3.2.2c Patch Notes

About time Elder loot/explosion order was fixed.
delete all lootboxes

Can you fix this bug, too?
Please let capturable Elder Blessed monsters leave corpses behind. It's really frustrating to come across the specific (pretty rare) monsters that you need and to kill them accidentally because you'd be overwhelmed by all of the spawns otherwise. Even more so when the portal keeps spawning dozens of the monsters that can't be captured.
*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*
what about the abyss sextants not working in toxic sewers map QQ
"Piety... betray me, and I WILL have your head."
IGN:EmbracerOfDeath level 100 Righteous fire Marauder Chieftain.
Need to get nets out of our inventory. I'd give the league a second chance if you do.
INCREASE BEASTS BOSSES SPAWN RATES PLEASE! I just dont meet a single one for all time and guess this is not expected league expirience.
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Definitely no core game pls. I would be annoyed by beasts icons forcing me to capture them when I would just want to kill everything.
lol i complete 5 remaining challenges then i'll probably wait for races events...
just a tip, in 3.3 please improve the elder t15 spawn...it's really frustrating and not funny thx.
Nice job
I fucking love you guys.
Nothing to do with the patch in particular, just that you guys put so much work into this game.
Come hang out with me sometime, fellow Exile.

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