0.10.1b Patch Notes

Making minion targeting use a hotkey, like targeting dead bodies, would be great.

This would be helpful to know the remaining life on my zombies. It's not a deal breaker if this isn't tweaked as I normally just summon new ones just in case but it would be a nice touch.
You guys are doing such a great job :)
Bwasmer wrote:
Would you guys over in tech support be able to place a "pause for later" button on the downloading patch screen? I have 4.88 gigs worth of patch to download and never have enough time. Every time I have to restart the download process. I love the game and would love to play it again. But if you never install that button, I am afraid I'll never play again. Unwillingly unable to play too :/

The patch always resumes from where it left off for me, I have no idea why it's not doing that for you.
Jaknet wrote:
jhedranier13 wrote:
how and where could I download the new patches?? i'm a new comer.... :D

Just start the game and any new patches are automatically downloaded and installed before the game begins.

thank you... :D but how much do I have to wait... I've been waiting a couple of hours...

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