0.10.0g Patch Notes

Elynole wrote:
I actually like the ebony and chrome ones the best, am I weird? o.0
Me too! I really like the albino, I mean 'ivory', too.
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Fix the issue of Pressing "the up arrow key- when you're trading many linked gems" i get disconnected 24-7 because of trying to "WTS - - - - - -"all multiple gems" then pressing the up arrow key to do it again then get disconnected.

Doesn't happen with anything else just that.
I don't care what the world says.
I'll love you lauren for the rest of my life.
Fuck the haters.
Awesome patch, time to buy a new pet.
RIP Bolto

here i am, bought everything, and didnt get anything lol

damn my stash is full
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Dudebag wrote:
here i am, bought everything, and didnt get anything lol

damn my stash is full

We're fixing this issue so that you get your points back - it affects people with full stashes. We have a script we can run that fixes up microtransaction problems like this - all we have to do is first add support for more microtransaction stashes.
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Awesome, when I first read about the Valentines effect in one of the threads, I thought "hell no, not floating hearts and sh*t". Saw the video, whoa. I would get it since it's only available for a limited time, even though I dont use daggers, swords etc.
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Chris wrote:
Version 0.10.0ggg
  • The microtransaction store has been updated with a range of cosmetic Scorpion Pets and Valentine's Heart - a weapon effect that impales a bleeding, beating heart on your sword, dagger or wand. This heart is only available for sale until February 15. These can be viewed in the "Newly Added" section of the shop on pathofexile.com.
  • Moderators now have access to some moderator options when they right click a player.

The only Scorpions that I liked in the shop was the Chrome/Ebony ones. The rest were meh.

Also, going to love the new features for us moderators. It can only improve from now on. Thanks Chris
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

Chris wrote:
  • Players are no longer attackable by monsters when changing areas.

Phenomenal! Thank you for nerfing portal deaths.

The beating heart looks so gross!

Hope the Freezing Pulse tornadoes are available for purchase soon- I'm so envious when fighting those act III mobs.
server online , or not ? 06:35 i have a problem with check patch
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