0.10.0g Patch Notes

Looking good.
Wow those pet prices...

I think I'll pass on the microtransactions this patch.
GGG always on top of the game...
If there is a Hell! I'll see you there!

Wow those pet prices...

I think I'll pass on the microtransactions this patch.

People have been begging us for new premium ones which is why we've introduced three new expensive ones for supporters who want to be able to demonstrate how much they've supported us with so far. Five of the eight new ones are under $10, including one at $3.
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Ice Shot can now be modified by the Increased Duration support gem.

And I ran this combination for 3 days now and wonder why it doesn't do anything ....
Spectral Throw
great again
The microtransitions on the shop will be avaiable until January 15th, but we are on february 7th LOL
bought the heart :D

looks cool on my wand :D

now i need extra gore
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I can't buy anymore. I need another tab. :( Bought the heart but it's a 2x2 and I only have 1x1 spots available :P
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Life bar on Mobs FOR GOD'S SAKE

I can't see s*** when i'm playing in a party with 5 people.
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Please, take off the option of being able to target minions, it's quite annoying when the boss is surrounded by minions and you can't target it...

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