[3.3] BloodFlurry (18+ mill dps), Instant Leech, Inc. Hardcore Version (Elder/Shaper/Guardians/Uber)

Any one have his char's pob with ~10ex budget? Just wondering if it's not only standart viable.
Th3LoRD wrote:
Firstly, fuck you for posting your PoB with a 200ex+ budget, Abyssus, every possible configuration and calculating vs Normal monsters. Suffering from tiny penis syndrome much?

Started the league with this garbage and immediately had to reroll since it has 0 dps before you gear it properly.

Ran the numbers with a slightly more reasonable gear, and non retarded configuration:
- About 2M shaper dps with Starkonja, 3.5M with Abyssus
- Goes up to abou 5M Starkonja, 8M with Abyssus with Shocked/Chilled selected, not sure if you can Shock/Chill Shaper. I guess you chill with frost bomb, no clue about shock. Not entirely sure why the massive jump in DPS.

- Why the fuck you have power charges checked? There's literally no way of you getting power charges in your setup.

Welcome to 95% of the guides. They often claim XXmil Shaper dmg with cheap gear. Then you look at the PoB and it has the same GG jewels copy-pasted, GG corruptions, GG foils with 3x shaper extra damage mods, 10 statuses checked in PoB configuration, expensive items, lvl97-100, 5k ish hp that dies to almost anything remotely dangerous in the game.

People follow these "promises" thinking they can achieve those numbers and more often than not it ends in regret and time wasted.
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Hmm i took a look at your passive trees and at the 50ish passive tree and forward you start having vaal pact ticked on. should prob change that
Hey bro,

I skipped delve league completely but am planning to play again in 3.5
I plan to play this build, how is it working out in 3.4? And Might it be viable in 3.5? i know theres not much known yet about 3.5... but just curious.

This build is legit. Made a new character and leveled all the way up to 80 and followed the guide. Only problem I had so far is generating power charges, other than that everything is fine. Bosses melt, insane clear speed. I did change somethings in the build thou. For example I went max rolled wed on my steel rings and got a rats nest with 40% BF damage implicit for safer clear speed and bosses. Also shocking enemies may be a point of this build which i sorta ignored because my watchers eye jewel didnt have the phys to ele convert when affected by wrath roll on it but it doesnt seem to cause any problem damage wise for now. Im still level 80 and i get 16mil Shaper DPS. Check my pastebin if you want more info. https://pastebin.com/ZFLZRFMf

Definitely worth it. The damage is nutty :p
Great news, thanks man i wil most certainly check youre pastebin and test youre version.

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Has someone a 3.5 passive tree for me?
this build rely on stats stick and stat stick doesn't work with 3.5 for melee, thus this build is dead
I understand but still, has someone maybe an old picture or something of the old passive tree? Just need to see where he went in the duelist area

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