3.0.1e Patch Notes

This is to give GGG an idea of what the constant disconnects are causing for a player.

I am trying to complete merciless lab for my new toon. Every time you change to another part of the lab you are opening a new instance. Every time you fight Izzy you are creating a new instance. I am not talking here about the two or three tries you must go thru to just boot up the game. Today it took me four tries before I could get online.

By my calculations you have about a 42% chance of any new instance crashing. Do the math folks! I cannot complete the lab not because I have been killed. I haven't. I cannot complete the lab because of the damn disconnections.

POE is a game of changing instances. You go to town, then your hideout, then you open a map and go for it. I defy you to do all these things in a row without disconnection!!

Come on folks. This game is almost unplayable there no defense against a DC. No amount of "getting gud" is going to help.

In fact I am good, I haven't died except due to lag or DC.

Please fix this wonderful game and I promise I will buy all kinds of stuff I really want more things but not for a game I CANNOT PLAY.
Seriously guys just calm down. I know it is frustrating when you Crash a lot or dc in lab or something.
I've had quite some Problems myself after patch 3.0.1d since I've been crashing in lab and some maps (with my marauder only for some reason).
I understand it takes away the fun but it isn't like it is always easy to find all reasons for crashes and network problems with pc games since the diversity of hardware and software on the different machines can cause several problems that devs can't anticipate.

At least for me this patch solved the issues and it shows to me that the devs do care and try to fix the bugs and all. Try to be more patient even with all the frustration Building up. They are just humans too.

And to those guys complaining about new microtransactions:

the ones developing those and the ones that do the technical fixing are different people, so new microtransactions don't take away manpower from fixing the problems. And do you expect the people that have no problems and that want something new to not get anything out of a patch just because you have problems? I'm not someone who buys skins and such but I am glad some do, because this way I can enjoy a great game even with all its flaws.
I only bought stash tabs so far but still think it is great that they give new content to people that want to change the appearance of their characters.
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Any update when translate path of exile to spanish?
Dreivin wrote:
And do you expect the people that have no problems and that want something new to not get anything out of a patch just because you have problems?

Funny thing is that most people complaining about the state of the game have supported the game so far; but according to you they should have no say cause "we" need new mtx every patch and fixes for the problems whenever devs feel like it.

Also most people are aware that mtx design and bug fixing are handled by different people but when you see mtx roll out with clock like precission and bug fixes once in a blue moon you can't help but vent in forum threads that almost no one in the company reads anyway.
After this patch game is unplayable, continuous : fail join to instance , no chance to enter HQ without problems.
Please, fix this
I think that GGG decided not to fix the Bandits bug until the next passive reset in new league. That means that existing standard characters can not take Oak, Kraityn, and Alira reward until November.
"Fixed several other client crashes."

Apparently not mine. T>T
I was expecting more with "not loosing spectres when you log-out"

Hence a good fix for pathfinding, but it's not enough to convince me to buy kitava pack.

Edit: looking forward to 3.0.2
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Can not even login now. Does the server down? I can not find any official announcement.
Steam version was updated today. Where are the patch notes?

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