[3.2+] Explosive Cleave / Lacerate Gladiator. Insane Clear Speed, Solid Defenses and Budget

On the CWDT why Enfeeble instead running with Immortal Call since your gaining end thanks as gladiator?

Immortal call duration got nerfed super hard so it's not worth losing all your endurance charges now. With 5 endurance charges, you can only get a 3s Immortal call tops and then you're left with no more endurance charges.

So I think keeping up 20% physical reduction all the time is better than 100% physical reduction for 3seconds every once in a while.
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What are the alternatives for a Soul Taker? As a new player, it's still too expensive for me. At the time of this posting, the cheapest one cost 30c. I have no where close to that amount.

I think varunastra or use another jack the axe until you can afford a soul taker. But you would need some mana leech or mana pots and you cant run arctic armour.

But to be honest, 30c isnt that expensive. Try selling your coins 80:1c and you should make 30c in no time. Also convert your fuses and other currency to chaos too and it should be quite affordable for you.
Hey so replying back from before.

Just started mapping and I am destroying everything in pretty much 1 second each pack. Rocking 41k dps on cleave (no charges) and 57k with 5 frenzy charges up.

These are of course low tier maps, my pool is beyond terrible since I just started on this league.

How do you feel about flasks such as atziris promise, taste of hate or perhaps a rumi's concotion?

Right now I am just running 2 hp, quicksilver, granite + jade flask, it works for me now, but I am considering higher tier maps.

EDIT: Am now running tier 5/6 maps and its the same as low tier, got a rare orchard map (tier 8) that I will run after gaining a few more levels. Am loving this build at the moment.
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What skill did you use for leveling? i'm 56 level atm and had a difficult time from 38-50
marios707 wrote:

What skill did you use for leveling? i'm 56 level atm and had a difficult time from 38-50

I just used facebreakers with a simple 4 link of infernal blow + melee splash + multistrike + added fire damage.

I used it untill level 53, at level 53 I bought two Prismatic Eclipse Twilight Blade's and socketed them to all red (so it gives the phys dmg increase).

With the two swords I just used cleave + multi + added fire + phys increase

These easily carried me untill level 59, where I got my soul taker, and then from there it was easy leveling to the Jack, the axe and the bringer of rain.

I actually have the two prismatic eclipses sitting in my stash if you want them, so just add me in game and i'll be happy to hand them over.
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It's ok i managed to level up to 61 after a while with Earthquake and Cleave after a while. Thanks nevertheless :)

Gratz on your progress. Really glad you're enjoying this build.

I think all 3 flasks are really good. Taste of Hate is probably the best out of the 3 since it provides offence and really good defence. The downside is it is pretty expensive.

You could possibly replace your jade and granite flask with a ToH and a Rumi's if you can afford them, but they are not 100% essential.

Have fun!
Apologies if this has already been answered, but what is your take on using Dual Strike as opposed to Cleave, with Melee splash over Increased AoE?

Alternately sticking with Cleave and running Melee Physical Damage over Increased AoE, to trade radius for increased damage.

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