2.6.0h Patch Notes

I wonder if they banned anyone for the Monstrous Treasure 'sploit. It didn't seem that bad until I remembered that sextant mods like "500% IIQ from strongbox monsters" were a thing. They were basically "duping" their sextants by never having to reroll them since the maps weren't actually activating. Sounds bannable to me.

I'm also curious to see if its value goes down. Surely it will if those who bought them were mostly the 'sploiters. It's at 36 chaos in LSC currently according to poe.ninja...
GGG is just a Tencent brand now. Feels bad, man.
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I found an error thay may or may not be related to the new patch, after completing the Breaking some eggs mission and entering The Submerged Passage, the text below appears scrambled. I do not know if this happens everytime, i just found it now.
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Nothing related to 64 bit crashes :(. There is a 26 page post regarding it in the bug forum.
Completed 1 ChallengeRottingham wrote:
How could some coding changes be 567MB?

they are adding malware!! BEWARE!!!
jokes aside
probably they are buffing volatile blood and it requires alot of space to 1hit us again xD
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please re design the atlas - ty
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.
Chris wrote:
2.6.0h Patch Notes
  • Fixed an issue where the selected chat language was not saved, and needed to be changed each time the client was started.

But still no option to remember what league we last played in when we log in.
No fun allowed.™
Seems to be an issue with the audio after this patch.

So excited for 3.0, hope it brings some more Diablo players to PoE.
OMG they killed Kenny... You bastards!
Hi, I somehow cannot update the last 2MB of the patch. How do I fix this?
*-Fix a bug with server freezing each 2 sec
*-Fix a bug with random game freez for 5 sec theen dc (mostly when you are in labirynt)

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