0.10.1b Patch Notes

thanks for the minion targeting change! i was starting to feel rude making games with "no summoners please" in the title. <3 GGG for being so great at listening to the players!
i <3 minesweeper
Moin, da nach meiner Kenntniss auch ein GGG-Entwickler die dt. Sprache beherrscht und mein Englisch zu schlecht ist, schreibe ich mal in Deutsch.

wegen der Target-Änderung von Minions...

Bitte wenigstens für die Spectren Lebensbalken anzeigen lassen. Diese Minions hole ich mir je nach Situation und Bedarf sehr aufwendig von irgendwoher, so daß deren Tod den Spielfluß stark einschränkt. Ansonsten, die Skelette brauchen keine Lebensbalken. Die Zombies nur wenn möglich. Aber wenigstens für die Spectralwesen. Danke.

lg tanthess
You can no longer target minions on your own team.

Wow super!! Thnxx
Chris wrote:
Version 0.10.1b
  • You can no longer target minions on your own team.
  • We've added a /dnd command which toggles "Do not Disturb" mode. When in this mode, you can't receive any whisper or other social interactions. We will be adding a similar mode which still allows you to interact with your friends soon.
  • Reduced the volume of the beating sound on the Valentine's Heart weapon effect.

Obligatory advertisement: If you like this patch, please feel free to support us!

Why turn down the volume of the heart? I would've preferred to have it even louder! :o
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YES! YEEES! no more minion targetting when they are part of your team! im so happy right now haha. :D
Vini Vidi Vici
Awesome!! Thanks for the /dnd and the minion targeting is awesome!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!
Valmar wrote:
If summoners now can't watch minions life, I think this is one of the worst patches ever.
This target thing should be optional, not implemented as mandatory.

Anyway, thx a lot for the /dnd, this is really awesome!

But globally the patch is a big step back. Patch should be with optional minion target, not mandatory. This ruins the game for every summoner.

As mentioned in one of the replies, they are fixing that issue of not being able to see the minion's life. So there's no need for it to be optional, the minion's life display will be back soon.
Good and all but I cant see my minions hp/shield anymore
Ok my feed back from this patch.

Minions can no longer be targeted by same team.

This is bad change for Summoners.
My main is a Minion Witch that is now L50, this change is bad mainly because you can no longer view the HP of Spectres on a full minion tree.
Not seeing Zombies HP is not that problematic since I hardly heal them.
Unless I'm low level and wish to "Level" my minions or preserve them. Which never worked well for me.
Skeletons are fodder, ATM for me. So healing them is not a concern.
But Specters are very precious.
Having just one specter allows you to see the HP from the square on the top left.
But once you have the full tree and can raise 2 specters you lose that information on the little square, that now only indicates the number of specters.

Specters are important because you can chose what to raise. So we raise good strong mobs.
Like ranged attacked with linked Small multiple projectiles.
Or magical or rare mobs. Mobs who have + levels.
And we keep them for other levels.
For example Solaris temple Flame things that fire Fireballs are great for this.

Since I can no longer see their HP they will die quite fast, because I do not know if they have need of healing.
I normally use flasks to heal minions. It's fast an inexpensive.
I do not have any healing totems, nor do I have the STR requirements for STR gems.
Flasks worked well for me.

Now, I don't even have a use for those flasks. I need the feedback from the HP bar to have any sort of effective use for them.

I play a Wizard because I like options. I do not like to be spamming the same skill over and over again, like some marauders I see. I even suit myself with more skills than my skill bar allows just because I might need xyz strategy. For choosing a strategy, information is needed. Just imagine what would happen if you could no longer see Mobs elemental resistances
Sure the minions were spammy but I never had a problem with it. After all everything is spammy for Minion summoners since I cannot half the time distinguish my minions from the mobs/NPCs.

is there a way to see minions' life with this patch ?

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