2.6.0h Patch Notes

My wife never existed.
about time to fix beyond
Removed the league-exclusivity from four types of Talisman.

ɐwʎ ɔ vǝmоɔ dиw
Where fix the baron? ci+gr
Are this game crashes on Zana daily mission will be fixed? Or it already is implemented hotfix?
love you GGG <3
will there be a rollback or can we keep on playing till the last minutes ?
Fixed an exploit where it could be determined if the Monstrous Treasure Prophecy had triggered on a map while you were still able to cancel consumption of the map.

So we are safe from being banned if we used it a few times months ago right?

IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
It's about time to have double beyond working as intended again!

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