What's coming in patch 0.10.2?

Passive skill allocation now requires confirmation to prevent misclicks.

How was this a problem =/ Gonna be so fucking annoying now
Im really impressed with the rate at which u crank out new content and fixes with your small crew :=)

Thanks :=)

And yeah, passive skill allocation confirmation should be optional :)
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This is all great news! Thanks Chris!
Passive allocation confirmation should definitely be optional. I trust myself to click the correct node. Everything else sounds great.
The last time I was so excited waiting for patch notes, 1.10 came out on D2 xD
Sounds awesome! I can't wait to find the new fire skill now. :)
Great job GGG, I'm sure I'll never stop enjoying how well this game works thanks to you guys!
NOO give everyone a respec!! But other than that patch sounds great, keep up the great work :)
I have level 83 dw duelist in hc, can't wait to see how's the new skilltree. Oh and maybe they'll buff some of my skills too. :P
Boom baby!
"Substantial changes to voice acting including Act One NPCs and overhauls of the Lion and Beast sounds."

Please not Nessa.

Passive pop-up selection should be optional, I agree with those people.
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