[3.2+] Explosive Cleave / Lacerate Gladiator. Insane Clear Speed, Solid Defenses and Budget

Thanks for the quick response bro!!
I did this build for the second time this league. I feel very confident against white yellow and some red map bosses, but I got killed by the white elder. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong? How much armour and life do i need to survive? Also is there any endgame helmet +armour that i can switch Bringer of Rain
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Would carnage heart be a good item to replace the amulet with?
Hey, i was wondering if carnage heart would be a nice addition to the build, granting a good deal of much needed int stats and some all res ? And considering res in general have you got some good idea's for rings, presently i have some very res heavy rings.
Jewelry is all i need, i have the weapons and the helmet.
I've been following the build and I love it so far. This is the first league I have played a melee character and I feel pretty tanky already.

I know i need to upgrade some of my jewlery, but I feel pretty strong. Lvl 7 is my highest atm, but im blowing through them.

Hey man, im following this build and i like it so far. I was wondering, should you take the red storm node along the way? (right next to iron grip) Doesnt exist in the 3.2.0 tree version so iwas wondering (:
And which pantheons should i run?
Cedegroene wrote:
And which pantheons should i run?

NVM on this one (:
Gear switch

I would like to use belly of the beast since it has more links then this helm, which helm would u reccomend?
So for this build we can just use Lacerate in place of cleave and that's the only change we need to make? I would love to switch to this instead of frost blades. That's my only question.

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