3.0.1e Patch Notes

Any optimizing patch soon please. Stutter and lags still on a 1070 GTX and i7 3.8ghz.
couple things

i am only lvl 58 currently, and am playing necro, srs, skelly - i may die to a boss, or a mob if i'm eating and playing (ha) but so far, is best char i've played.

my pc is an amd a10 the cpu has =built in= video - the mb is asus a88xm-a total for both? $200.
poe runs great. (yeah, some slowdown with absolutely huge mobs) but, gee, am amazed my cheap-arsed rig runs this game so good, considering all the gripes i read

sadly, i don't know much about the end game as i never get there. ha. well, maybe this league.

thanks for the game, ggg
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Qarl wrote:
3.0.1e Patch Notes
  • Fixed various issues where the following achievements were not always able to be completed: Locomancer, Deicide, Decimation, Deadly Sins, Omnipotent, Warlord, Augmentation, Apprentice Cartographer, Journeyman Cartographer, Master Cartographer and Atlas of Worlds.

still no progress on the Steam vs internal Achievement list mismatch?
I've got 76 achievements on Steam, 87 here :/

edit: 78 and 90 now :/

/recheck_achievements gives no results
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Please buff Bleed.
Created a new bug where previously completed achievements are now not complete.

Thanks for breaking something that wasn't already broken guys!

Not. Happy. Jan.
WTF ? "Arrow pierce an additionnal target" disappeared on my Penetrating Arrow Quivers :o :o
SSF for ever :)
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Kingoko wrote:
Fixed a crash caused by the low life tutorial.

Wait, whut?

That's what I said.
~ If you are going to hide behind a hidden account, don't expect to be taken seriously.
your sure these are fixed? I have been kicked from xbox one version 4 times already just walking around
Bugged cyclone for xbox one... gonna admit not to happy about it.
Well, they fixed the transfer invalid bug at first login.

Though the "unexpected disconnect" when attempting to play for the first time after starting the game is still occuring

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