[3.1 Updated] For Slayer - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Uber Lab Runner, End Game Viable)

How's Commandment of Force compared to the recommended Commandment of Fury as glove enchant?

And is more attack speed or more damage better as helm enchant?
Speed gives slightly more dps and triggers molten burst more often I guess, or is there an internal cooldown?
I read somewhere that IAS is not always the best option even if it gives more dps because of whatever.

Got both options now so I wondered.

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I think before it was Flammability for mapping. 15% IAS for bosses.
Great guide and build! Uber lab at lvl 71, easiest clear ever. Thanks!
how did you guys get xoph amulet? everyday im using chaos recipe to get some C's.. and everyday the price goes up. (10 ex for now)
huntsmon wrote:
how did you guys get xoph amulet? everyday im using chaos recipe to get some C's.. and everyday the price goes up. (10 ex for now)

Farmed for a long time on my ED/cont. Saved up 1C at a time.

Are most people running ignite or the pure damage build?
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tried shaper 3 times now .. best try was about 25% in Phase 3 .. damn hard .. what should i upgrade except xophs :)
I got a Xoph but missed my Bisco's

Swapped back to Bisco, and I got an Exalted Orb and Mirror within 2 maps!

Talk about RNG

I guess I would need to respec in/out of Avatar for levelling and guardian/shaper kills, if I want to use Bisco's

I picked up a biscos yesterday to experiment, and I don't see much decrease in clearspeed on Shaped Spider or Shaped Ashen wood with the Biscos vs Xoph's even without respeccing to Avatar. Less health but can still do all mods but no leach/ele reflect fine. The boss and some big yellows die slightly slower but otherwise it goes at the same speed. Am level 96 in the Primeval force skill tree.

I imagine at around 13+ it would start to slow down though.
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i need some item advices
This is my current setup.

Would it be a insane change for me if i swap the belly for a 6L
and some new boots ?

I would loose 39% hp from belly, but gain some max life from boots.
Would i get one shot by bosses if i swap over or would i be fine. with ~6200 HP you think ?
(Farming T15 maps)
(T16 bosses are easy atm, not tried shaper yet)

Btw this is the most fun build i'v played in PoE so far.

Thanks allot for reading this.
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