3.0.1e Patch Notes

Am I supposed to uncomplete maps and complete them again to get the achievement?
That doesn't sound right...
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Qarl wrote:
3.0.1e Patch Notes
  • Added several new variations to the White Fern Hideout Decoration and slightly increased their size.
    [li]Fixed several other client crashes.

Listing client crashes that you introduced with a rushed patch as the last line of that list kinda shows how much you care about on those fixes.

Presenting detailed info on a deco most people have no clue about but which seems to have been top priority for you guys goes to show how out of touch you are with your own game.

Every time you roll out a patch that fixes jack shit I thank the powers that be that I didn't spend a cent on a game where the devs went from wanting to make a Diablo 2 successor to mimiking the devs of d3.
This patch has cost me atleast 6 offerings and several Shaper sets, when i enter a load screen there is what feels like a 70 percent chance my game will crash as soon as the load screen comes up. Grinding Gears you need to get your shit together.

They are working really hard and nonstop to bring you micro-transactions!

Give them some time as they are also working long and hard to give us new... micro-transactions.

Don't worry, we will get new upda... micro-transactions soon enough!

Geez people.

You all act like there are tons of people who quit playing POE because they can't even play the game because GGG is being led by a cow into the wrong direction. WRONG!

How many micro-transactions do you all need before your happy?
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none, just the game working properly is good enough ^^
atm, the game is sh9t for me and for many others...
Can we please get corpse highlighting on console for us summoners !!!!!! Holy crap
That was my point, all they do is release pointless micro-transactions to make money and aren't dealing with the real issues.
For me the "real reasons" for the update is to fix login.
When it takes 3 logins to start the game there is something wrong.
When every time you change location there a 40% or higher chance the game will crash there is something wrong.
When monsters show up and the lag hits 2k there is something wrong.
When the only response you get from the devs is silence there is something wrong.
When the only response from the devs is "the problem is with your internet", there is something wrong.
When you can play ANY OTHER GAME WITH NO ISSUES there is something wrong.
Constant crashing, hideous lag, lost maps and loot, not to mention invisible monsters that kill you during the lag indicate something wrong.

after that 3.0.1e patch, i just cant play the game anymore, dx9 dx11, just cant play,
lagging like crazy, low fps even in HO, alone,
the game is broken since patch
Drimli wrote:
I am pretty sure by now that 9/10 of the GGG team are working on China branch and Xbox stuff... this league is a joke and the bug fixing and shit is the worst i have ever seen in PoE... if this is going to be the standard of the future i think it is time to find another game... GGG is committing suicide by greed.

This is the perfect Post to explain the Problem since the X-Box Release/Harbinger League.

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