What's coming in patch 0.10.2?

I don't regret a single cent I have spent! Keep up the good work!!!! =D
Silver Kiwi is best kiwi!
Thanks Chris. But the "improved visual effects of skills" sort of has me worried. The skills that bog down my framerate already look pretty damn good. I need an option to turn them down rather than make them look better :P

who says that 'improved' has to mean more complicated or flashy? PoE shows on many levels that sometimes, less is more. hint hint.

Designer of 'Oni-Goroshi, Charan's sword'. Yes, I wrote all those lines. Even the really bad ones. I'm sorry.
produce a new content patch for Path of Exile every week. We're aiming for these patches to include one new skill, at least three new Unique items designed by Diamond Supporters, new microtransactions and any other features or content that were finalised that week.

i like this, seriously =D
"Substantial changes to voice acting including Act One NPCs and overhauls of the Lion and Beast sounds."

Please not Nessa.

Passive pop-up selection should be optional, I agree with those people.

ugh, nessa is the weakest acting in the game imo. She always sounds like she is verging on laughter. Her delivery of the awesome nightmares fear you line is underwhelming.
Designer of 'Oni-Goroshi, Charan's sword'. Yes, I wrote all those lines. Even the really bad ones. I'm sorry.

Kepp your great work GGG.
I FUCKING <3 u all
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Any word on what's being done about the desync issue and when we can expect some kind of improvement? Not even a complete fix, just any improvements would be welcome.

Yeah, they called it movement simulation sync
In addition to the changes scheduled for these weekly content patches, work continues on deeper issues such as movement simulation sync, client effect performance in large parties and security changes. These will be deployed in whatever the next patch is as soon as they're ready. There are different people working on content for the weekly patches than those improving platform issues.
Keep up the good work dudes, but pace yourselves. Maybe it's just me but that sounds like a lot of work to do every week.
The new fire skill sounds awesome, can't wait =)
awesome news for the duelist skill tree :D

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