[3.6] The Blizz Sorc - Icestorm/Winter Orb CI Occultist - Viable For Everything

Very nice to see this build is going strong. I had to sit this league out but I have some friends in Standard who like to map now and then so wanted to ask some advice.

Is an Occultist still viable for this build? I have my old Lv 97 Occ from last league but I also have a lv 94 Scion that I can use as well. Just want to throw some gear on whomever will work best and run a few maps for fun.

Thoughts or advice appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. What happened to Kelvynn? Taking a break as well?
Occultist can still work -- it'll just have less INT, ES, and damage. You do get the immunities though. The ascendancies aren't as good as they were before.

I'd go with the Scion.

No idea what happened to Kelvynn. Let's hope he's still around.
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I managed to reach my final objective for this league, getting in Delve over Depth 600 to prove myself once again that this Ascendant version of Kelvynn's build is still tanky as hell against all nerfs that were done lately (ES, Occultist, BloodRage/IC/Arakaali combo, delve craft mods, etc.)

Here is a video from a 607 Depth Primeval Ruin area:

Life in Delve 600+ cities

And now the happiest thing that happened to me this league:

After spending around 65 exalts in my first pure meta crafting of this league i finally got my -9% cold resistance helm!

Story of this extreme expensive meta craft:

Got the helm with full mods 3x prefixes and 3x suffixes - no resistances, 20% quality 275 ES, T2 -55 flat intelligence and Delve -cold suffix for 1.5 exalts.

Initially wanted to hit a lucky annul and remove the shitty %stun recovery suffix so i can craft my dual resistances suffix and "call it a day" with 275 ES and 55 intelligence.

First orb of annulment removed instead T5 %increased ES and i almost thought i should stop and take it as a minor 1.5 Exalts loss.

Decided to try one more time with orb of annulment just for fun and this time managed to remove the shitty %stun recovery suffix.

From this moment looking at all my exalts (around 90 exalts) that were sitting in the stash with no hopes for a future upgrade (delve -cold helmet market is kinda dead) and dense/frigid fossil crafting being not lucky for me yet (around 50 tries, no resulting helm that i wanted) i thought that "you only live once" anyways and decided to go "all in" and try to meta craft the helm with Suffixes cannot be changed and slam the prefixes till i get what i wanted (flat ES, %increased ES, hybrid flat ES/%increased ES on top of + intelligence, -cold resistance to enemies, dual resistances bench crafted suffix)

Crafted Suffixes cannot be changed prefix (2 ex), scoured the helm and remained only with T2 Intelligence(55) and delve -9 cold resistance to enemies suffixes

I needed in the final version dual fire/lightning resistances suffix to fit my other items so after every scour i always crafted some resistance to block the suffix.

And from now on exalt prefix slam it in hope of T1/T2 flat ES/%increased ES with repeating Prefixes cannot be changed (2 ex) and scouring the helm after every bad prefix exalt slam. :(

After around 60 exalts down the drain when i was loosing my hopes and almost all my currency i managed to consecutive hit T1 flat ES, T2 %increased ES and T1 hybrid flat ES/life (best prefixes combo possible) and almost felt over my chair :))

After 3 divines i got to 54 Intelligence and 331 ES with 20% quality that still can and should be raised with Hillock in Fortification to 28% quality which i am planning to do next.

This way i only lost 6 Intelligence in helm (12 intelligence overall) compared to my current helm and a bit of ES maybe (need to check with 28% quality the final value of it - my current one has 345 ES at 28% quality) but gained about 6% more Shaper Average Hit getting to almost 80K!

This was my most expensive meta craft i have ever tried but in the end it seems that the crafting GODS were in my favour :)

And with this craft I managed also to equal fire and lightning resistances so with The Wise Oak flask up i get some damage mitigation now for 2x resistances instead of previous 1x

So fkin happy now, so fkin happy!

P.S. My previous helm is for sale now if anyone interested i can make a 20% discount for anyone from this thread:

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Well i think me done with league(got 36 challenges so wings)
So if anybody interesting in my gear for icewitch build i can easily give it )
Graiaule wrote:
Occultist can still work -- it'll just have less INT, ES, and damage. You do get the immunities though. The ascendancies aren't as good as they were before.

I'd go with the Scion.

No idea what happened to Kelvynn. Let's hope he's still around.

Thank you for the advice, I'll give my Scion a try. Kelvynn probably had real life stuff come up (same as me for skipping the league).

Lilian, that is quite a story! I wouldn't have had that kind of patience. Enjoyed the video, glad to see that this build is still a beast.

Your helm looks like my final helm from two leagues back:

A little less ES, but that lab mod was really nice. I won't tell you what I paid for it. :D
NoImagination wrote:
Find one from here: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?item=The-Whispering-Ice

Mine is probably the worst to import as it requires a 3 mod Watcher's Eye.

It's really interesting to see the variations poking around in there. We have:

Trickster using Cyclone for WI
Guardian self-casting Icestorm, while using 2 Perandus Signet for +32% INT and reserving auras like crazy
Someone doing something crazy with Vaal Pact

And of course the rest of the basic WOrb people.

I'm still sticking with Cyclone, we'll see how UE goes in a couple days.
OK exiles, help me out:

I've been hitting this with Dense/Frigid fossils to get the -9% to Cold Res and hoping on the Hypothermia mod from Shaper. (Obviously an INT roll would be great too but you can't ask for everything.)

This is a nice roll, as the prefixes on this are one from perfect. The suffixes are crap, though.

Is it worth spending 2 Ex (that's a chunk of my pocketbook because I'm not a great farmer) to craft Prefixes can't be changed and hit it with just a Frigid? Or is that likely to just give me crap suffixes again? Assume spending another 2 Ex on a second try is almost certainly not in the wallet.
Kirian42 wrote:
NoImagination wrote:
I'm still sticking with Cyclone, we'll see how UE goes in a couple days.

UE down with Cyclone! Next time I'll remind myself to reset my auras *before* entering the arena, would have saved maybe 2 deaths. Awful drops though.
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Respecced my Scion into this, really like it so far.

Did Guardians and Shaper tonight pretty easily.

What can I do to improve my single-target damage? I took too long to kill Guardians than I'd like.

I'm at 2,111 Int.

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