Can we get some gearing guidance?

Maybe stat priorities - and any other recommended uniques or is dual lifesprig it?
Is everyone else using twin Lifewsprig?

What is the Crit change you're trying to hit?

Im trying to figure out how to gear - so far I got the crit sceptre and two of those rings that reduce curse effects by 40% - so now only 20% gets through

why is spiritual aid + any minion damage not favored in the tree?

are you getting more damage with this setup ?

i have a lv 84 arc build my self with about 25% different tree than yours and am just curious.

i just re-started playing my hippy arc build and realised my totems are being almost 1 shot..... wasn't doing this before. i wonder if there was any totem life nerf.. haven't read any of their crap patches that dont fix anything

thx in advance
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Hmm 8 Buttons, Bud 9 Spells?
The weapon cost atleast 50ex. What would be a good alternative? is the 20% vaal soul reduction needed?
I also had issues with Insta-death and when I used MoM I would always be OOM when I got hit which pretty much sucked.

Ultimately, I added MoM back in and removed Wrath. Yeah, I lost some DPS, but killing things is NOT the problem with this build.

So now my suitability is great and my DPS was somewhat offset by a lucky 6th link RNG :)

I just cannot imagine how anyone runs both Wrath, HoT and MoM and effectively runs.

What also helped is that I picked up two void battery prophecy wands which each add +1 power charges and 25% increased damage per power charge active.

With these my Damage is higher than it was with Wrath (of course it would go up if I switched back, but then I can't do damage without mana so...)

I am currently clearing 11 & 12 maps and only dying to my own carelessness haha.

Love the build. Would love a way to put Wrath back in if anyone has any ideas haha. Damage would be crazy.

Thoughts on this build vs the chieftain guide you have for playing this in HC? I like both spells so just prefer the better one in HC
Sanctum of thought offers 20% reduce effect of curses on you

that node is underneath templar's Devotion hp nodes
Any else have trouble getting arcane surge to proc? After getting Uber lab, my mana won’t budge...
Any else have trouble getting arcane surge to proc? After getting Uber lab, my mana won’t budge...


That is now fixed with the new changes on the ascandency, check build guide!

Regards, Mrseanconnor

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