3.2.0b Hotfix

league's already over so
gone are the days where a 6link was something special (not that it was very special anymore...but now it's just standard equip)

but let's not talk about things that matter any longer, go BUY THE NEW CELESTIAL ARMOUR MTX !!!
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Qarl wrote:
3.2.0b Hotfix
  • Re-enabled the three Beastcrafting recipes that were disabled earlier today. The recipe for splitting an item in two has been made a little more difficult by swapping out two of the beasts for rarer ones.

  • It was already impossible for a casual to find the recipe, but hey, let´s make it even more rare...

    Sorry, but you need to stop giving in to the whine of those that play 24/7. How is it ok, that we casuals play a whole day, without a single red beast spawning on our maps?

    This is a bestiary league, so give us beasts please. :(

    Who cares that nerds have tons of six links, this game is still supposed to be fun and not finding upgrades is no fun at all.

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Will there be a formal statement about what happened later today or in the week? A lot of people are extremely angry, and it might help to have some words. Or it might not, it might make it even worse. This league has been extremely divisive, sorry to say.

I was very much enjoying interacting with the league, to be honest. Until my big ticket item became worthless because of this. Now I'm just salty.
Not sure what all you did in this patch, but I am crashing on start now :/
Many errors See spoilers.

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The DirectX 11 client crashed on startup. Would you like to switch to the DirectX 9 client instead?

Not sure what you all did if anything, but problem solved. I'll leave this here though.

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and yet the users who already have stockpiles of T1 lab enchants get to keep them, great patch, 11/10, game of the century, im glad i give you money and buy supporter packs i dont need.
GGG you are going to have to address the issue about those cheaters that exploited the bug.
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Take 5 minutes and go run a map on Standard so you can remember what currency dropping feels like, now tell me you really want to waste any more time on this dumpster fire of a league.

The duping was just the tipping point for alot of people, the fact remains that half of our currency drops are being taken up by trash nets.

I gave the league a chance even though I was deadset against the idea and stated it multiple times prior to the launch but enoughs enough. I am done with it and if any of this garbage gets rolled into Standard 3 months from now I will probally be done with the game as a whole.

I came here for a relaxing hack and slash arpg, if they are hellbent on making it some tedious korean grinder then I can get that 5000000 other places online.

Stay in your lane GGG.
So yesterday I was really chill when this came to light and was waiting for your response. Your response is "We hotfixed it, so the ones that were lucky enough to abuse it got fuckton of enchants, 6l, shaper/elder bases, and you can fk off" - "Oh! Also there's this celestial armor you can buy.". You wanted to monitor it to be able to react fast, well we might have different definitions on that.

I'm really dissapointed that instead of releasing a statement with a plan of action to fix this, or explaining why you do nothing, you give us news about this new armor you can buy $$$.

Well somehow I was always on your side, even when you released another stash tab, after stash tab, after stash tab - when there were all the other launch issues during other leagues, but now IDK. You start to feel less and less connected with playerbase.

Guess it's time for a break for me, maybe next league will be first of all more immersive and interesting.

I wrote in chat this morning: "Oh they fixed the duping? I only got to dupe 11 6 links :/" and watch the hate comments lol.

I didn't get to dupe anything :(
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