3.2.0b Hotfix

That's it, I'm done.

I already didn't have fun, when levelling, this is just too much for me.

Currency drop is basically dead. (Literally, I had more currency drop from one rare arcanist strongbox, then 4 labs with silver chest and troves included).

Constant bugs, stupid mechanics, crashes and server disconnects.

Market manipulation.

And now you have the audacity to want money for another overpriced pixels? For this!?

NO! There is a certain line you are not supposed to cross it, but you floor it.
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Completed 25 ChallengesThetom wrote:
Can you guys acknowledge the SST attack speed bug? Is it being worked on? Or are you satisfied with SST atm and won't fix the bug? I'd like to know

yea this once more
The original implementation was live for just long enough to allow some people to build Croesus-like stockpiles of assets, so the league economy was already broken beyond repair. Fixing it by removing the ability to copy lab enchants just cements their advantage and stops slower people from using the same ladder they did.

"Fixing" it in this fashion mid-league is honestly the worst of all possible worlds.
JCOH35 wrote:
Take 5 minutes and go run a map on Standard so you can remember what currency dropping feels like, now tell me you really want to waste any more time on this dumpster fire of a league.

The duping was just the tipping point for alot of people, the fact remains that half of our currency drops are being taken up by trash nets.

I gave the league a chance even though I was deadset against the idea and stated it multiple times prior to the launch but enoughs enough. I am done with it and if any of this garbage gets rolled into Standard 3 months from now I will probally be done with the game as a whole.

I came here for a relaxing hack and slash arpg, if they are hellbent on making it some tedious korean grinder then I can get that 5000000 other places online.

Stay in your lane GGG.

So much this! +10000
I think GGG has an obligation to restore the game integrity but I guess that's complicated because the items have been sold, wealth generates wealth, etc.
Also I agree about the currency drops being smothered by the nets that that feels pretty bad, yesterday I was actually thinking how it might've been better if it was a really rare drop so that you can't choose to catch every monster, especially if they increased the bestiary mod monster spawns.
If that was done with more clarity given by offering a better overview of what monster enables which recipes (by color for the current yellow and red icons on the map, with the red ones having a border line around the icon on the minimap) then we could've actively hunted the monsters we wanted to catch, now we all don't hunt but catch whatever is a bestiary monster.
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nothing but BAD LEAGUE!
Is "Corrupt an Armour or Weapon to have 30% Quality" is disabled too?
I can't see it on my Beastcrafting recipes list.
I did hope for a roll back really or those who exploits this stupid function deserved a ban already. Did I miss it?

So what's about the Oba's bug? Wonder GGG checked reddit and fix this yet?

Lol, kids crying about being poor while someone getting even richer. You all will be poor anyway.
Completed 36 Challengesoleansky318 wrote:
So what's about the Oba's bug? Wonder GGG checked reddit and fix this yet?

Didn't test it but this is part of 3.2.0b patch notes:
Fixed a bug where Stairs to the next area would not open if a beast was captured in the Oba's Cursed Trove unique map.

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