[3.2+] Explosive Cleave / Lacerate Gladiator. Insane Clear Speed, Solid Defenses and Budget


Cool. Good luck with the build!
How did you level up? What skills / items?

Hmm I think earthquake is the best way to level. Use high dps 2h axes and maces until you get to higher levels and get the increased AoE gem for Cleave. Then you can switch to cleave with high DPS 1h axes. Upgrade to Soul taker, Jack the Axe and BoR when you can.
Going to try this build, perhaps u could add some lvl up trees?
Supreme, have you tried Sunder skill yet? I am currently level 65 and sunder feels much better/safer for low level maps for me.

Also do you know why spells hitting me alot? My resists are capped, and with granite+jade flask, i am getting 23k armor. My current hp is 3500 and for example, ice storm skill melts my whole hp in a second.
@supreme_Pizza in case u didnt notice it from gameplay, Outmatch and Outlast will NOT give you endurance charges. Source: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1592559
You generate ur endurance charges from Bringer of Rain.
Therefore there is no point in taking Outmatch and Outlast, Better run Bloodrage for Frenzy charges.( Why dont you run it anyways? Attackspeed and lifeleech is pretty good)

In addition, i would DEFINETLY take Versatile Combat. Its Dual wield, u can cap 75/75 with Rumi's pretty easy, its a HUGE defensive Layer for this build, just drop Blood in the Eyes for it.

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merci izaro fight is how hard?

Yep I'll post some soon


Yeah I tried sunder, but you can't get endurance charges from sunder since it only attacks with the main hand though.

That's a bit strange about the spell thing. Try to get more life and also run CWDT + Enfeeble. That will reduce the spell damage you take by a lot. Make sure CWDT is level 1 and Enfeeble is level 5 (for armour based chars, use a very low level CWDT)

Also when you switch to cleave, use Leap Slam + Fortify to leap into packs. Also, use Arctic Armour as well if you have a soul taker.


Hey, this problem was fixed by GGG a while back. I was gaining endurance charges before I equipped BoR. And my block chance is only 30% so it would be impossible for me to maintain full endurance charges with that alone.

You can test this out yourself to confirm. Here is a more recent thread. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1601461


Merciless izaro is pretty easy. For boss fights replace increased aoe with conc effect and you melt him down in 5-10 seconds. I just killed Atziri and the 'Death and Taxes' boss, so Izaro is a piece of cake.

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@ProHacker, I just tested this with 5L belly and i still maintain endurance charges. You should give it a try.

Ah thanks for the confirmation

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