[3.1] How to Smash Heads. Ancestral Warchief Facebreaker edition.

How it's mine character,equipment and oher. name is Helltot.i dont have currency for belly of the beast and abysys now but what to do for farming curency i am lvl 72.and i fell weak i mean my syrvuiability is to low on shot me monester i tru to dodge and lt my totem do job but sometimes dont work.nice build i whant to made my character to be that god but i am newbie :D
Well i'd strongly suggest to reread the guide a couple of times because it is rather large and detailed and it's easy for a newbie to miss important stuff. For example looking at your gear i'd guess that your elemental resistances are not capped. That's a huge issue that must be addressed ASAP. Another thing is the flat physical damage . In the very beginning of the guide it is written " Now i need to stress the importance of one thing – flat physical damage (i.e. the Meginord’s Girdle mod “Adds 5-15 physical damage to attack”) is the thing that has the biggest impact on your damage. You need to stack as much “Adds X-X physical damage to attack”) as humanly possible (without neglecting other aspects of the build of course).". That's something that your gear is definitely missing. One of your rings and your amulet have NO flat physical damage and your other ring has rather pathetic amounts of it, all that is a big hit to your damage output. The lack of flat life on your rings/amulet is yet another hit on your survivability (though in your case it's not that bad). The warlords reach jewel that you have is pretty much useless as the range has no noticeable effect on your totems so it's essentially a 8% attack speed for 2 passive skills points (and that's not good).
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think i have promblem
i take tukohama and wat i see on tooltip:

Great Old One's Ward ,hearld ash,hatred+golem - 2 totem DPS > tukohama+golem - 3 totem

Great Old One's Ward ,hearld ash,hatred+golem+flask - 2 totem DPS = tukohama+golem+flask - 3 totem

Silver Flask,atziri promise,Lion's Roar

guys maybe better sell tukohama and buy enchant for warchief?

and how match damage i need for shaper?uber atziri?
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While Great old One's Ward + Hatred + HoA produces higher paper damage one must remember that the difference comes exactly for the Hatred and HoA and that's elemental damage, the kind of damage that is greatly reduced by the resistance of your enemies, the kind of damage that is not multiplied by Vulnerability, the kind of damage that you ... don't really care for THAT much, especially when there is another option. On top of that having 3 totems is a huge QoL over having 2 totems. An effective 33.33% of more AoE, the extra taunt chance and so on and so on. And of course having Blood Magic is another great benefit of tukohama. Oh and did i mentioned the higher life values and the fact that it is an amour shield?

As for how much damage you need for shaper and uber atziri .. i mean check my stats, the shaper video ... and you can easily clear the content with much less damage per totem.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"

Thank's for you guides. They are really great! I started poe about 3 month ago or something. Did you're physical flickerstrike. Got it to lvl 87, capped ress and about 5k life. Died a few times on bosses around maps T11 and thought I give this build a go.
So now I´m 77 with my facebreaker and things are good. Capped and 5,6k life. Just a 5 link belly. All fuses I get goes to trying to 6L the other 39% life belly in stash. My problem is I dont have so much play time. 2 small kids and a girlfriend that HATES games. Anyway, I managed to get Tropical Island shaped to T13 and yesterday was my first attempt in farming it. I dont have any other T13 or T14-15 completed so only Shaped Island can drop. My completion in atlas is just around 45%. I went all in and bought apprentis cardographer and even mastered sextant island. Used only 15+ pack sized. Did 6 runs and got 7 shaped maps in return. I did feel that the pack size was small compared to some vidoes I've seen when people do what I did. I got more enemys on all my sextants so there should be a lot.

Do you think this will be an OK strategy for me? I like just grinding in games so I want to be self sustianed in maps. Get enough items back to make a profit. I know I should have more % in getting higher maps. Gonna work on that. Other than that is Tropical island ok? I only have like 50 chaos so redoing atlas and get another map to farm seems to take to much time and to much money.

Maybe it´s time to do that uber lab also :)

This shield dropped yesterday. think that alone can pay for what I spent on sextants yesterday. Hoping for 40c.

Well it's an ok strategy though keep in mind that yo might run into a dry streak and you might run out of maps. It's normal, just buy a couple of maps when that happens. Personally i prefer to complete the entire atlas because i get bored of running the same map again and again but that's me. Tropical island is fine as long as you enjoy running it.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Thank you for that fast reply. Ok' I'll keep that in mind. I´m so happy I got a spot now where I just can do the same thing over and over and just grind. I´m an old Wow player and I could farm the same spot for over a year and still think it was fun. Must have some diagnos :)
I'm having a hard time surviving with this build, don't get me wrong.. the damage IS there. but at the same time I'm being either one-shotted or two-shotted on t11 maps by pretty much anything.

You can check out my character, I've nailed almost every piece of the build and still struggling.
How you die that much is really beyond me especially when i was at 0 deaths until sudden latency spike hit me at level 91. Perhaps the issue is your gameplay style ? Are you running inside monster packs? I find it really hard to die even if i try to.

P.S. Are your resistances capped ? Also are you running with concentrated effect constantly instead of increased AoE, if that's the case that can be a huge issue becuase your AoE is terrible.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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What should be mine next upgrade? 6L belly or better steel rings?
5742hp, 31k dps per totem with atziri's promise, golem, herald of ash and hatred and inc area of effect. Lvl 84.

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