Path of Exile 3.1.0: War for the Atlas Patch Notes

Nice joke, where are the real patch notes ?
No nemesis with Zana ? no more HH chanche ? only by div card ? well as i wrote in the manifesto, thanks GGG, finally can start playing some other games, see ya.
Well done GGG! Looking forward to 3.1.

I enjoyed reading the patch notes, and I think all the major balance changes you have done the last few leagues are making the game better. Double dipping, ridiculous ES (I had over 15k), broken VP all had to go. I hope we can get to a point where ES and life builds are equally viable, and I also would like to see some love for the unused skills such as Power Siphon and Cold Snap. Otherwise I'm very pleased.

To anyone thinking this is the end, it's clearly not.
New meta builds will emerge, as they always do. People will still kill Shaper and conquer other end game content. Just not the same way they did before.

All balance changes bring innovation, and that's part of the fun in an ARPG. I've personally played Flicker Strike characters almost every league the last few years. Ascendancies, items, support gems and passives have all varied a lot, but it's still possible to build around the skill I enjoy most and find new creative ways to do it. Your exact build from past leagues might be dead, but you can probably still be effective with a playstyle you enjoy. Just keep innovating!
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Acuity's going legacy is the dumbest change ever. For years I have always wanted an Acuity but now that dream is shattered by a staggering new pricetag of more than a mirror. It feels like waiting all year for Christmas only to see your presents given away to a rich kid, then told you'd have to wait 6 more years for your Christmas holiday.

Legacy Acuity is such a powerful item. Some of the most powerful builds will now only be available to the super wealthy. Even Kaom's Heart being changed from 1k to 500 was acceptable since 500hp is still very powerful even when compared to the original. But the new Acuity pales in comparison to the legacy version.

Thx GGG.

You have ruined Christmas.
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Me : *Invests all my money in a Dark Pact map clearing build*

GGG : Better nerf Dark pact
<3 GGG
And how are things on the Lani dialogue and player character comments for acts 5-10 fronts?
Every time new patch notes are revealed, a bunch of pussy wizards and summoners and other filth fill 50+ pages with their pathetic tears.

The criteria has nothing to do with GGG catering to "RMT" or "1% streamers", but with the (un)flexibility of how their item database system is designed. And their (un)willingness to update items that already exist.

Affixes which have no range values are not part of the item itself, but are stored as a single value elsewhere. While affixes that have a range value, have to be created and stored for each item that exists.

This means that the former affixes can be changed across all items, just by editing one variable, while the latter have to be edited for each item in existence. BUT adding or removing new affixes which didn't exist before, would also need them to iterate through all items in existence. Which GGG early on decided to not do and thus they've created the concept of legacy items. That's why for eg. if you divine the old 1000 life Kaom's, it will get nerfed to 500 life but it won't add the fire damage affix.

Ofc. all legacy items could be changed to current values, but that would (now) require some major database maintenance, both in coding and execution time.
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Good thing you listened to 80% of community about fixing ES CI... oh wait you didn't, instead you made up fake people about nerfing vaal pact because you want no one to have fun like usual... ya real nice patch notes....
So many scrubs are complaining about not being able to facetank bosses now. Maybe you guys get gud?
Imo that VP nerf was pretty much needed and should've made ages ago. Now you finally have to use an active movement to prevent getting killed instead of just afk right clicking. Still I think the move of VP into the duelist tree was not needed tho.

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