3.2.2c Patch Notes

Nothing about the constant disconnects when logging in, or taking portals back to town? Not impressed. I'd like to play this game more than one inventory bag at a time.
Thanks for the improvement.
but still, boring league for me personal, love the game, hype for races, for 3.3!
indigon nerf when?
Finally corpses can’t be shattered!
IGN: JerleTOTARuthless
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
Jerle wrote:
Finally corpses can’t be shattered!

What's really sad: I found that today and was going to post about this as a ridiculous issue.

Today alone, I shattered 3 red beasts and about 6 yellow beasts.
Still haven't fixed the *horrible* RNG that comes from this entire capitalistic league.

Considering the effort of gathering and the (potential) risk of dealing with four of them at once, the options and rewards should be commensurate, not *worse* than what could be found from random trash mobs five levels lower.
Patch Notes 3.15:
Fixed a bug where players believed the game was playable. This has been corrected and made retroactive.
Patch Notes 3.19:
Fixed a bug where players adapted to 3.15. This bug cannot be corrected, so we have implemented a 90% reduction in item access as a punishment.
* Fixed a Bug where GGG wouldn't prioritize internal Quality assurance and playtesting, but rather relied on the community at large to discover all the bugs
ttusher wrote:
Personally I hope this league mechanic does not make it in the base game.

Community Free Forum Crafting in RITUAL LEAGUE: thread/3010276
I love this game, but i don't like bestiary :( srry.
So where is the most important fix:

-Fixed the lack of fun on bestiary league

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