[3.6] The Blizz Sorc - Icestorm/Winter Orb CI Occultist - Viable For Everything

Xirgu wrote:
crafting question... I qualitied a regalia, then alt spamming hit the int mod as lone mod.. so I got a magic regalia with 12% incr int. do I just augment and regal hoping for the best, which will likely brick or is there a better way? alt spamming is expensive these days

Only regal it. So u have only one annul (50% chance). If u aug first, and it's a bad, u have 2 use 2 annul.
anyone doing this in 3.9?
foxzombie wrote:
anyone doing this in 3.9?

here new version
Is this still a viable build? Don't really like the new cyclone version.

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