Unique rarity tiers [ Needs severe updating ]

Writing this up.

( Take note rarity tiers NOT value prices between the two )
( Debatable = More opinion's would be nice! )

Thanks to Funkdubious for clearing up my laziness in terms of the names

Bolded are ''new'' and recently updated.

You can tell me your opinion in replies like all I'm doing is just keeping this shit up to date on what item is what tier and such.

Atiziri tier basically means it only drops from her however they use the same tier zones for example lets say the flask right? That's obviously t4 and well compare it too Dori's scepter well that's obviously 1.


In rarity - >

T1 - |
+ Shavronne's Wrappings
+ Mjölner
+ Windripper
+ Void Battery
+ Kaom's Heart
+ The Goddess Bound
+ Soul Taker
+ Song of the Sirens
+ Lightning Coil
+ Prism Guardian
Doriyani's Fist
+ Doriyani's Catalyst - > Atziri Tier
+ Atziri's Acuity - > Atziri Tier
+ Hegemony's Era
+ Rathpith Globe

T2 -
+ Aurseize
+ The Searing Touch (now Lathi)
+ Null's Inclination
+ The Whispering Ice
+ Sire Of Shards
+ Voltaxic Rift
+ Mightflay
+ Belly of the Beast
+ Kongor's Undying Rage
+ Pledge of Hands
+ The Bringer of Rain
+ Crown of Eyes
+ Drillneck
+ Piscator's Vigil
+ Apep's Rage
+ Bino's Kitchen Knife
+ Scold's Bride
+ Andvarius
+ Ming's Heart
+ Kaom's Roots
+ Aegis Aurora
+ Divination Distillate
+ Taste of Hate
+ Hyaon's Fury
+ Dreamfeather
+ Le Heup of All
+ Perandus Signet
+ Astramentis
+ Taryn's Shiver
+ Windscream
+ Atziri's Disfavour - > Atziri tier
+ Doriyani's Invitation - > Atziri tier
+ Doomsower
+ Doedre's Damning
+ Kingsguard
+ Rat's Nest
+ Alpha's Howl
+ Divinarius
+ Maligaro's Virtuosity
+ Dream Fragments
+ Eye of Chayula
+ Carcass Jack
+ Ventor's Gamble
+ Goldwrym

T3 -
+ Thunderfist
+ Marohi Erqi
+ Shaper's Seed
+ Heartbreaker
+ Cameria's Maul
+ Atziri's Step - > Atziri tier
+ Atziri's Splendour - > Atziri Tier
+ Infernal Mantle
+ Oro's Sacrifice
+ Carnage Heart
+ Rainbowstride
+ Abyssus
+ Tabula Rasa
+ Saffell's Frame
+ Lioneye's Glare
+ Kaom's Primacy
+ Rebuke Of The Vaal
+ Lioneye's Remorse
+ Incandescent Heart
+ Cloak of Defiance
+ Malachai's Artifice
+ Maligaro's Restraint
+ Meginord's Girdle
+ MAP: Maelstrom of Chaos
+ MAP: The Coward's Trial
+ MAP: Death and Taxes
+ MAP: Poorjoy's Asylum
+ MAP: Mao Kun
+ MAP: Olmec's Sanctum
+ MAP: Vaults of Atziri
+ MAP: Hall of Grandmasters

T4 -
+ Goldrim
+ Brightbeak[/b]
+ Stormcloud
+ Wake of destruction
+ Atziri's Promise - > Atziri tier
+ The Vertex - > Atziri Tier
+ Heartbound Loop
+ Lioneye's Paws
+ Veil of the Night
+ Shiversting
+ Araku Tiki
+ Karui Ward
+ Blackheart
+ Kaom's Sign
+ Stone of Lazhwar
+ Wurm's Molt
+ Fobidden Taste
+ Doedre's Elixir
+ The Blood Thorn
+ Maligaro's Lens
+ Brutus' Lead Sprinkler
+ Crest of Perandus
+ Perandus Blazon
+ Heatshiver
+ Meginord's Vice
+ Dying Breath
+ Dreadarc
+ Wildslash
+ Moonbender's Wing
+ Abberath's Horn
+ Goredrill
+ Laviagna's Wisdom
+ The Princess
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Sahl djahs afah
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Pretty certain charan's sword is T1
Bottom list is how i feel some uniques are placed (just listed some more popular ones).


Void Batery
Charan Sword
Kaom's Heart


Scold's Bridle
Ming's Heart
Kaom's Roots


Rat's Nest
Alpha Howl
Maligaro's Virtuosity
Marohi Erqi
Carcass Jack
Lightning Coil

Some are gated by maps (like rathpith), but i feel like they still drop more often than let's say Ming's or Bino's.

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Methinks Charan's is T3. Also, Rainbow and Fragments seem a little off :/
Maybe downgrade BoR?
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Help is nice xD
Dys an sohm
Rohs an kyn
Sahl djahs afah
Mah morn narr
The Goddess Bound is T1
The Goddess Scorned could potentially be considered T0, since you have to craft it to get it.
Lioneye's Glare is probably around the T2-T3 zone
Apep's Rage is probably T1 or T2
Dyadus is probably around the T3 zone
Blackheart is the lowest tier
Kaom's Sign is the lowest tier
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Help is nice xD

Tabula is an outsider, you can put in any 6L gem combo but it has no stats. :)

So is it highest or lowest or both?^^
Methinks Charan's is T3

Charan's has been officially confirmed several times to be the highest rarity tier.
Help is nice xD

Tabula is an outsider, you can put in any 6L gem combo but it has no stats. :)

So is it highest or lowest or both?^^

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I'd put Alpha's & Carcass more toward T2
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