2.5.2 Patch Notes

who cares
Give PVP some love please
chayula splinter challenged not fixed
Why is there no note about the nerf to Discharge?
Voll's Devotion is no longer working with it...
volls devotion broken
Nice Update!!

I notice quite a bit of improvement in-game on my system.Constant 350-400fps @2560x1440p dx11 everything cranked up. I was previously getting dips into the 100fps range frequently in maps with shadows cranked up and also in towns. Not any more.
patch reduced fps and made everything blurry, god bless that xbone team with their godly performance improvements

*edit* switched to dx9 and blurryness is gone, still experiencing fps drops i did not have before patch
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I can't get enough of those... maybe I'm addicted... I need help.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
Since the patch it seems everything in the front is blurry as hell, aura icons up top left, when I open my stash or to purchase items from masters the items themselves are blurry as hell. My character standing in town is perfectly crisp like it was 30 mins ago.

Using an ATI 7800, Window Mode 1920*976, Low Shadow, High Texture, no AA, 2x Antiscopic DX 11 Beta.

Switched to 8x AA and same thing.

**EDIT** Switch to DX 9 and everything is back to normal. So obviously a DX 11 problem
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