[3.6] The Blizz Sorc - Icestorm/Winter Orb CI Occultist - Viable For Everything

livejamie wrote:

What can I do to improve my single-target damage? I took too long to kill Guardians than I'd like.

I'm at 2,111 Int.

Upgrade your neck (three rat talisman or shaper amulet with 1% damage per 15 int.)

Upgrade a ring or two.

Upgrade chest (you want both 12% and 6%.)

I'm at 2635 int and 43579 shaper damage, so you have quite a ways to go! (I could respec my tree slightly and hit 2710 int.)
Kelvynn wrote:
Re: Regalia crafting

Final result:

Can I please ask how to get two %increased energy shield on the same item like this one?

I'm new to PoE, but trying to follow this, and I have my armor to this point, but I can't add another ES max or %.

At this point I'm guessing I messed it up, but can anyone give me a heads up on how the people do it that I've seen with 2 of the +max or %increased energy shield on the same item?

I also have this one to work with, if it's not too late for this guy lol.

See https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php?cn=Body+Armour&an=int_armour for example.

It's a Jun (syndicate) prefix: % increased energy shield / # to maximum life

Your Corpse Mantle has 1 prefix (it appears) and 1 suffix.

Multi craft is a suffix.

6% increased int is a suffix.

So you need to craft two prefixes:

56-74% increased ES (Helena)
36-40% increased ES, 24-28 to maximum life (Jun)

The problem is getting enough unveilings in order to get that Jun craft.

With your Honor Carapace, you can craft 56-69 to maximum ES and the same Jun craft.

Thank you very much Graiaule!

Spent a lot of time googling and looking around for that :D
3.8 commentary

1. Enchanting amulets with notable passives means we will be restricted to shaper amulets at the top end, as corrupted Astramentis or Three Rat Talismans cannot be enchanted.

2. It's possible one of the anointable unique items would be worthwhile getting, giving us a second notable.

Doesn't look like anything else will change.

Being able to accumulate master missions and then do them in a big chunk is a great idea, especially for the Betrayal missions.

Oil pricing is going to be very interesting.


Correction: we will be able to use Three Rats, if the anointment is applied prior to corruption. (There's a 14% chance to hit a useful Three Rats via Jorgin, but only 2.5% chance to successfully corrupt an Astramentis.) It still looks like we'll be better off trying to craft a shaper amulet for the (% incr attr, 1% incr dam per 15 int.)
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At first glance, being able to have ice storms up near the tower area full time would seem to be good for defense. Chill and temp chains is nice as well.

I wonder if only doing cold will be a drawback as the trailer seems to say you need to pick the type of tower based on type of monster. Maybe that means we'll just never need to pick the cold one as we have that covered.

Also wonder how much mobility will be key, as that's our drawback, but i suspect this league will require less than legion so that's good.
Huzzah, my first 36/40. Partly these were easier than previous leagues, partly better play.

But it took like 60-70 Glacier maps run with the only purpose of opening War Chests. 800 is a lot!

Like will go with a new build next league--probably something fire-based, because I've run cold based for three leagues--but I'll still keep an eye on this thread.

Thanks for all the help in here!
So are people going to do WI again in 3.8?

The cyclone nerf does not affect us as the area the icestorm comes down is controlled by the gems and passives only.

Cyclone WI clears noticeably faster than (not 5L) Winter Orb, so it's a great build. Its main weakness is you keep moving into melee range. I don't think attack-in-place works for cyclone, but didn't really try hard.

It's not clear yet if icestorm is a great or horrible way to handle the fungal growths and its monsters.

I am thinking icestorm is actually good because it continues to rain down. So place your towers and rain the ice around them.

Maybe we will want to add chill/freeze chances. So the Izaro gem becomes popular again.

I haven't found any other builds that have the playstyle of WI (very tanky, off meta, ranged attack capable, low gear cost, no piano flasking, kills mobs even if you're dead.) I'd love to know of another one.

How about you?

I am very curious about this one as well. As always, I'm torn between this build and a spectre summoner. Eh.
Shavronne wrapped Kaom's waist,
with her gilded purple boots.
"You want my sockets?"
I know I'm certainly going this route again, have been following kelvynn since.....3.4? Managed to get my 36 in 3 weeks, which was the fastest I've ever done it. Then I just dicked around trying out all the things I've never tried nor played...skills, builds, and all. They just all suck to me (they don't, I just say something is shit when it's not my style :D).

The WI just draws you back everyy time. The various incarnations of the build over the years has always been perfect, especially for those who really don't care for the end-game of the end-game content, such as myself. With a few variations of each incarnation of the build (dual golems, dual curse, neither, etc), there's something for everyone's playstyle. You can get your 36 every time, with perhaps a pay for completion here and there, and then you're free to do what you want.

One last thing, several of you have wondered about where Kelvynn is and all that. This build has been going on for years...every...league. And with the complaints that we have all had at some point, whether it be a mechanic or otherwise, it seems fairly safe to assume it was time to step back for awhile.

There are those of you who have kept it alive and going, and we should thank you all for that (although, why it has kept going in this thread and not the Scion one is beyond me :D). Kelvynn has been here a few times, and I know we all hope he just lets us know how he's doing.
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