[3.2+] Explosive Cleave / Lacerate Gladiator. Insane Clear Speed, Solid Defenses and Budget

Can you kill Atziri with your gear? Maybe even Uber with some upgrades?
Haven't tried it yet, but you should definitely be able to. With conc effect my DPS hits 140k dps with charges, which is enough to burst down the bosses.

Not 100% sure about uber atziri though. Might be possible with more upgrades.
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I think I can try uber with this build, I will make it in a bit. Ill be using a 6l lightning coil, so with a couple changes to the tree it should be possible (on std btw)
Oh and btw sick build, props to you for making this.
Perhaps I am missing something (its 6am here at the moment so sorry if its a dumb question).

But how are you gaining charges?

Might try this out in perandus, getting over my totem build.
I dont have a Soul Taker or Jack. How would a Wings of Entrophy work here? All the nodes is could use could really boost the damage.

Haha thanks. Good luck with uber!


The gladiator passive 'outmatch and outlast' gives me 25% chance to gain a frenzy charge on kill with main hand and 25% chance to gain an endurance charge on kill with offhand. Since cleave uses both hands simultaneously, we can get both charges. Hope this helps.


Sadly you do need at least jack the axe, since it gives 100% bleed on hit. Without bleed, we can't make explosions. Fortunately jack the axe is worth like 1-5c so it's really cheap. Soul taker is a lot cheaper these days too.

This build is crazy, started as as a cleave champion and respecced after seeing your video, totally worth it. Now i'm really having fun :) Was thinking about Unwavering stance since i noticed i'm getting stunned sometimes. Also is it worth to go further to the Scion area, taking Berserking and Duality? What about Hatchet master, rather than By the blade?

Thx for sharing the build!

Ah thanks! I think it's better not to go unwavering stance, otherwise our blind from BoR won't work (it halves the accuracy of bosses which allows us to facetank them). But the stun can be annoying so try to stack up to 5k+ life later on and you'll be less likely to be stunned.

I also considered going to the scion's area but overall decided it was a bit too inefficient. Same with Hatchet master, since it takes an extra 10 dexterity node to get to.

Good luck with the build, glad you enjoy it!

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Ah thanks, now that I am awake properly I actually checked the ascendancy :P

I am going to start leveling this char on perandus, will reply back here how it goes when i reach mapping :)


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