[2.6] Blade of Solaris – CwC Blade Vortex, now with 2.6 Shaper video and PoB Code!

Gear looks solid. Best recommendation I can make is flask duration on belt (primarily for Vinktar). You may also want to try out phase run. Alchemist's prefix on your Quicksilver flask is another adjustment you can make for speed.

Personally, not a big fan of swapping auras. Up to you, though. I think once you grow accustomed to the play style and flask usage you'll feel more comfortable with Vuln full time.
I think my belt didnt have the flask craft open, guess I'll have to hunt for a sidegrade.

I swapped Warlorf with fire golem, fits perfectly in the helm, and that little sucker dies too easily/annoying to resummon.

How would you suggest phaserun, maybe in a cwdt/inc dur setup in an oblit? Instead of leveling a few gems. Seems like a good idea thx
Inc duration and on an Obliteration for sure. You'll find yourself wanting to press it outside of packs, so I can't recommend CWDT.
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how about the reflect ?

it can Free running reflect map ?
Provided you have your flasks set up correctly and are comfortable pressing them reliably, yes: you can run reflect. You may need to push Vaal Discipline for bosses, where you push the BV stack higher.
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Hey, just wanted to start by saying thanks for the build.

I'm level 89 now with minotaur, phoenix, and shaper down. Haven't tried chimera or hydra yet.

I made a few changes to the build that I think work really well, with the downside of not having vaal setup or RF. I dropped the vaal skill setup for a cast when damage taken vulnerability so that I can blasphemy warlords mark, because I really like having permanent leech. Also dropped duration nodes above duelist because pathing through eva felt really inefficient and I had enough duration to get 20 BV stacks even without the helm enchant. Instead I grabbed the second curse and I'm planning on taking the chaos wheel next to it as well with my next 4 levels. I also grabbed primal spirit and shaper nodes so that I could run arctic armor and still have enough mana to drop orb of storms and enough regen to sustain wither cost. Side benefit of primal spirit giving 20 str. I had to drop INC aoe on orb of storms to lower the mana cost. I'm currently linking cwdt+vuln+enhance, but i think i'm going to drop enhance for vaal discipline just because its so useful. Also no righteous fire because I'm an idiot and would forget to turn it off. For mapping, I swap out CwC and wither for spell echo and added chaos and turn off AA, because the clear speed with wither+CwC felt terrible. Here's my current gear, just need to get good ES rolls on rings now and grab another perf shade of solaris.

And my tree...taking jewels last. www.poeurl.com/bcGC
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So i haven't really done any pathfinder builds before, but i noticed last night how horrible it was when grouped with 1 other person.

Maybe I'm missing something, but we basically have no way of filling flasks on bosses besides the few random trash they spawn (like golema on Minotaur).

I often run with 1 friend who plays aurabot necro. I figured with all the added damage, minotaur would be a joke even with big map rolls. I think it was 40% more elemental resists and 37% life. Add on the extra life he gets from having 2 people (not entirely sure what it is)...

But basically i found myself running out of flasks quick, especially with having to dodge the slams/AoE on floor. I died 4 times and he died twice, we barely got him down to 40%. Is this type of build just not viable unless you're solo/kill the boss in under like 15 seconds?

I kill him no problem solo. Sometimes one death if it's high crit/crit mult etc if he one shots me... Not used to playing an ES build with only "only" 9k shields. I notice other chaos/ES builds often use shields, which would easily push me up to like 11/12k. But i wanted to try something different, hence this build.

Makes me scared to try shaper, and my gear already seems capable enough
For Minotaur you just want to stack on him (golems/totems included) and go face. Don't dodge slams – just dodge his submerge charge (which only occurs if he's targeting something not in melee range). Doing otherwise loses valuable flask / RF / Vaal aura time. And yes, you're looking for a kill within your flask timer, which may be a problem if you're rolling monster life and running 2P health, and will certainly be a problem if you're dodging slams.

Guardians are much harder than Shaper, imo.
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And my tree...taking jewels last. www.poeurl.com/bcGC

Interesting variation! Not my cup of tea, but glad you're having fun with it.
This builds will work without a shavronnes ? Cheap version on 5l regalia or fur shawl?

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