3.2.0b Hotfix

pretty much the worst posssible way to fix it in ever concievable respect

why not just let it remain enabled and working on elder/shaper, lab enchants and all that

Either that or you need to rollback it

Or you need to ban the abusers

Basically pretty much every option aside from the one you chose is way better

You cannot seriously be afraid some elder opals are gonna destroy standard?
To all whiners again:

Nothing happened to the rest of the world, stop complaining.
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
Good thing is that people that used the recipe earlier, now can do it again since they swaped the beasts needed, and thus they probably can do a few times more, even tho they were out of the old beast from the recipe.

I think the recipe would be way more fun if didnt copy the links and sockets, and was instead used a rare crafting alternative for meta crafting.

As is now, it shouldnt be called "split item in two", but "copies base item".

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So is this the announcement Chris promised earlier? We nerfed the shit out of it, tough luck if you didn't abuse it faster. Just...honestly...can you do a worse job communicating and keeping the integrity of the game intact? I am at a loss as to how poorly this is being handled. I don't know whether I should quit the league, request a refund, or just accept the injustice and try to move on without such a negative feeling towards the game. It feels like every single league we get further and further away from a game anyone but the no-lifers enjoy.
It seems every few leagues the story is repeated. Bug is exploited zillion times, even streamed but no one gets banned and when next bug is found they just do it again.

Why report the bug, if you can just get away with it.
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so nothing will be done with those who got wealth from this shit?? awesome. Im starting thinking sbout using a bot on other accs,looks like ggg apreciate cheaters in poe. Omg. Thaths just bullshit.
In every game for abusing bugs u will be banned or at least - lose abused items. But not in PoE,no. Cause developers dont care.
Gotta take a break till next league.. im most disappointed in Bex telling me that this recipe was fixed before the league started.

Exactly rised a concern about enchants and shaper items before the league started ... and she just lied to me.

Terrible communication within a company.
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At least SSF economy didn't get hurt and is still fun to play.
Thankyou for the fix. Sooo glad you removed the lab enchants duping, they should be expensive. Labrunning and enchant prices should not be nerfed into the ground....ever. We need a solid amount of items in a 3 month league that encourage's trading/grinding to get them. Everyone, even casual's, having meta enchants week one is a terrible idea.

6 links are just expected now and they were only bases anyways... So we have a few items to replace tabula's at higher lvl's now for people to spend currency crafting on. No big deal there. There are a few rich people, but there are always a few rich people. This league it's just alot earlier than usual.

Overall, good fix but a predictable mistake that should probably have been easily avoidable. Honestly I think the whole duping idea is pretty bad except through mirrors which are super rare. Duping in any game sucks... Get rid of it for good (aside from mirrors) after this league.

On a side note, thank you for not just re-enabling it for the people screaming "what about the casuals".
Making this game casual would be the real mistake and i think you guys are heading in the right direction overall but just maybe need to focus on a bit more testing, though you did address that so hopefully that happens.
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Great. So much for hoping for anywhere near realistic prices on enchants. Leave it to GGG to make something fun and cool into something useless. What's the point of Bestiary League again?

If they wanted to make it easier, they would give you a 10% chance per helmet enchant, that the enchant will be based on one of your equipped active skills.
This would provide a deterministic way to farm an enchant you need (e.g. ssf), and still be enought RNG to spread all the enchants on the market.

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