unique items *no longer updated*

*edited - it's been updated to the new armor scrap/jeweler'ed state.
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Honch wrote:
Pretty sure this is a new rare...didn't see it on any sites yet.

Nice find! That's an awesome chest, I want it. Thanks for posting.
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Honch wrote:
Pretty sure this is a new rare...didn't see it on any sites yet.

Whos make dat Uniq?
U make may day. Ty bro!
That ES unique completely shits on CI now. How is that even fair...lol wtf?

must have and respec completely uhhh
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Really nice chest that one. I want that so bad for my Zealot's Oath templar.
So presumably that's the GGG unique. Any sign of the last Diamond one?
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great for a low-life build :)
This chest is insane for the RF build that Invalesco played lately , you can totaly skip life which makes it even easier to sustain RF and you could also have % based aura with blood magic - just need that chest and eye of chayula and you're good to go.

With that chest you can make a superb low life build and stack ES.

Seems SUPER OP to me...

finally a mage item that competes with the lionseye.
That chest is completely retarded! Needs an urgent balance patch. Personal suggestion would be instead of "chaos dmg not bypassing ES" to be "##% of chaos damage applied to ES" and test it out to see what that number would be the best choice. Maybe a 30-40% of chaos damage applied to ES?!

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