What's coming in patch 0.10.2?

Zoen wrote:
JayJones wrote:
> Passive skill allocation now requires confirmation to prevent misclicks.

Thank you!!

This is definitely going to provide a minor inconvenience during races...

Yes, but it will be for all.. so it evens out ;)
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wow still ignoring the multibox/logging issue.
I really hope incinerate works on spell totems.
very nice. looking forward to movement desyncing upgrades
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will always work if im online.
Thanks Chris. But the "improved visual effects of skills" sort of has me worried. The skills that bog down my framerate already look pretty damn good. I need an option to turn them down rather than make them look better :P

The skills guy has been posting for a couple weeks about the various optimizations he has been making to skill effects, so I don't think you need to be worried. I think improved probably means both visually and in terms of performance in this context.


Keep an eye on this site to see all the dev posts if you like.
pls tell us which skills get a damage boost with this patch :D
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Sounds f@ck#n good! ^^
Any word on what's being done about the desync issue and when we can expect some kind of improvement? Not even a complete fix, just any improvements would be welcome.
Ahahahaha! I have two characters, a fire witch and a 2H Ranger who has been wishing for Duelist tree buffs, as well as a new melee aoe skill besides cleave.


/throws money

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