What's coming in patch 0.10.2?

duabijitelur wrote:
can u guys post an updated passive skill list?
need to plan along if reset

You will be reset, only if passives you had taken have been moved or changed.
All Duelists will be reset.
Some Maraurders might get reset (if down in duelists tree)
Some expansive Templars might get reset (if down in duelists tree)

OTHER than this.
I think the only change that will affect this otherwise, is if you had taken Mana Flows.

When the patch goes live, the tree on the website will be updated.
You will be able to plan your build before you login.

- It will only come though with the patch as it would confuse some players otherwise.
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Sounds like the thing to do is find out exactly which skills will trigger a full respec and then use the time between now and the patch to level so you can branch your tree down into one of those selected few skills, then poof - full respec.

Free reset \o/
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Unless they decide to only respec affected nodes that are directly affected by the patch and any subsequent nodes which could not be kept if those nodes were removed. Then you are just boned.
2 hours!
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Montanx wrote:
OMG you guys are killing me with this "unfair advantage" talk when it comes to respecs. Theres absolutely zero advantage. Like I said, if you want to only use the sad PVP argument of "You can respec to beat your opponent" its just not logical. It takes awhile to put all those points back, pvp isnt a focus of the game, your precious opponent wont even be there by the time u are done "hacking" your matchup, theres just a laundry list of things that make this sillyt.

I like the posters idea of a limited amount of paid respecs a month. REally just any paid respec would be nothing more than a revenue stream for gg and alter the economy and playing field by almost none.

You've already been proven wrong multiple times on this, by issues that have nothing to do with PvP. I see no need in repeating it again.

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Crystalvin wrote:
what about the 3 new uniques... any word?

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Wow....no respec at all :(
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