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hcl wrote:
does it handle human psychology, aka the non linear price rising, when it comes to (partly) perfect rolls eg on uniques? eg xy uniq belt worth 3 ex - same with perfect stats wort 40ex?

It is not atm. Human-in-the-loop is necessary. Marked. I will try it if I get an update-to-date unique item list. Thanks!
Searches divination cards now.
Update: now it searches named items, such as uniques and gems, by inputting the item name. Enjoy!
Fixed a bug when updating forum thread.
Started tracking T1 unique items' historical prices.

PS: T1 is currently discussed here:
So is it possiblie to use this site, to auto-price all the items through acqusition/procurement?
Is poeprice down?
site not working for me all the sudden, my stash wont load at all
IGN CrackaQueen
Now i see, why i can buy several ex worth item for 3c :)

Recommended price 9c :))
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Hello. Tyvm for the good work.

Could you please add support to 1mHC and 1mSC races?

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