfect for the build. If you have enough resists, switch to +2 passive points and take a 2nd Frenzy charge (Fervour) or 2 life nodes.

Soul of the Brine King: getting stun locked can be an issue, especially since we don’t use life flasks, so this one really helps.

Soul of Solaris: best for bossing if stun isn't an issue for you.

Soul of Shakari: I prefer this since we don’t invest in chaos resists. It’ll make opening strongboxes less risky too.

Soul of Ralakesh: if you want more normal bleed protection.

Min-maxed POB


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sick bro !!!!. nice build <3
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2300588
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
Nice!! Finally an updated phys wander build I can follow :) Been so tired of playing ele wanders
Thanks for the great writeup! Looking forward to trying out a phys wander again :)
Hello, i want to know why wouldn't this build be viable in HC? I haven't played wand builds for the 3 last years but i wanted to play one in this league.
mdrlolkikoo wrote:
Hello, i want to know why wouldn't this build be viable in HC? I haven't played wand builds for the 3 last years but i wanted to play one in this league.

Hi thanks for bringing this up. I guess it just depends on what one considers viable. Any build is hardcore viable if you spec into enough defenses.I only meant to say that the tree + gear I recommended in the guide would not be optimal for high level hardcore content. A phys wander will still be much tankier than an ele wander though because we can utilize taste of hate.

I just meant to say that wanders in general because they are located on the right + top of the tree and aren't naturally high dps and the fact that single target requires facetanking bosses just wouldn't be the best choice of a hardcore build, but you can definitely get it to work if you aren't running any crazy content in hardcore.

Thanks a lot :) ok i understand, of course i will adapt the tree for HC. I just have zero knowledge about wand builds in this game.
Will maybe try it out when i die but not sure, and let's hope i don't die. :D

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