[3.3] BloodFlurry (18+ mill dps), Instant Leech, Inc. Hardcore Version (Elder/Shaper/Guardians/Uber)

In what order should i take the ascendancy points?
evilrulz37 wrote:
In what order should i take the ascendancy points?

Rush for Path of the Ranger (pick up Raider along the way).
Twitch Stream:
What changes would you make to make this build HC viable?
This "BUILD" is impossible to make in this league dude
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Deboltix wrote:
This "BUILD" is impossible to make in this league dude

Beware of this build, in order to get the advertised DPS, you require godly t1 gear. However, Ele Blade Fury can still do close to insane amounts of damage, 500k+ to 1 Million+ with crap gear.
Practically a full set of mirrored gear on a life build thats using damage on full life....
also with vaal pact and a 625094 life leech on hit rate why would you not allocate the slayer node
"life leech effects are not removed on full life."?
Im playing this as pathfinder/elementalist rather than raider as I'm not really doing any single target bossing to need the frenzy on hit yet. It's going OK.
Wasp Nest claw is a really good 0 budget main hand
Pathfinder will always be the superior choice for boss killing when you're a scion, since flask sustain is A-Z difference compared to 600k dps loss (in full mirror gear setup that he uses in that PoB aka non realistic gear) which is amounted in 1 attack/sec less as pathfinder but able to sustain flasks on bosses (higher upfront dmg, less attacks)

in more realistic gear where u might not have t1 rolls on everything, be happy if you reach somewhere between 5 and 10mil total dps.

Also his 35mil dps is 19.9mil vs shaper, which in realistic gear will be around 5-7mil dps.

realistic gear:
5.5-6k life
5-7mil dps vs shaper (this is with a 350pdps claw and mostly t2 rolls on rings/amulet and not perfect 4prop jewels since those does not exist)

So take Unchained's PoB link at face value, no one will have 100% perfect mirror gear in a temp league, heck the gear in that PoB does not even exist in standard after this long time.

However unchained's PoB link shows theoretical dps numbers possible if such gear would exist.
Maybe im missing something but the survivalbilty is way to low for me. Can't get close enough to even attack high tier bosses without dying. My dps was over 5mil and i had 5.5k life with max res. Any info is much appreciated.

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