[3.2] 15c BF BoR Champion/Zerker- Shaper/Guardians/Red Elder & Guardians/Uber Lab/Atziri

subwaytosally wrote:
In terms of abyss jewels, in addition to maximum life should i look out for crit/crit multi or flat phys damage when using claws? Is there a general rule when flat ele/phys damage is better than multipliers/ 4% damage as elemental while not having killed recently?

I'll actually look into this and get back to you soon. I haven't done the calculation for the break-point where crit multi/flat phys is better than the other.

Tecken1407 wrote:
Hc viable i guess?

Depends on who's playing it! Definitely not if I'm the one playing it. But no build is HC viable if I play it. I'm really quite shit mechanically.

Fhark wrote:
Nice build

Thank you!

reeld wrote:

Do you think it's possible to fit this weapon in offhand ?

That item wouldn't do very much for you to be honest. You're really only getting the attack speed bonus from dual-wielding. The supports won't do anything for blade-flurry and you don't actually care about damage on the stat-stick itself, you only need it to buff your general damage. That's why stuff like "% of phys gained as fire damage" is so powerful, because it's a global mod.

Zengaard wrote:
Holy Jeebus, just hit 62 and put on main and off hand... using a tabula atm and the screen just melts!

Glad you're enjoying it!

Bought expensive sword for offhand. I'm retarded :)

Anyway... Really nice looking build. Leveling now to try it out.

Yesterday nice offhand weapon prices exploded. You might not get a lot of comments here in the thread but people are trying the build and I guess liking it :)

Thanks for sharing!

The price for the combination of stats definitely seems to have gone up :( Fortunately, the individual mods are still dirt cheap! So a nice weapon-swap set is still plenty affordable and can do everything in the game.

Glad you're enjoying it!
If you're using a 6L chest for BF, that would free up sockets on your helm slot. What would you use in there?

Is what I plan to use for both single and aoe damage right now... at least till price goes down for better single target or I get rich :D
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First, thank you for that interesting build.

I'm looking to recycle my berserker in standard league.
I don't trade and don't play much in standard atm, so i'm not sure if will have one of these stat-stick weapons.
I aim to use my remaining maps from harbinger without investing too much time in it.

In your opinion, is there any way to replace it("Enemies killed explode dealing 5% of their Life as Fire Damage"), with something like abyssal cry // breath of the council in offhand for example ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
What about the Stormbarrier Support gem...
I guess it would fit it, but do we need it?
just wondering if its worth adding herald of ice for more explosions?
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What about 6L + Helm with damage, example Abyssus.
What about 6L + Helm with damage, example Abyssus.

Abyssus could work but you have to keep in mind that you're taking an additional 40-50% PLUS the 10% from Aspect of Carnage.

My recommendation would be to go for a pair of elder gloves that give you faster attacks + Chance to bleed. Then fill in your chest and helm with as much life as you can get.

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Hey, I like the build, however, would it be possible to use Reave in place of BF, or be able to swap them with each other if I feel like changing my playstyle? or is this build missing something big that would make it so reave simply wouldn't work?
Currently leveling this in HC, i will keep you updated if its viable enough :)

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